Whimsic Alley Announces Beedle Midight Plans, Leaky Coupon


Dec 02, 2008

Posted by Melissa Anelli

Whimsic Alley, the Harry Potter merchandise store in Santa Monica, CA, is having a midnight Beedle the Bard event tomorrow evening: the part starts at 10pm and will have refreshments, games, contests, readings and special guests. The book goes on sale at midnight, and admission is free. George Beahm, author of Muggles and Magic and Fact, Ficton and Folklore in Harry Potter’s World, will be in attendance and autographing his books. Five time Hugo award winning illustrator and former Disney Imagineer Tim Kirk will be carcaturing attendees for a fee, and has donated a special piece of artwork for a raffle. Professor Caliebrant will be on hand to entertain and demonstrate magic charms and transfiguration: Other guests are to be announced.

Also, for Leaky readers who don’t live in the area, Whimsic Alley is offering a 15 percent discount on its stock: visit WhimsicAlley.com and use the code “leakywa08″ when you check out. The offer is good through 12/23, and excludes shipping and gift cards.

Whimsic Alley is at 2717 ½ Wilshire Blvd. in
Santa Monica, CA 90403. For more information, you can call 310-453-2370.

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Avatar Image says: I wish I lived in CA...so far I havent heard of anything going on in Las Vegas!Avatar Image says: Well I hope everyone has a good night tomorrow to whoever is attending a midnight party. I will be at one in Picaddilly, London. There's a costume contest at my one too but I dont have any costume. I got a Harry Potter wand somewhere, though so I'll take that and do some swishing and swashing with it! Avatar Image says: i love you, Whimsic Alley. we need one of your shops in Florida.Avatar Image says: I just wanted to add a "PS" to anyone who will be coming. I've printed up some color Giclee prints of the original cover to FACT, FICTION AND FOLKLORE that was not used by the publisher--they only used a portion of it. Tim will be signing these and giving them away randomly as door prizes--we have about 40 of these, so we hope some of the regulars at The Leaky Cauldron stop by and pick them up. (Tim will, if you ask him nicely and he's not overwhelmed with other requests, do a small sketch on the print.)Avatar Image says: Oh man I've always wanted to go to that shop but I live in Scotland and I doubt I could convince my mum or dad to take me to america for a HP shop. Darn help me!! LOLAvatar Image says: gosh, theres no parties near me!!!Avatar Image says: YESSSSSS! I live in CA, not that far from Santa Monica!!!!!!!! Avatar Image says: Aww, I would totally go if I still lived there! I miss you so much, Whimsic Alley! *sniffles*

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