Steve Kloves Comments on WB Worrying over Anticipation for Potter Films ?


Dec 28, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

The serious economic and credit issues facing all of us are hitting Hollywood as well, as noted in this new article from The Independent. The piece focuses on the financial concerns major film studios have regarding large scale big budget fantasy films, and makes mention of the Harry Potter films series. Without quotes, the article states that Harry Potter Screenwriter Steve Kloves has apparently made some new comments regarding Warner Bros and the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows films. The article reads as follows:

Even Harry Potter, the most profitable franchise in film history, isn’t
totally secure. Its screenwriter, Steve Kloves, said recently that
Warner Bros was worried about the prospects for the last three films in
the series, since J K Rowling is no longer driving anticipation for the
titles by producing new books.

The piece then continues to point out that “Harry Potter Surpassed ‘Star Wars’ and
‘The Lord of the Rings’, with $4.5bn (£3.1bn) in sales. Three installments remain. The ‘Half-Blood Prince’ will be released next year

We are uncertain as to when and where Mr. Kloves made these comments and are trying to obtain more on this interview; updates will be posted on this matter as soon as we can.

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Avatar Image says: Ahh, the HP movie franchise will be fine. No worries mate!Avatar Image says: So, that's why WB postponed the sixth film...They think we weren't anticipating the movie enough...So, let's push it back 8 months...So logical...You have got to be kidding!Avatar Image says: well maybe if they released the 6th movie when they said they were going to they wouldn't have so much trouble! people would be more iterested in going to see the next one if they had already seen the 6th!Avatar Image says: Considering they'll be 5 months into filming DH when HBP comes out, I'm not worried. Besides, if Twilight, which has been panned by critics can break records, I'm not worried about Potter, especially after we saw how many copies of Beedle were sold in the first week. Potter is a well established franchise. If the economy affects the films at all, it will mean DH has a smaller budget. I really don't see them doing that. Warner Bros. should be more concerned about whether or not Watchmen will be released on time or whether they'll have to share the profits with Fox. In terms of fantasy films, Narnia failed due to bad planning and advertising by Disney. Golden Compass and Eragon didn't have a big enough fan base to really take off. Besides, neither film were that great. Ironman and Dark Knight, though not fantasy films, did so well because they already had an established fan base (see Twilight again).Avatar Image says: Warner Bros. should worry about making the best possible movies, not whether or not JKR is coming out with another book. Avatar Image says: mollywobble has a good point, but let me also point out the fact that The Dark Knight and Iron Man both succeeded, just as the Harry Potter films do, not only on account of the established fan bases, but on account of their quality. If you actually group the fan base into one collective, removing the curious general public, you get a rather small group, technically. The fan base does not power the box office, it's the curious general public. Harry Potter and The Dark Knight and Iron Man succeed because they look like good movies that anyone can go see. That's why they make money. They are also decent films. The critics like them too. Did you see the critics liking Twilight. Did you see EVERYONE flocking to Twilight. No. You saw some curious people and then the film failed expectations and slowed quickly. It's big enough to warrant a sequel but it's by no means a massive thing. Because the film wasn't made well enough. WB is just stupid. Everyone knows studio bosses are brainless warts. Harry Potter isn't going to die because Rowling isn't shoving her books down the public's throat. That's not the point. The point is to the see the bloody continuance on the screen of the books we love that are already out. But not at the price of lowered quality or anything.Avatar Image says: I read last night that Disney pulled the plug on Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Considering that Prince Caspian grossed over $400 million (and the film was budgeted for $200 million) it made no sense to me. However, if they can't scrape up the cash to make the movie in the first place, it makes no difference how much it brings in. Sad.Avatar Image says: I'm definitely not worried. As someone above said, HBP will come out 5 months into filming DH, so that will give them a boost. They want to make the last two films the best they can make them. Avatar Image says: I agree with mollywobble. He's probably worried along with those who saw the article the other day about Disney pulling out from the Narnia franchise. However, Warner Bros has a little less to worry about then Disney since they have two very profitable franchises: Batman and Harry Potter. I don't think Disney hasn't been as lucky lately. Avatar Image says: Personally, I wish my electric bill was due on the 10th of the month instead of the 6th, so I could pay it with January income instead of December income. Guess how worried I am about the multi-millionaires and the multi-billionaires!Avatar Image says: Thats pretty smart I guess to push back the date (in a way). I really wasn't a Potter fan myself until about last month. I'm not sure but I think it also had something to do with twilight, as many fans were greatly anticipating that...Avatar Image says: narnia isnt fit to wipe HP's assAvatar Image says: I agree with Adam, and I really feel bad for u Jasmin, u really missed out. I h8 WB, they are stupid!!!!!Avatar Image says: Harry Potter will always do well and we have nothing to worry about. There's a much larger and dedicated fan base (in my own opinion) to HP than Narnia anyway. Half-Blood Prince could come out tomorrow with no notice at all and it would still make millions.Avatar Image says: Wilson, I hear yah. I dropped my phone in some water on Saturday, and started to cry when I thought I had to shell out $200 for a new phone (that's just for the crappy ones). Thank goodness I had insurance. Michelle, I agree with you regarding quality. Dark Knight was a massive hit because it was one of the best films of the year. Twilight still made $70M in the first weekend though despite it's "quality." Granted many of the people who went to see it after that were in it for the "LuLz." Anyway, Twilight is proof that if you make a cheap enough film, the fandom can make you boatloads. As you said, Potter continues to shell out big numbers because of the quality. Still it costs hundreds of millions of dollars to make Potter films, which is why the studio may be concerned (also why major studios are dropping fantasy films). So, WB needs to start advertising like crazy for HBP, especially if Watchmen gets crushed. If Fox wins that suit, WB has to rely heavily on Potter and Terminator Salvation to get them through that quarter of the year. They also need a smart campaign for Deathly Hallows to keep people interested. An online diary would be perfect. Still, we don't need to worry about Deathly Hallows being canned. If any thing, WB moving HBP to the summer proves how important this franchise is to the studio. They need us. Bad. Avatar Image says: I think what WB is worried about isn't that the fanbase will give up on the series for the last three movies, but that the general public will. The general public accounts for a lot of the box office - people who have never read the books - and if they decide to spend their dwindleing descretionary money on "new" movie subjects rather than the continuing story of Harry, that could really be a problem. Broadway is seeing a significant drop in box office, so much so that big shows like Hairspray and Spamalot are closing. I don't think that even WB would be dumb enough to cancel the last film because the fanbase outcry would be deafening. But project cancellations are happening. Disney had backed out of the third Narnia film and the second movie in the "Golden Compass" series is probably not going to be made. It's belt tightening all around. Avatar Image says: oh sue. i see what you did there. using a Rita Skeeter picture with a Steve Kloves post.Avatar Image says: I'm not the least worried for HP. Our fan base is HUGE!!!! Mollywobble..Fox won their law suit against WB for the Watchmen rights. I hope Fox takes WB for all they can. The WB certainly has taken us, the HP fan base, for all they can. I know many people don't want to hear another fan complain yet again on the HBP delay but WB is getting just a little back for being so freakin greedy! Whew...I feel better. : )Avatar Image says: Whatever. WB spends too much time worrying about its bottom line of billions in profits and a very fat payroll. They need to spend more time worrying about film quality. The potter movies have slipped in story quality pretty drastically. When I bring new people to the franchise by showing them the movies, they end up not reading the books and not finishing all the movies either. To a new or non fan, the movies lack a LOT of story quality and information. Unfortunately, we the Potterheads will go see any piece of junk WB puts out, and they know it. Add in the fangirls/fanboys for Emma, Dan, and Rupert, and they have a guaranteed hit, regardless of quality. Avatar Image says: Moody One, they won the preliminary ruling. Problem is we don't know what will come of it.Avatar Image says: Six months from now and who knows how the economy will be. Maybe the big bucks they're expecting in June won't be so big, with some loyal fans still angered plus non existing boost from new books plus people trying to save their money. And november flicks were really lacking in quality, a blockbuster then would have made a killing. Oh well, what's done it's done.Avatar Image says: HA! We knew WB would come to regret their greedy decision. They will almost certainly make less money next year as the world is gripped by recession. Serves them right, they should have released it in November when they originally said they would.Avatar Image says: I wouldn't worry about the films failing - HP has the largest and most dedicated fanbase ever - and I know people who don't even like the films who are still going to see the 6th one! If the film failed I would consider it a sign of the apocalypse...Avatar Image says: Finally less than 200 days until HBP! It'll do just fine, I cant wait to get tickets.Avatar Image says: I'll go see the last 2 HP movies first, and put off paying my bills in order to do so. That shows where MY priorities are, if WB is worried.Avatar Image says: The Potter fanbase is huge...and it's a worldwide fanbase. What's worrying WB so much?! I understand that the recession is stressing everyone out, but if Twlight can still risk a sequel after such terrible reviews, then I see no risk in making the final three HP films the best that WB possibly can. A dedicated fanbase not only ensures the fans watching the movie, but non-fans too harbor a certain amount of curiosity regarding the film. I see no room for an HP film to fail at the BO.Avatar Image says: The Dark Knight did so well because the studio shamlessly exploted the death of one of there main stars. I was planning on seeing the movie, but did not because of all the talk about ledgers death.Avatar Image says: The Dark Knight made so much money because it was a freaking awesome movie. Sure, they exploited Heath Ledger's death shamelessly and that is disgusting, but that doesn't change the fact that the movie was amazing and Heath's performance was out of this world. HP is not going to suffer because Jo doesn't have any more Potter books coming out (besides, if we're REALLY lucky the Scottish Book could be out by DH) but the rest of the movies could suffer a bit if the studio, director and screenwriter continue to disregard the fans opinions on the changes they make to the story (not the cuts. By now we all know and understand that cuts have to be made to get these books onto film, whether we like it or not. But the CHANGES... those are something else...) and if they drop the budget or worry less about the quality of the films themselves. WB needs to stop worrying about their already enormous bottom line and focus on continuing to make the best movies they can out of HBP and both parts of DH. Their precious money will roll in if they do.Avatar Image says: I'm worried. I don't want any more hp movies to be pushed back anymore! I agree with mollywobble, they need us Bad. So I don't think dh will be pushed back, but I'm concerned about that they might not split it anymore . Thoughts?Avatar Image says: "I do have some concern, because the books are over, the antcipation for the movies won't be the same" That is the direct quote from Steve Kloves in the EW article issued at the time of HBP's delay. He also makes a joke about it being terrible if no one turns up. My point being that there's a lot of over reaction to this 'story'. There's as much chance of me becoming Pope as there is of WB abandoning the DH movies.Avatar Image says: This isn't really news. Am I the only one who remembers what Kloves actually said? Fairly certain it was in the Empire preview a few months back.Avatar Image says: Damn, ignore what I just said : PAvatar Image says: "If the film failed I would consider it a sign of the apocalypse…" @ Lauren! To Mollywobble..your right....just read the rest of the article.. : ) I'm just still so freakin upset with the WB. I could understand if they pushed back HBP because the special effects weren't finished. Or it just wasn't up to par. But to push it back because of greediness. Its just beyond my comprehension. Avatar Image says: Oh! what a fine job Mr. Kloves did when he cut the house-elves' story from GoF. Now he has to mend narratives he mutilated. Should keep him busy all of the time - BUT probably you cannot mend fandom the way you mend a story. ... by the way, WB is burdened with another three lawsuits ... Avatar Image says: maybe if they'd release HPB on the orgonaly date...but no,they pushed it back 8 months,now, the less they can do is worry(a number of fans are still considering t not see it...on the first weekend) but there's no way DH could failAvatar Image says: Steve Kloves should be spending his time and energy writing a decent script, not worrying about whether the remaining movies will bring in enough cash to pay for his new conservatory. Although I suppose it's a bit too late now after five films to expect any kind of level of quality above "mediocre" from him. This half-eaten biscuit in my hand could do a better job. Avatar Image says: Maybe Kloves will get fired and they'll replace him with a monkey. It's cheap, and we're guaranteed better characterization.Avatar Image says: Well, I'm no expert in marketing... as a matter of fact, I consider myself woefully ignorant in that field. But, if it is true they're worried about our anticipation not growing anymore... wouldn't it be better to release the movies as soon as possible? Especially one that is already finished, instead of pushing it back for eight months? I got to read a lot of fan comments about WB just worrying for money instead of fans, since they don't give us extended editions, quality content in dvd's and, well, the infamous November-to-July move (which to this day I find unethical). If Mr. Kloves (or any person from WB for that matter) indeed made these comments, I'm afraid (and believe me, I kinda like WB) they are demonstrating what these fan comments stated: they don't truly care about pleasing fans, they're merely businessmen with nothing but profit in their minds. Then again, this is simply my humble opinion and of course, I might be utterly misled.Avatar Image says: why do people expect warner to not be interested in money. they are a business. the exist to make money. get over feeling 'taken advantage of' because wb are out for profit. so are you. the view of warner as greedy is so freaking annoying and naive.Avatar Image says: hi, Mollywobbles, think I saw prof potter as well...and hi to other friends i may have missed.... According to a news piece just today, apparently films did very well financially this holiday season. There is no reason to think film going will be down in the summer. therefore the entire thing is silly, BUT the impact may be in the amount of money made available in DH filming for special effects and other costs (costumes, extras, and the like).. the main actors are already locked in, as are the senior production staff, so any 'cuts' to increase the profit margin would take place at lower levels (gee, kinda like the place i worked....upper folks got raises, rest of us got "something else" ). frankly, the most likely casualty will be the theme park, since fewer people will be planning vacations. and given the time frame (two more years, give or take), its pretty likely that JKR will release another bit of writing, perhaps a short work for charity ("Hogwarts, a History"? Social Life of British Muggles"?) that will keep fan interest high.Avatar Image says: Budb, you brought a very interesting topic to focus... I had completely forgotten about it, but we still have the encyclopedia pending, right? Which will be, I think, a must have for all of us. And if she gave us Hogwarts, a History... wow... that would be amazing! I personally don't like History, but I love HER History (JKR's, obviously). By the way, I just had the chance to finally read The tales of Beedle the Bard and couldn't possibly love them more; they're truly fantastic fairy tales and the Dumbledore commentary is simply superb. She (JKR that is) is simply... I mean, I can't even find the words to describe her, she amazes me so much. And I do hope there's a movie... or TV special or something, because I just loved every tale.Avatar Image says: DL, there doesn't appear to be a timeline for the completion of the Encyclopedia, so for that we just need to be patient (after all, the woman chruned out seven extremely well-written novels and three short works at breakneck speed...if she wishes to slow down, who can blame her?) on the other hand, as we noted in a previous discussion, it certainly would be possible to have a Beedle film...the Hairy Heart poses a problem of audience (do you really want a very young child to see the ending of that story?), and there may not be quite enough in the five stories to get 2 to 2 1/2 hours worth of film/animation....personally, I'm hoping we'll be seeing Grumble the Grubby Goat added to the list of Tales! well, off to do the errands...warmest holiday greetings to all of you, and let's all look forward to a wonderful new year.Avatar Image says: The director of Golden Compass is directing Twilights second movie, New Moon, starting this March. So, no, I doubt Subtle Knife, the second Golden Compass book will be made. I wouldnt worry about the finacial aspect of HBP intake. It'll be an amazing summer film and will do well!Avatar Image says: WB should worry, after pulling HBP from November to July. I won't see it becasue they had their self interest invovled. BOYCOTT it! I think that's what scares WB. Fans were very upset and they need to be sensitive to the fans. This is all about money. DH being broken into 2 movies, so they have millions, and I rather watch in on the interent and let it sink. Sorry some of the fans that do go see it in July have no regard for some fans that can't afford it and wait for it and then get disappointed with WB finance.Avatar Image says: if they hadn't postponed HBP then there would be more anticipation for DH...... i don't know why they're complaining about anticipation, they took it away from everyone expecting the movie in November. Siriusly, WB. Avatar Image says: Aw, Mimblewimble, how nice it is to see you again.Avatar Image says: WB should worry, after pulling HBP from November to July. I won’t see it becasue they had their self interest invovled. BOYCOTT it! I think that’s what scares WB. Fans were very upset and they need to be sensitive to the fans. This is all about money. DH being broken into 2 movies, so they have millions, and I rather watch in on the interent and let it sink. Sorry some of the fans that do go see it in July have no regard for some fans that can’t afford it and wait for it and then get disappointed with WB finance. Posted by Razor on December 29, 2008, 12:41 PM Agreed. Boycott still on.Avatar Image says: did some thinking about this while dashing about town... one thing that WB is counting on --to the benefit of TLC and to us as fans --is the role of the fan sites and related activities in keeping interest alive. As we are all aware initially WB tried to rein in and in some cases shut down fan sites and activities. And then someone there with half a brain recognized a basic truth: the fan sites were a free and extensive form of marketing and publicity, and therefore it was better for WB to encourage and work with the sites instead of antagonizing them. That is a very simple fact that seems to be ignored by everyone, and Melissa, with all due respect, an issue you did not explore in your Harry (nor was it discussed in We are Wizards for that matter). The "innocent and loving fans vs evil corporate WB" line makes a good fairy tale, but its only part of the story behind the shift in WB's position. And we can assume there will be huge marketing campaigns prior to the release of each film. Throw in the possibility that DH MIGHT be available on DVD in time for the 2009 holiday season....sheez, i should have financial concerns like those! if there is any financial concern for WB, then its for the production costs of DH, and how to minimalize those. Avatar Image says: Cindy, TDK raked in so much cash because it was a GOOD movie, and it was Heath Ledger's final completed film. Stop saying that the advertising for TDK exploited Ledger's last performance, since it obviously DIDN'T. If the WB were exploiting Ledger's performance, the publicity would've been very different -- thank god the WB took Ledger's family and young daughter in consideration when marketing the film. Granted, not all blockbusters are good movies (for example Michael Bay's shoddy "Transformers" is a shining example of a bad movie turned blockbuster). And I wouldn't worry about HP losing steam -- a lot of non-fans will see HBP this coming July (regardless of the angry fan boycotts) and the two-part film in 2010 and 2011. If anything, the push from November 2008 to July 2009 showed how passionate the fans are about HP.Avatar Image says: Hear hear, Wilson. Maybe it's my naivety, but I think WB and Potter will be just fine.Avatar Image says: budb, great to see you again. You make a couple good points. The budget for Deathly Hallows will be the only potential problem. It'll be interesting to see what happens. You also mentioned the fansites. This is why I think WB really needs to do some sort of viral marketing campaign for DH. I think an online, behind the scenes video diary would be a great way to market the film without spending a lot of money. It would also be a nice way to show the fans they care. Horn did say they would make it up to us, right? As for HBP, I'm pretty shocked by the lack of advertising this holiday season. November and December went by without a Poster in the theater. At least the trailer was out. Still, I can't help but wonder if the lack of advertising is due to the economy.Avatar Image says: Oodles of people went to see Twilight after the book series was over; I don't think it'll be a big problem. Then there are those people who didn't have the strength to actually finish reading the series and wants to see what happens. And of course there's us- but I don't think the WB is worried about us skipping the last three films; nor should they be.Avatar Image says: Just read that Fox officially wants to halt the release of Watchmen now. WB says they want their trial. Honestly, I think Fox is just trying to force a settlement. Anyway, why is this important to us? Because it's all about money. If WB loses half of its profits or can't release it all, WB loses a boatload of money. It may have an effect of the DH budget. Granted, I'm not exactly sure how that works. Hopefully some one can clear that up for me.Avatar Image says: If they were really worried about the films and wanted to boost the film series with a Rowling book, they should have left the release date for HBP in November since Beedle came out in December. I rather doubt Kloves said this, frankly. As for a boycott, not me. I'll be there.Avatar Image says: giant corpartions such as movie studios such as wb are not affected be MINOR recessions klves you stupid twatAvatar Image says: kloves*Avatar Image says: ah, Molly m'dear! well, i do check Leaky, almost every day ...but unless there's something of particular interest I usually don't contribute any more... Adam, giant corporations go bust all the time, and numerous film studios have done so for the past century. We can hope that the major profit takers and shareholders in WB got the lesson from what's gone on in the US economy during the past six months, cut their expectations, cut top CEO salaries and bonuses, etc. ........we can only hope. But, as I recall US history, during recessions and depressions the pattern is that people go to movies more, not less....Avatar Image says: Well, if Warners loses their trial with 20th Century Fox over "Watchmen" (and it ends up getting delayed to 2010 or 2011), they can ALWAYS push HBP to fill up the March slot. It is already completed, after all. But I doubt that. The move would already muck up plans when it was pushed back eight months and to have it pushed up four months ahead of the July 17, 2009 date would give the WB little time to assemble a marketing and advertising campaign.Avatar Image says: Yup, can anyone say "New Line?" Anyway, just saw some more promotional material for Coraline. Film characters have blogs, great website where you can sew buttons on your eyes, other cool promotional tools. All similar things WB used for Dark Knight. This is the type of stuff they should be doing with the last Potter film if they are worried about people not showing. Heck, they should be doing it with HBP too. Oh well, they must not be that worried.Avatar Image says: if they dare delay the next film I will scream...even more loudly than with the pathetic postponement from November. WB you cant have it both ways, Greed can only run you so far. We have played/paid the way/game. Recession or not, you have had gravy years to prepare. We, the fans don't want to hear crying over the economy, when you know we will all be there with bells/wand on. When other arts are struggling to survive, you have a guranteed cash cow...produce or crash in flames I say! LONG LIVE HP~Avatar Image says: We are guaranteed all 7 novels. Even if the 6th movie is not a success they will already be half way to finishing the 7th book.Avatar Image says: I think that Harry Potter will be fine. If people think Twilight is going to do well (which is MUCH less of a family movie than Harry Potter) then we'll be okay. We are the most popular film franchise like ever (don't hold me to that please-I don't know if there was something more popular, but I we beat Lord of the Rings and James Bond and Star Wars). Go Harry!!Avatar Image says: Harry Potter should be fine. It's always done well. But, many people are still upset about the change of the release date. If HBP doesn't do well, I'd hate to say it, but serves WB right. I am a BIG Harry Potter fan, but I have to say that WB really screwed up by not releasing HBP in November. The economy does suck and I'm sure a lot of people are put off with WB right now and most people have moved on from the HP series and onto Twilight. Anyway, this is random and has nothing to do with Harry Potter, but are there any Twilighters (Twi-hards) here besides me? I'm sure there are so let me say this: I'm sure you've all heard about the possible removal of Taylor Lautner as the role of Jacob Black fo the upcoming movie sequal "New Moon." NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! They should NOT do that. I mean, he's a great Jacob. He's cute and he's the perfect age: Jacob is 16! Taylor is 16! It would be like taking away Robert Pattison or Kristen Stewart from their roles. It just doesn't work. If you agree with me or not please feel free to post your own opinions. Furthermore, I have been reading about Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart in the tabloids and stuff. Firstly, let me say that if Kristen Stewart were smoking marijuana that she would most likely be in jail by now, and since there's not proof she's probably just being punked. And if a cast or crew member did see her smoking pot then they would have had her fired and or arrested. Secondly, yes, Rob is old enough to legally drink, but they say that he was seen mixing about six different alcoholic drinks together in a bar. WRONG! He would most likely be dead it that were the case. And also if he were drunk on set than he most likely would have been fired. And lastly about Robert Pattison "dating" Camille Belle, who is Joe Jonas's girlfriend, that's RUBBISH! I mean c'mon, seriously. I'm pretty sure that they're just friends. A guy and a girl can hang out without there being any romantic relationship between them, especially when the other person already has a boyfriend or a girlfriend. And to prove my point, the magazine I was reading (In- Touch) said that he was making her laugh a lot. That could be considered flirting, but I've heard that Rob is a funny guy. My best guy friend (and yes, we're only friends) makes me laugh all of the time. He's just a nice, funny guy. Just because he makes her laugh doesn't mean that she is cheating on Joe with Rob. Sorry to ramble on so much on a lot of un-Harry Potter realted stuff, but I felt tha my opinion needed to be said (typed) and shared with fellow Twi-hards and Harry Potter fans! Avatar Image says: I agree with Kay. Harry Potter is super popular. Even with Twilight out we're still right up there with all of the really big stuff like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. I wouldn't worry.Avatar Image says: Well, that's just a bit silly. HBP isn't in any danger just because JKR isn't writing anymore books. They're 5 films in - momentum's on their side. Even if the the next one is rubbish, people will still come back for the last one. Anyone who has bailed on the HBP movie franchise (and there are some) has bailed by now. I know a lot of people who dropped out after the second one (the third one was too dark, too adult, not 'charming' and 'sweet' like the first two, etc.) and several more jumped ship after the fourth one (too confusing for them) But even after people leaving the franchise HBP has done extremely well - especially for a 7 movie franchise. There's not many books, ideas, TV Shows, etc. that can support 7 movies and do very, very well. Other 7+ movie franchises (Star Trek, James Bond, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th) are franchises spread out over 10, 15, sometimes 20 years. I still don't think we know the real story behind WB's postponement of HBP, but HP has nothing to worry about. Oh, and TDK and Iron Man did well simply because they are good movies with a good story and good acting. I know many non-comic book fans who loved both Iron Man and TDK and who couldn't care less about comic book movies.Avatar Image says: EdwardCullen, in response i am a Harry Potter Obsesser and a Twilighter too! Nice to know that others also like both! I cannot believe they would get rid of Taylor!! He is like a perfect Jacob and you could see how he felt about Bella on-screen!! On IMDB he is on the cast list though so i hope they don't get rid! Robert Pattinson is so funny, and at least he's a serious actor. I never expected him to go onto such a major role after Cedric Diggory let alone an American Lead! Kristen Stewart wouldn't do drugs that openly, i have a newspaper article with her in apparently smoking a drug pipe but its honestly stupid! She is the best Bella!! I couldn't have chosen a more well-suited actress to the role. One last comment about Twilight, which does relate to a major reason in my opinion to why Anticipation is poor! I have seen the Twilight film in England 5 times and not ONCE even with my pleading was there any HP6 related anything! Not a trailer, not a poster NOTHING! I was so disappointed as i thought promotion would boost people's excitement! And in American Cinemas they apparently did play HP6 Trailers, but apparently WB don't think that there are fans in Britain!! WB need to recognise the fans because after the November-July move (which devestated me! I was screaming and on the meant to be release date i was in mourning all day!) I now feel mistreated as they postponed for a minor reason. Karma may come back to them though if people do Boycott and it will show them the extent of their bad decisions.Avatar Image says: I worry about the HP movies yet to come only because WB has displayed such colossally bad managment in the past half-year. It appears to me that they do not understand HP fans at all. They also don't understand fiction read by children: every year there's a whole new set of children who read enough to start on the HP books. They are incredibly stupid at WB. Avatar Image says: Yeah, I completely agree with Abigail. I mean, I have seen Twilight 3 times at the American Cinemas and still no HBP trailer has been shown! And they (WB) specifically said that they would release the trailer to theaters the night that Twilight first came out. LIES! Anyway, WB shouldn't worry too much about how HBP is going to do well even with the Recession we're in now. Harry Potter is still a huge success. And even if the movie doesn't do that well, there are still enough Harry Potter fans around the world to make up for that. People are still buying the books and reading them. Harry Potter will be around for a long time. LONG LIVE HARRY POTTER! :)Avatar Image says: WB needs to relax. Harry Potter isn't going anywhere. It's always done well and something as successful as that isn't going to go away over night. So, what is the economy stinks? That's not gonna stop fans from watching the film, especially since they've had to wait an extra nine months for it to come out. Besides, Harry Potter is still big and the franchise is HUGE and J.K. Rowling just released Beedle the Bard this month. No worries WB! Avatar Image says: Sheez! It's a sad affair when I have to look back on this again. I won't compare HP with Twlight, because its a movie trying to make its own name. So people please leave it alone. Go Twlight! WB worry about some of us fans that won't be going to see HP! Be afraid, be very afraid....BOYCOTT it! Send a message about not messing with the fans! Besides, alot of their merchandise was still in the stores...whereas others was flying off the shelves.Avatar Image says: WB wouldn't of worried if they had released HBP in November..... I don't wanna wait, and some people are refusing to go see it until it comes out on pirate or for the dvd... to rent.. just to get back at them for changing it. Hey, it's their own fault for giving us a date that's too early, the date change wouldn't of annoyed me if it was July in the first place... lolAvatar Image says: everything will be fine - as long as they advertise to ALL people book/film fans, film fans and new people make people want to go to the cinema by making the best film possible = money for them win win :-DAvatar Image says: ................................. just hope its not an evil ploy to get back at boycotters and scare people into going to see the film by talking cuts and saying if people dont go see and dont get enough money they might have to drop the last one :-( cynical meAvatar Image says: Silverstar, sounds like a plan from WB. Well, I hope the fans don't fall for that idea of dropping the last movie, because they would had started filming again in February and it would be too late to drop the film. I do intend to boycott based on principal. Fans get a clue, don't be fooled into thinking its O.K.!! Well, each to their own way of thinking, but I also know fans who are disappointed and will boycott it to prove their point to WB. Like someone said before, if they had said July from the beginning, then none us us would be upset about the date.Avatar Image says: movie companies need to consider other methods of saving money like quit paying thier actors so much money they dont need millions per movie or find people that will work for less and look to people that are unemployed who could really use the money.I'd be happy just to have the job not the money.

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