Alan Rickman to Receive Queen’s Honour: Report proves false


Dec 29, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

UPDATE: Several readers let us know the full list has now been published and unfortunately the name of Alan Rickman is not included. We do not know if he declined the honor, or the Daily Mail article was simply incorrect, and we will update with more if we can.

Actor Alan Rickman is apparently on a list for those due to receive a special honour from the UK Monarchy. The Daily Mail is reporting that the Severus Snape actor is among those due to be listed in the annual Queen’s New Years Honours, with the paper noting:

Alan Rickman is one of the few from the entertainment industry tipped to get an award.

62-year-old actor, who plays Professor Snape in the Harry Potter films,
has been one of Britain’s most respected stage and screen actors for
the last two decades.

As noted on their official website the “UK honours system is used to reward people for merit, service or bravery. Honours are normally awarded twice a year. A list is published on The Queen’s Birthday in June and at the New Year.
The British honours system is one of the oldest in the world. It has
evolved over 650 years as the country has found alternative means of
recognising merit, gallantry and service.”

Readers will recall of course that Harry Potter cast members Julie Walters and Richard Griffiths were honored last year at this time. If true Mr. Rickman joins those such as Dame Maggie Smith, Robbie Coltrane, Imelda Staunton, Emma Thompson, Robert Hardy and Sir Michael Gambon among others who have also been recognized by the UK Monarchy with these distinguished honours. The official announcement on these awards is due by the 31st, and we will update with more when we can!

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Avatar Image says: Too right he deserves recognition for his work. I hope it comes about as he is a gem of a talent.Avatar Image says: Wow, what an amazing honor! He totally deserves it! Congrats, Mr. Rickman, on even being considered, and I hope you get it!Avatar Image says: Congrats!!! he does deserve this honor!!!! :DAvatar Image says: wow, alan, hope you get it! and i didn't know you were a vocal coach!Avatar Image says: congrats.i love alan rickman.he is amazing actor.Avatar Image says: I do hope he gets it. I also hope we get Dame JK Rowling real soon as well. Avatar Image says: Go, Alan! :)Avatar Image says: Love the guy :) He's already 62??!Avatar Image says: What an excellent choice! Mr Rickman has done SO MUCH! I just finished watching 'Sweeney Todd', and last night, it was 'Sense and Sensibility'! And, of course, our dear 'Professor Snape'....Alan Rickman has such a range....He is definately a candidate, in my book anyway, for this British Honour! I would hope to see 'Sir Alan Rickman, in the near future, perhaps?Avatar Image says: Spellbinding actor!!! Has the ability to assume a role, make you believe implicitly in it, and rivet your attention absolutely. Look around you, this is rare even among the professionals!Avatar Image says: Question is what level of honour will he receive? Starts with MBE, OBE, CBE then Knighthood. I'm surprised he hasn't received at least an MBE yet but then again his popularity did take off quite late in his career with Die Hard being his first ever movie. Whatever he receives, he deserves it. There is no one else who can express contempt so musically as he does!Avatar Image says: AR definitely deserves the recognition for his wonderful talent and diligent, hard work. I wonder how he'd really feel if he became known as 'Sir Alan Rickman', though. I'm sure he would be gracious about it at the very least, and appreciative of the intent, but in the past, he has refused to bow to the queen--he doesn't believe in the system.Avatar Image says: Evening C.Lady! I doubt it would be a knighthood. It would be exceptional if someone receives a knighthood before receiving any lower order medal first but it has happened. Sir Bob Geldof springs to mind. But hey any Queen's honour is...well, an honour! Avatar Image says: As a long time AR fan, I can say for certain that he deserves this; not only for his wide range of acting ability, but for his charitable contributions and activism, and his tireless campaigns for various labour rights. I wish him and his companion Reta all the best and hope that this honor is going to come through.Avatar Image says: Pity he did'nt decline it. Its an oudated relic of Britain's Imperial past. After all, another great actor like Paul Schofield thrice declined a knighthood -all power to him.Avatar Image says: YAY! Let's keep our fingers crossed! I hope we get a Sir Alan Rickman! How cool for him, he really deserves it!Avatar Image says: THAT IS SOOOO COOL!Avatar Image says: That's great; I don't think I've seen anything Alan Rickman did that I disliked.Avatar Image says: Oh I fall in love with him everytime he plays Professor Snape. I totally agree that he deserves whatever award or honor anyone can receive in the movie business. I think he even deserves an Oscar for what he has done in Harry Potter, or what he will do in the movies by the end of them all. Congratulations to him. I wish him the best. I am dying to see HBP. Its killing me. Helena should get one in the future in my opinion. Avatar Image says: Good for him! He's one of my favorite actors, and he really deserves it!Avatar Image says: sir alan rickman... i like the sound of that :-)Avatar Image says: And he deserves it because......he is hot.Avatar Image says: I dont really know if the Queen uses "hotness" as a criteria however (but if she had seen him in truly, madly, deeply she would! buggar philip).Avatar Image says: Indeeeeeed ... Alan Rickman is tipped to receive an award in the forthcoming New Year Honours 2009 which comes out on Wednesday night. Alan Rickman's work is overdue Honours recognition ... like someone else Dr Blockbuster "Give Bruce Forsyth a Knighthood" Group Facebook Avatar Image says: Wow! Wonderful news! He completely deserves it!Avatar Image says: I have mixed feelings... he definitely deserves recognition, but I find myself wondering why he has accepted this time, from this dreadful PM who has dragged the country down (sorry, just IMHO), when he's always declined in the past because he doesn't believe in the system?Avatar Image says: What will be interesting to see is will he accept it? Alan Rickman does not do bowing and scraping!Avatar Image says: I can't think of anyone more deserving. Alan Rickman is not only a great actor (in every role he does), but he is also very active in working to help others, in his own profession as well as in human rights causes. He is fabulous, and I'm glad to see that he is being honored. Question though. Is this award the same as being knighted, or is that a separate thing. Not really understanding the British awards, I just got confused when I looked at the description from the link.Avatar Image says: L Smith and Helen, the article doesn't say that Rickman has accepted any honours, just that he is rumoured to receive an honour. (I'm American, by the way, but somehow sticking those "u"s in "rumour" and "honour" just seemed appropriate here.) Eeyore, someone from the UK would be able to answer much better than me, but I don't believe being honored is the same as being knighted. Receiving knighthood is the highest honor, but there are others "lower down."Avatar Image says: To tell you the truth, I don't really know much about all these british actors. I might go as far as to say that Harry Potter is all I know about them (Dame Maggie Smith, Alan Rickman, Helena Bonham Carter -whom a friend of mine loves and calls "Tim Burton's muse", she was so excited to see her in OOtP-, etc.). But what I see in the Harry Potter films does tell me how excellent these actors are, since they truly portray their characters very, very accurately; I mean, just by listening to Slughorn's voice ("it does cause powerful infatuation or obsession")... man, he (Jim Broadbent) IS Horace Slughorn; Bellatrix, Lucius, Vol... er... You-Know-Who, Prof. McGonagall, and of course, Alan Rickman's magnificent performance as Snape, which seems to be magically taken directly from JK Rowling's mind and possessed Alan Rickman. He's a superb actor, he really is.Avatar Image says: I forgot that comments between hyphens appear striked out, should have used these [ ]. Oh well...Avatar Image says: Aw! GO ALAN RICKMAN! He is a patron of my theatre group Scottish Youth Theatre. He is really nice and I have met him and he really deserves it! xxxxAvatar Image says: Yeah, Im American too, so I dont understand your parliment system in the UK. YOU guys have a bad PM, what a coincidence we right now till Janurary have had the worst President in history. George W. Bush. since 2000 he has led our country into the seventh circle of hell. Probably further. Oops, sorry got to stop, he just makes me really mad. I liked what someone called Helena " Tim Burtons Muse" Shes so pretty and funny. I love her as Bellatrix. Even if Alan doesnt believe in your system he should except this honor its something he really deserves.Avatar Image says: he deserves it with all the movies hes done- harry potter-die hard, greatAvatar Image says: since he has a big role in the last 2 movies!Avatar Image says: Congratulations Mr Rickman!! I hope you get it!Avatar Image says: of course!!wowAvatar Image says: glad to know I am not the only one thinks AR is hot, had mad crush on him since robinhood prince of thieves, his voice, his mannerism and as snape he is out of control.... Avatar Image says: I, too, am quite excited about the honor and think it well-deserved! To those who think AR's outspoken nature makes him honor-bound to decline the award, please remember that the MBE is a commendation, not an indoctrination. It won't change who he is, but acknowledge his contributions to country. And he certainly deserves that.Avatar Image says: Bandersnatch, here in the UK it's a funny system... to 'receive' it means it has to have been offered and accepted already. Recipients are approached beforehand, therefore if he is on the list it means he has already agreed. Jill, yes, exactly right and he definitely deserves recognition (he has done tons of work for RADA, among other things), but in spite of that, it is something he has always refused in the past, so I am curious as to what has changed his mind. Perhaps he's mellowing with age? Or perhaps it's because Rima's retired and out of politics now? Who knows....Avatar Image says: If anyone deserves an honor of any kind, it is Alan Rickman. He is one of the greatest actors of our time. Should have won a Tony and Oscar by now. Also, a great humanitarian. I know he is rather humble when it comes to accolades, but he is most deserving!!Avatar Image says: I was just looking at the list too Roonwit. I don't see Alan Rickman's name on it either.Avatar Image says: all we need is Gary Oldman, Jason Issacs, and Julie Walters (mama weasley, i might have spelled her name wrong...) to get it next year and all the potter adults are in... it pays to work on potter i guess... :)Avatar Image says: And that is a case in point as to why you should never believe what you read in the newspapers! Anything mentioned before publication of the official Honours List is pure speculation, as it is always a closely guarded secret until the List is officially published and indeed recipients are warned that if they leak it beforehand then they could be wiped from the List.Avatar Image says: I hope the rumours are true, Mr Rickman is a brilliant actor with such a huge range in both film and theatreAvatar Image says: How disappointing, I've just read the published list and he's not there. boo hiss!Avatar Image says: Kudos for him for sticking to his principles. I agree he's deserving of recognition, but knowing how much he's always hated the system, I am glad he hasn't sold out after all. :-))Avatar Image says: Oh drat the times has re published last years list online again. Sorry everyone. Avatar Image says: Someone asked earlier about the rankings of the honours systems. Its a bit complicated but basically -in Order of Importance - OM - Limited to just 24 people REALLY appointed personally by The Queen; NOBODY EVER DECLINES THAT ONE !!!!!! Knight of The Garter - Again - appointed REALLy by the Queen - there are only 40 of those; Normal knighthood; CBE = Commanber of the British Empire; OBE - Order of the""""""" MBE- Member of""""""""""" Then their are individual titles - Duke, Viscount, Earl, Lord etc............ Avatar Image says: I'm not surprised at all that he's not listed. Either he was never nominated, and that's not really the correct term because it's not a contest where one competes. That being said he's been quite outspoken against the current elected gov't as well as an "anti-monarchist". He has received personal awards for his acting and directing, just not for his portrayal as our favorite Potions Master. Happy New Year to all. Avatar Image says: Why on earth didnt they include rickman on the list?? he deserves this honour or whatever it is. i love is voice ;) Avatar ImageDanilicous2010 says: he deserves it.

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