8 Million Copies of Beedle the Bard due Worldwide, Pre-Ordered Copies Now Being Shipped.


Dec 03, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

As the hours grow closer to the release of The Tales of Beedle the Bard tonight at Midnight, many fans are anxious for the new set of tales from author J.K.Rowling. Those who have pre-ordered copies of the book have received notices stating the books have indeed shipped. One paper has a photo online of a bookseller sitting next to unopened cartoons of the Beedle books, awaiting their release. The AP is also reporting today that a total of 8 million copies of The Tales of Beedle the Bard are due to be issued around the world, including the 3.5 million copies due from US publishers Scholastic. Quotage:

“We expect it will crash straight in at No. 1 in our book charts,”
Jon Howells, of Britain’s Waterstone’s book store chain, said
Wednesday. “It would take a battle of magical proportions to dislodge
it before Christmas.”

The book’s print run sounds enormous until
you compare it with the Potter books. The final volume, “Harry Potter
and the Deathly Hallows” sold 8 million copies in its first 24 hours
and had a print run of 12 million in the U.S. alone.

26 Responses to 8 Million Copies of Beedle the Bard due Worldwide, Pre-Ordered Copies Now Being Shipped.

Avatar Image says: FIRST?!?! omg.. they haven't shipped mine :(Avatar Image says: Mine either :( Maybe thats just UK... jeez I hate not having an English bookstore nearby :( Avatar Image says: Dont worry Sara, at least you are first on the comment board, 'tis a great honor I'm sure :) I received my amazon dispatch email today too for my CE edition. Considering that this book was an afterthought and a sort of wind down for Jo who wasnt even releasing it publicly at first, that distribution figure is huge! Sure it isnt as big as DH, in fact it is a small book of just 5 fairy tale stories and on top of that, everyone knows the stories from Amazon's "reviews, lol". Yet, this is still a big event. Its the power of Jo's writing that makes it so big despite it not being a proper novel.Avatar Image says: yeah, I feel bad that you are all not getting the same release parties as we are in UK. I'm surprised with the US book shops quit frankly. But as long as you all get the book, thats what matters most!Avatar Image says: I am having my own party tonight at midnight ... (even though my book won't get here until the weekend!Avatar Image says: Woo hoo! Amazon shipped my Collector's copy yesterday! I am getting it in the mail tomorrow! Soooo excited.Avatar Image says: It sure is Proffesor Potter. :D But maybe it's because i live in Sweedn. They are always so after, soon i'll be going to Gothenburg to cue for the standar edition for tommorow :DAvatar Image says: I don't get my collector's copy for another 2 weeks because I did free super shipper saving :P Need every cent for other xmas presents ya know.Avatar Image says: Amazon sent me an e-mail this morning saying it was being shipped over! Yay :)Avatar Image says: Hm....I m from Germany, we are 6 hours early!!! And I always love to have them before my sister in San Diego.....(9hours earlier....)Avatar Image says: Mine still says Dispatching soon but that it is expected to be delivered 5-8 dec here in the Netherlands to me and I'm not home this weekend... I hope it will arrive on Monday. But an ideal Sinterklaas gift I should say :) Although a couple of days lateAvatar Image says: I think maybe because I am using Amazon's free shipping they decided they would post mine when they felt like it, it won't ship out till the 8thAvatar Image says: Mine's on it's way! Is anyone else constantly checking the tracking of their box like me?Avatar Image says: I am. Unfortunatly I couldn't get the CE since I have Christmas to prepare for and a big family. Plus, I'm also a student so I don't have much money anyway! xP But kudos to you if you could. ;D I will be in school when my copy is delivered; doesn't that suck? lol. Avatar Image says: Yea!!! Mine is on the way as well. Sadly won't get here until Friday. It better get to my office before the weekend though!! SqueeeeeeeAvatar Image says: Are they only going to make that many? Or is that for when it just comes out?Avatar Image says: Amazon emailed me yesterday before 6.0am reporting that my CE copy had been dispatched. It will arrive tomorrow. The excitement is intense.!!Avatar Image says: Im so glad I work in a bookstore, im going there early to get mine. I have seen the unopened boxes, so near and yet so far!!!Avatar Image says: OME! I got an e-mail saying my copy is on the way! Ekkk and I am going to the Borders party! Yes so happy! :)Avatar Image says: amazon hasn't shipped mine, wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i checked it a few minutes ago and i ordered back in what may or somethingAvatar Image says: opps ordered in augAvatar Image says: Amazon.com sent me an email to tell me I'll have my book tomorrow on release day, and then I get the tracking notification from UPS telling me it won't be here until Friday. I am NOT happy. If anything, Amazon is going to credit my shipping costs or I'll contest the charge on my credit card and tie the whole thing up.Avatar Image says: OMG listen to this! I ordered 3 different versions of Beedle, American, UK and the Collectors Ed. Guess which one is coming first. The UK edition! They still haven't updated my order from Amazon! I'm not going to receive my UK edition until the freakin 13th!!!!Avatar Image says: Mines finally being prepared for shipping!!! Yay me!Avatar Image says: OMG. I didn't know Hermione was getting translation credit! So cool.Avatar Image says: GAH! Freakin UPS won't deliver mine until tomorrow! I am soooooo PISSED! It was suppose to get here TODAY is what they told me!! ... at least I don't have school tomorrow. I can sit by the window and wait.

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