STANDing Fast with Jingle Spells


Dec 03, 2008

Posted by Melissa Anelli

Today is STANDFast, the day where people around the world, and many of us within the Harry Potter fandom, are giving up small luxuries in order to donate to help protect the women of Darfur and villagers of Burma. It takes three dollars to protect a woman for a month and five to protect an entire family in Eastern Burma. If you were listening to the call last night, you know that today every one of the Jingle Spells 2 albums sold will go to this fantastic cause.

So, whether you donate your coffee money or your pocket change or your time helping Darfur and Burma-related causes, or buy a copy of Jingle Spells 2 (button below), you will be helping protect those who can’t protect themselves. On this eve of the publication of the next volume in the Harry Potter verse, what better way to celebrate!

Visit The HP Alliance’s Web site for the event to learn more on what you can do, or to donate. Jingle Spells 2, our wizard rock holiday album, which on every other day benefits the HPA and Book Aid International, is available for purchase right here or at its information page:


Buying today will aid families in Burma and women in Darfur!

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Avatar Image says: Oh, I wish I'd waited till today to buy my Jingle Spells. No matter, I'm donating money anyway. I'm not exactly giving up anything, but I was planning to save up all my money for my study abroad trip to Mexico, so I guess I'm giving up a souvenier (sp?) for myself :)Avatar Image says: Well I was saving the $10 gift card to take myself out to lunch, but this is a better use of it. What's a reuben sandwich and curly fries when the money can help out women and children? Good job HPA!Avatar Image says: Wow, buying Jingle Spells doesn't sound like a sacrifice! Is it wrong to purchase something enjoyable on this day of fasting? I forgot it was today and already went out to lunch and coffee! Avatar Image says: I really don't have or make much money, but I'm going to do it anyway.Avatar Image says: To donate on HP Alliance's site and on the Genocide Intervention Network you need to have a credit card, which I don't have. :( Wish there was a paypal donation for that bc I already bought JS2 the day it came out

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