Wrapup Video from Today’s Beedle Event


Dec 03, 2008

Posted by Melissa Anelli

In our video galleries, and embedded below, is a short wrapup of the conference and events at today’s Beedle the Bard unveiling at the New York Public Library, featuring a very invested and enthusiastic Arthur Levine (co-editor of the HP books).

That embedded video comes from our PotterCast YouTube channel, to which you should subscribe! Also make sure to check our Leaky Video Galleries daily for an amazing archive of Potter-related clips!

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Avatar Image says: Cool. First post!Avatar Image says: yea, same comment as Nimbus-X. For some reason I pictured Arthur A. Levin as a really short guy ;) Avatar Image says: wow! i can't wait to see the video tommorow... sooooo excited... I guess I know what i'm going to read during my break. Already planning a trip to NY..... so excited!!!!Avatar Image says: Wow, that is amazing. I can wait to read it!!Avatar Image says: I wonder what stones have been used for the original seven copies? We now know two of them, what about the other five?Avatar Image says: Sooo cool, that book :) So glad I got mine. I wish it looked like that, though. ahha. Are they using that book in particular for DH?Avatar Image says: Thanks, Matthew. Please don't hesitate to post thoughts or opinions about my article at my blog, if you agree or disagree, etc.

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