Beedle the Bard Book Club Opens in Leaky Lounge


Dec 05, 2008

Posted by EdwardTLC

Our Leaky Lounge has opened up a brand new book club today, just in time for the publication of The Tales of Beedle the Bard by Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling. The Beedle the Bard Book Club will be the center for fresh discussion of the fairy tales during the month of December before becoming part of our traditional Harry Potter Book Club in January. Now is the time to get a hold of your copy of The Bard and jump into discussion of the fairy tales, new canon, Dumbledore’s insights, and so much more with your fellow Loungers. As with all of our book clubs, talk of the stories will be accompanied with various quizzes, puzzles and much more for your enjoyment. Do not delay in stopping over in our Beedle Book Club today. Enjoy!

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Avatar Image says: further on to my comment, i am from the UK and it's 6:57pm here 1:57pm in america. i still haven't bought my copy of beedle the bard. is it good please tell me!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: vAvatar Image says: It's a great read, just finished it this morning. it arrived yesterday and i'm in the Netherlands, so got it a bit early i thinkAvatar Image says: Amaon still hasn't shipped my copy!Avatar Image says: did somone delete my comment, don't forget freshies rule india Avatar Image says: I have both CE and Standard editions. The CE is worth every penny, the most beautiful collectors book of any kind I have seen and it has 10 additional wonderful drawings from Jo not in the SE. It hasnt sold out. I whole heartedly recommend it if you have the budget. I am not wealthy myself but being a Rowling fan, I just had to save my pennies for this and oh boy was it worth it. CE aside, the stories are wonderful and Jo's drawings are fantastic but most surprising of all are the musings and notes from Dumbledore. In fact I would say they take up almost half or at least a third of the book! Dumbledore's notes are part funny, sad, and poignant. It has been a most joyous Rowling week! Avatar Image says: I agree with everything Professor Potter said up here. (apart from having both editions - I only have the pretty one ;-) ) Just one thing: the collector's edition HASN'T SOLD OUT??! Seriously??Avatar Image says: Oh dear, that's weird, I had written two question marks next to that exclamation mark. And two ? behind 'seriously' as well. Yet they are no longer there, and instead the words 'out' and 'seriously' are italic... I've learned something new here!Avatar Image says: You've inadvertently become a hacker, emmy. lol. And yes, seriously, it hasnt sold out! On both and It is surprising but I suppose the current financial climate has something to do with that. So lets hope our Leaky friends lap up the rest of them so we can all chat about it here or in the lounge ;)Avatar Image says: WOOHOO! I got my Amazon letter, it shipped today! though it will be delivered to my parents house four hours away, It'll be my Birthday Present to myself!!!Avatar Image says: i preordered the collector edition form Amazon and they sent it out today. i am disappointed its taking them so long. they are usually pretty good sending things out right away. i am glad to know that the collector item is worthy every penny. i can't not wait to see it!!!Avatar Image says: Lame…. I don’t want more merchandise, I want a real Harry Potter book. Most of the people posting here are kids who would buy a rock J.K found in a ditch if she painted "Harry Potter" on it.Avatar Image says: well we wouldn't go that far! not unless jkr signed the rock :)Avatar Image says: i don't understand what "Brandon" is talking about...what lame merchandise are you referring to?? got my copy! i can't wait to get into it

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