Reminder: Extended Goblet of Fire to Air on ABC Family Tonight, Half-Blood Prince Sneaks Online


Dec 07, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

A quick reminder that ABC Family will be airing Harry Potter and the Goblet tonight at 730pm (ED), this edition to include ten extra minutes deleted from the theatrical version of the movie. As posted earlier, the USA Today said the new deleted scenes include “extended segments
with Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) and his buddy Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint)
and their respective flirtations, as well as a scene with Mad Eye Moody
(Brendan Gleeson) and Barty Crouch (Sam Hazeldine) following the
underwater sequence of the Tri-Wizard Tournament.”

All weekend long, the cable channel has also been broadcasting short new sneak peeks at the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and we now have all of the clips available for viewing and download here in our video galleries. Recent new footage includes shots of Weasleys Wheezes, and behind the scenes glimpses of “comedy Quidditch” showing actor Rupert Grint filming some funny bits for his role as Ron Weasley as the new Gryffindor Keeper. Also new are new footage and interviews with Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Emma Watson (Hermione Granger), Jim Broadbent (Professor Slughorn), director David Yates, producer David Heyman, and Michael Gambon who is featured in a bit on the young Tom Riddle.

ABC clips are as follows:

  1. Comedy
  2. The Story of Tom Riddle
  3. Love is in the air
  4. Meet Professor Slughorn
  5. The Story

44 Responses to Reminder: Extended Goblet of Fire to Air on ABC Family Tonight, Half-Blood Prince Sneaks Online

Avatar Image says: I can't wait to watch it!Avatar Image says: is it just me, or is there basically NO Half-Blood Prince storyline in the movie? Avatar Image says: so is that all the Half blood prince previews we are going to get?Avatar Image says: It's not just you, Rae, and I hope, JKR having said that this film was great, that it will carry the feel of the story. Because the recent trailers have been great and I really want it to be good (true to the book good).Avatar Image says: whateverAvatar Image says: Why don't they just show the "extended" version in theaters? GoF is so much better with these extra scenes; not as choppy as it was. Rae: There is the " Fight back you coward!" line.Avatar Image says: I'm excited despite the first 5 comments. One would think by now we've have already gotten used to the movies' differences. Remember, don't judge something you haven't seen. That's what people who ban HP do.Avatar Image says: no... im SURE we have some half-blood prince storyline, don't worry. i mean.. it seems kind of important. it's only the title of the book!! in "the story" sneak peek they might not have mentioned it as one of the plot lines because they didn't want to give too much away. but it's not like every one of us hasn't read the book...Avatar Image says: Isn't USA Today just describing a few deleted scenes? I don't think they actually know what would be shown. Again, Sam Hazeldine does not portray Barty Crouch.Avatar Image says: Yay!!! Everything looks amazing!!! Weasley Wizard Wheezes looks excellent!! Lavender Brown looks perfectly annoying, so does Cormac MacLaggen...he looks great!!! I can't wait to quidditch!! Everything just looks so good!!Avatar Image says: They added all the deleted scenes back into the ABC family version. So USA today is probably talking about that and are reviewing it.Avatar Image says: Really Celia? You've seen deleted scenes? Have I missed them? Because I not seen any.Avatar Image says: Well, where are the deleted scenes? I got upset last time when I was not told the truth about ABC Family showing deleted scenes during Goblet of Fire, and now this time it looks like USA Today let me down. I'm so sad and can't say how disappointed I am. Avatar Image says: Am I mistaken or during the making of the first movie (the Socerer's (sp) Stone) that she was going to keep true to the books, or as close as possible? What happened? I love the movies, but I just wondered if maybe something had changed in her thinking.Avatar Image says: I haven't spotted the deleted scenes either :(Avatar Image says: I don't see any deleted scenes... errAvatar Image says: The sneak peeks and the extra footage was dumb... nothing new to my eyes other than how good looking cormac mclaggen looked. I wish they showed more of a scene for HBP... it would seriously make my day.Avatar Image says: The sneak peeks and the extra footage was dumb... nothing new to my eyes other than how good looking cormac mclaggen looked. I wish they showed more of a scene for HBP... it would seriously make my day.Avatar Image says: Yeah, there were no deleted scenes. I loved the sneak peaks though.Avatar Image says: Deleted scenes my @$$!Avatar Image says: Haha! The ship sank and the horse drawn carriage crashed into the mountain in the end! They all died!!! That's what they get for not showing deleted scenes like they promised!!!Avatar Image says: i dont know how WB is going to keep the fans satisfied till july 17th, because at the rate they keep on releasing trailers, pictures and little bts clips i can pretty much put the whole movie together myself. unless they slow things down a bit, i really hope they just move the movie forward a bit and not keep the july release dateAvatar Image says: Wow, I am mad. I can't believe they didn't have the deleted scenes. Way to fail USA Today. *golf clap*Avatar Image says: Thank goodness im not the only one who noticed. I was watching and I thought....havn't I seen these before?Avatar Image says: Yeah, epic fail for ABC Family. No deleted scenes that I noticed in GoF -- not even the ones that were on the DVD. When CoS was coming out, they broadcast SS, and during the broadcast did a whole 10 minute segment on CoS, complete with a long scene from CoS. They've really dropped the ball in recent years.Avatar Image says: "The sneak peeks and the extra footage was dumb… nothing new to my eyes other than how good looking cormac mclaggen looked. I wish they showed more of a scene for HBP… it would seriously make my day." That's what you get when that's all you focus on. You must not have eyes. There were tons of things we haven't seen before. Also, people please stop using the phrase epic fail. Life is not as simple minded as that. This is no test. You are not an educator. You're not being funny, clever or cool. This is nothing epic about a newspaper mistaking about deleted scenes not being in a movie.Avatar Image says: An epic fail would be more appropriate if they advertised "extended" edition and end up showing not just the normal theatrical release but a further cut one they show on airplanes, lol. Seriously though, that is very misleading, very manipulative. It is inexcusable on ABC part for not showing an extended cut as they have advertised (they did advertise this didnt they? or was it just USA Today promoting this? If just USA Today, then strike this whole post and dont buy USA Today anymore :). But It is misleading and forces people to sit through a film they have watched several times already (and own the dvd which of course is far superior) just so they can get more hits for their advertisements. That is unfair manipulation and should be reported to watchdog (do you guys have an official board that govern network channels rule of conduct? We do, and our popular channels often get fined for stepping out of line). Over here in UK, when people send in complaints, they are dealt with if the complaints are sufficient in numbers. So effective is the complaints system here, that it has led to network operators resigning, top chat show hosts being suspended, networks being fined, programs being changed etc. I would make complaints to the ABC and demand an explanation. The more of you that can do this, the better. Be polite but be sure to express your fustration etc, the people who read complaints are people like you and me, not robots or deatheaters so dont abuse. Networks shouldnt be allowed to mis-advertise like that. Wasting 3 hours of people's time is very big deal. Avatar Image says: i was most looking forward to the snape/karkarov scene. it's so excellent, but alas, no extended edition for us :-(Avatar Image says: It seems to me that ABC didn't get to show the deleted scenes as was talked about because of the time frame. Even though it said it was 10 minutes more of deleted scenes, there must not have been time. Of course, there was so much advertising for other shows for the 25 days of Christmas that and other commercials that maybe they couldn't show them. All the other movies shown were about 4 hours long (inlcuding the commercials and new footage of the next movie) but this one was only 3 hours. I too was very upset and stayed awake way past my bedtime to watch it and was very disappointed not seeing the extra scenes included. Overall, I can watch these movies over and over again no matter is the extra scenes are included or not. I am a die-hard Harry Potter fan and never miss an opportunity to watch them no matter what. Maybe one day we will get to see that movie with all the deleted scenes in tact.Avatar Image says: i watched GoF last night and it didn't have any extended scenes in it :( It was just the same as it is on the dvd.Avatar Image says: Ok, I echo the previous comments. I saw no deleted scenes, and I saw the movie last week, so I think I'd recognize them. Nothing around the ball scene, and I know for a fact there were several deleted scenes around that. WTF? Am I just unobservant?Avatar Image says: I watched it also last night, the reason I did was for the deleted scenes. What we all got were all the commercials. Oh well guess I will have to get the DVD out to see those scenes. It was 10 deg here last night so it was a good reason to stay home.Avatar Image says: Hook line and sinker. What a way to get us to sit through a bunch of xmas ads. The only reason I watch these movies on familychannel with commercials is because they cut in the deleted scenes. Otherwise I'd just throw in the dvd. They also have to start showing the widescreen versions of the other movies, at least on the familyHD channel.Avatar Image says: If you're disappointed with ABC, you have my sympathy. GOF was my favorite HP book until I read DH. But, except for Miranda Richardson and Brendan Gleeson's performances, I thought the film was just awful. I think Mike Newell did a terrible job with a really great story. Maybe GOF should have been split into two parts like DH. I don't know. But, I don't care how many times GOF is shown on TV (with or without deleted scenes), I can't watch it.Avatar Image says: The only thing I noticed was that the bouncing ferret scene might have been a bit longer. I didnt notice anything else different. Oh well. I'd love some day to see that scene that was filmed (post Cedric's death) that takes place near that mystery waterfall. I was bummed that wasnt on the dvd. Oh well. I was also disappointed in the HBP preview. IIRC, they only did 2 preview breaks, and both had been shown previously. I would like to have seen more.Avatar Image says: >.> those idiots...Avatar Image says: I was very disappointed. There were no additional scenes at all. Hoped they would show the one with Snape and Kakaroff at the Yule Ball. Poooo!Avatar Image says: I'm just disapointed because most of the HBP previews we were going to get are most of the ones we have already seen. Like they put Hermione smacking Harry in the head again and I've seen that a MILLION times which won't be funny anymore. I'm just soo disapointed with WB Specially because they moved the movie's release dateAvatar Image says: well as we all know the half blood prince is important but isnt as major as like defeating voldemort per sayAvatar Image says: I wanted more. I liked what they showed, especially the romance and comedy Quidditch ones. But they showed too much footage we'd seen before, like Hermione smacking Harry. They showed that like a million times and I'm now sick of it. Avatar Image says: I decided to stop watching the previews of HBP. We have 3 trailers, and according to me the last one is showing too much of the movie. We have tons of pictures from calendars and everything else. We can basicaly put the movie together. WB should be more careful, the won't be any surprise in july ! All I want now is a first poster !!!Avatar Image says: so where are the deleted scenes then?Avatar Image says: I really don't understand why they couldn't have put the deleted scenes back into GoF. They were all there for the other ones (repeatedly). I was really looking forward to Snape on carriage-snog duty at the Yule Ball. Alas!Avatar Image says: i saw the deleted scenes they were great!

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