JK Rowling…A Year in the Life Documentary to Broadcast in Canada on Monday


Feb 02, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

Canadian residents will have a chance to catch the “J.K. Rowling…A Year in the Life” documentary as it is set to be broadcast this Monday at 10:00pm (ET) on CBC Newsworld. The special documentary by James Runcie features interviews with Jo and her family as she completes Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and continues the journey to publication day. In this documentary, and as mentioned during the PotterCast interview with our favorite author, JKR provides new information regarding the second generation, which you can see here in our galleries, or behind her office door on her website.

Thanks Hannah.

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It was a great documantary, a must see for all those who havent!

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Lucky Canadians ! :) Although , I’ve already watched it on Youtube, I still feel they should play it in the U.S. just so I can watch it again. :D

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YAY! Goo Canadians.

I’m soo watching it again on Monday. =)

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It’s worth it for JK fans, just about. It was touching near the end when she visited her old apartment where she wrote the first book, and the bit at the very end with her drawing the Weasley/Potter family trees was interesting, but that’s about it. I hate to be negative, but I thought it was rubbish, nothing of any depth at all, and scratching at straws to find links with JKs youth and the HP books. I was actually embarrassed to be watching it at my in-laws, as they’d switched it on specially for me, not knowing who she is themselves.

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It’d be nice if they’d broadcast in America. Can’t watch at my leisure on YouTube!

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If its hit Canada, then I expect it will be shown in America soon. Lucky them!

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Anne, your in-laws do not know who JK Rowling is? Surely not ;) I could see your point of view on the program and if compared to a Dick Wittington style of rags to riches biography then this documentary would indeed fail to impress in that respect. But I found the documentary to be a soulful look into JK Rowling’s character, her beliefs, her irritable traits, her shortcomings, her talents, her views on the world, her upbringing, and her ups and downs in life. As a fan of JK, I find the documentary touching and a great insight into the mind that created the enormously rich world of Harry Potter. For those that are yet to watch this documentary, dont expect an epic tale of adventure etc. This is a window into the life of a normal human being who overcame obstacles as all of us do, and progressed further to become the most celebrated author of our lifetime. The program is rivetting viewing for that alone and isnt that what most of us we want?

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I was so hoping that it would be shown on CBUT as well—which is out of Vancouver, the Canadian station that we get. But I just checked and it’s not listed. sigh Maybe in a month or so.

Watching on Youtube just isn’t quite the same. Still, I found all of it very interesting and very informative—much more about who JKR is and what her influences have been. I thought it was a great interview and I would like to see it again (on a bigger screen than my computer).

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YES!!!!! FINALLY!!!! I’m so excited…I know what I’ll be doing Monday Night!

I’m so happy that it’s being broadcast in Canada. I’ve been wanting to watch this ever since I heard about it, but was afraid they’d leave Canada out. Yay! :)

Radish :)

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I was so disappointed when I started watching it on Youtube, then went back to find it a few days later and saw it had been taken off! Now I’ll finally get to see the rest of it :)

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will it be shown in the united states of america? it hasn’t yet…..:(

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Any word on when it might be broadcasted in Australia?

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SighIf it’s being shown in Canada, it’ll hit the U.S. soon, right?.......We can hope…

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I wonder if we may hope for a DVD here in the US later on. ‘Twould be nice to have.


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I was sooooo hoping that CBC would air it after they put Emma’s movie on during christmas…ohhhhhh I will so be glued to the tube!

I have wanted to see this so badly!!!!!

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And since when does anything go through Canada before the US?? Nothing against Canada of course, lovely country, but don’t most things go UK, US, then elsewhere?? Sheesh!

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I really want to see it. I tried watching it on youtube, but the quality is so terrible, I’d rather wait. At least it seems to be getting closer to the US. I’m not sure what the problem is as far as airing it in the US. There’s really no new tv on right now so I am sure any network would be willing to run it.

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Hey Canadians! If anybody gets the opportunity, please upload a version onto GOOGLE videos instead of youtube. They seem to last longer, AND others have the opportunity to download them. Of course, of DVD version would be preferable, but in the meantime…. :)

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yay for Canada!! Canada is often forgotten on many fronts (like contests, for example), so I’m very happy about this. I shall be tuning in tonight. Any by the way, American friends, you might be able to catch it if you live close to the border. I know CBC Newsworld can be seen across the border.

Canada rocks….!!!

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I’m glad I caught this so I can watch it tonight!

Please though, can Americans try and avoid comments like this?

“And since when does anything go through Canada before the US?? Nothing against Canada of course, lovely country, but don’t most things go UK, US, then elsewhere?? Sheesh!”

I understand your frustrated it isn’t showing in America yet, but that doesn’t mean you can take it out on my country. It’s not like the UK sends everything they make to the States for testing before sending it elsewhere.

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Hey Bebe, you hit the nail on the head…

Listening to Pottercast over the last 2 years and all the tours and the events state side and wishing we could have an event here…and it took till last summer to finally get an convention in Toronto…

We seem to miss out on so much, it’s like we don’t exist at times…

This once, we get it before the US, and I say once again “Yahooooooo” or “squeeeee!” for Canada…finally at the front of the pack!

I am sure it will air in the U.S. shortly, it always does!

Off to watch now… grinning from ear to Canadian ear

I’ll toast you all state side, God Bless our American Neighbours!

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We Canadians got to see it before the US because our main television news station (CBC) is a sister station to the BBC, and thus we get their stuff practically for free.

As for the program tonight, I was rivited. To those who complained, you have idealized JKR to a point where seeing her humanity in a raw and realistic way has become rubbish to you, darling, she is real. This showed her a real, self-doubting human being. This true self portrayal is the kind of thing we need. There is no better way to prove how much of an inspiration she is than by this truthful portrayal. If she can do it, so can any of us with an idea and the drive.

It’s showing again on the same channel Sunday at 8pm.

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Umm, Penelope, the CBC is not a sister station to the BBC. They’re just similar organizations within their respective countries. I think we got the documentary because the CBC (and TV Ontario) are not so culturally insulated to think that documentaries or movies made in other countries are not worthy of attention. God knows I love my US neighbours and its culture, but I find its media a little inward…(not the people, before anyone takes a bite out of my head!)

In any case, the documentary was very moving and I enjoyed it a great deal. I also found her self-doubts and her honesty very refreshing.

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Jo’s documentary was absolutely wonderful. I was planning to record it and see it later, but after I saw the beginning of it, I was hooked and kept watching it. It is truly beautiful… it shows Jo as a real person with flaws and failures, but also as an incredible woman who, in her own words, is ” a born tryer.”

Jo, I think you’re a real role model. Even though you once hit rock bottom, you kept going and didn’t sink down into despair. You managed to pull your life around so completely that millions idolize you, but you’re not stuck up about it. In fact, you’re willing to admit your struggles, which most of us can’t do.

I know that I will be taping it the next time it shows, which is on Sunday. I want to keep a copy of this incredible documentary.

I hope it comes through in the US too.

From a Crazy Canuck named Radish :)

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