Robert Pattinson Talks Cedric Diggory, Twilight Movie and More

Feb 25, 2008

Posted by: SueTLC


Actor Robert Pattinson is the subject of a new profile in the Evening Standard Magazine. In the article, Robert discusses his various films including the upcoming Little Ashes about the life of artist Salvador Dali, “Twilight,” based on the popular novels by Stephenie Meyer, as well as mentioning his role as Tri-Wizard Champion Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Saying he is nothing like his Hufflepuff counterpart, Robert Pattinson says that “I was never a leader, and the idea of my ever being made head boy is a complete joke. I wasn’t involved in much at school, and I was never picked for any of the teams. On the doomed fate that awaited the Hogwarts champion, the actor gave his reaction to learning the fate of his character as he noted “I looked at the other actors, and thought “God! Lucky you! You’ve got another three films guaranteed!” GoF director Mike Newell is quoted as describing Robert Pattinson: “Cedric exemplifies all that you would expect the Hogwarts’ champion to be. Robert Pattinson was born to play the role; he’s quintessentially English, with chislled public schoolboy good looks.”

You can see new photos of the handsome young actor, as well as read the entire article here in our galleries.

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