Location Filming for “Half-Blood Prince” at Millennium Bridge in London

Mar 09, 2008

Posted by: SueTLC


We’ve received several reports and photos of location filming taking place this weekend for the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince film in London. This scene, which does NOT involve any of main cast members, involves a shoot at Millennium Bridge in London, England. Reader Milo says they are using extras for a special effects scene in Half-Blood Prince that features the destruction of the bridge, “to be used in the movie as evidence of the war in the Wizarding world.” He writes “they used 120+ extra’s on the bridge plus stuntmen who fell off the bridge into the water. They had a helicopter which filmed the main parts swooping down very close to the water and bridge, and it flew length ways along the bridge. Filming could only be done every 30 mins as that was all that the government would allow them.”

Thanks to Milo and Pottermaniac.net we can see photos of this location shoot here and here, as well as videos courtesy of Pottermaniac here. Thanks Milo and Peeves!

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