April Issue of Scribbulus Now Online

Apr 02, 2008

Posted by: EdwardTLC


The 23rd issue of Leaky’s premier essay project, Scribbulus, is now online featuring six essays for your reading pleasure. This issue brings you works that spoof excerpts from books, magazines, or newspapers in the Harry Potter world. At the top of this issue, we have an excerpt from the popular and handy magical text, “Curses and Counter-curses,” a Daily Prophet article on the science of global warming, and a further Prophet article featuring an interview with leading Dracologist, Charlie Weasley. After that, this issue reveals to you a top secret Ministry of Magic research document, shows you a report from Xenophilius Lovegood on monsters at Hogwarts, and brings you a final Daily Prophet article from none other than Roseanne Roseannadanna. Enjoy this humorous look at wizard literature in our April Fool’s themed issue!

  • An Excerpt from Curses and Counter-curses by Rudius Hagrid
  • An Inconvenient Charm by Nimbus1944
  • Interview with a Dracologist ’ Charlie Weasley by Canis Sapiens
  • The Hairy Potter Timeline by Dr. Rip VanHinklemeyer
  • Monsters at Hogwarts: Closer Than You Think by Xenophilius Lovegood
  • Silky, Dark, and Color Coordinated by Roseanne Roseannadanna

    In addition to this, our Scribby team is happy to announce the the launch of the Scribbies, a monthly essay award program. Awards will be given out in two categories, Readers’ Choice and Editors’ Choice. All essays will be eligible, whether they are written in response to a call or an independent submission. Essays written by Scribbulus staff will only be eligible for the Readers’ Choice award. The criteria for voting is simple, simply vote for the particular essay that month you like best. Only one vote is allowed per person. To vote for this month’s best of Scribbulus, you can check out the ballot right here in the Leaky Lounge.

    Finally, we have now issued a number of new calls for essays. Topics ranging from Draco Malfoy, Family Dynamics, Dark Magic, and Plot Holes are currently being asked for, along with essays on any topic of your choosing. Complete information on the latest Essay Calls and so much more can be found right here. The deadline for our submissions on our latest topic, Death, Sacrifice, and the Afterlife, is April 5, 2008.

    Information submitting your essay to Scribbulus can be found here, while you can also discuss our essays in our forum on the Leaky Lounge.

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