JKR/WB vs. RDR Books Trial: U.K. Publisher Not Counting on Scheduled April Release of Lexicon Book

Apr 25, 2008

Posted by: KristinTLC


U.K. Publisher Methuen does not expect to meet the scheduled April release of Steve Vander Ark’s Lexicon book, as it has been postponed pending the court’s decision.

Peter Tummons or Methuen says he is “very confident” in RDR Book’s position, but says that he does expect Warner Brothers to appeal if RDR wins. Says Tummons:

“You can never quite tell about the US appeal system, but I think we are talking about a matter of some months. Eventually, I think we will be able to publish this autumn, which might turn out to be quite good timing for us.”

Tummons would not comment on what his company might do should RD lose the case.

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