May Issue of Scribbulus Now Online


May 01, 2008

Posted by EdwardTLC

The May issue of Scribbulus, Leaky’s premier essay project, is now online with three essays for your reading pleasure. Our twenty-fourth issue features an essay comparing J. K. Rowling’s novels to the The Canterbury Tales, an opinion piece on the split of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” films into two parts, and an essay on the topic of death in the final book. You can find the complete issue, along with an archive of our previous issues, right here. Enjoy!

  • Chaucer, J.K. Rowling, and All of Us by Fidelia
  • Milking the Hippogriff Dry as the Hogwarts Express Gravy Train Runs Out of Steam by MaraudingDon
  • Harry and his Cloud of Witnesses by Amy Austin-Taggart

    In a related note, the winners of our first round of Scribby Awards have been announced. As we told you last month, the Scribbies will be awarded each month in two categories: Readers’ Choice and Editors’ Choice. This month the Readers’ Choice Award goes out to Nimbus1944 for their essay, “An Inconvenient Charm.” The Editors’ Choice Award goes to two writers this month as we have a tie between Nimbus 1944 for “An Inconvenient Charm” and Rudius Hagrid for “An Excerpt from Curses and Counter-curses.” Each winner will receive a special badge for their Leaky Lounge profile. Many congratulations to all!

    Our next call for Scribbulus essays is on the topic of family relations. More info on this can be found on the Essay Calls Page. As always, essays on any topic are always welcome.

  • 11 Responses to May Issue of Scribbulus Now Online

    Avatar Image says:

    i’m curious; how do you do to post a request for an essay?

    I been trying to find an essay about Harry’s attitude towards people crying; and if he is capable of putting their feelings before his awkardness. (meaning he really wants to make them fell better- not just stop them from crying)

    any takes?

    Avatar Image says:

    I am now compelled to read A Canterbury Tales. Then I will read Fidelia’s most excellent essay again!

    Avatar Image says:

    An excellent essay on Chaucer, but I don’t think I will be tackling him myself.

    Avatar Image says:

    Congratulations to Fidelia for a brilliant essay! It was inspiring. I was drawn to it just because I love everything medieval and have studied some of Chaucer and I hadn’t known that Jo took inspiration from the Pardoner’s Tale. I loved the way you took it beyond just looking at the Tale of Three Brothers and noticed other characters had their Tales to.

    Avatar Image says:

    scribbulus leaves alot to be desired

    Avatar Image says:

    cara- why?

    Avatar Image says:

    Cara, is that the title of your essay? Submit it to Scribbulus now, it sounds fantastic! Then perhaps Scribbulus may become what you desire :)

    Avatar Image says:

    MaraudingDon ’s essay is actually an entertaining essay even though its ultra cynical and I dont agree with much of it! But it is quite funny and well written. i personally believe or hope that the film makers will have 3 strands of story that will converge. The trio’s journey to hunt down the hocruxes, Neville and Luna’s rebellion at Hogwarths, and Voldermont’s Nazi-like regime engulfing the wizarding world. This means that they will bring to the foray a lot of what was just simply background information in the book. But to make Deathly hallows into an epic film, that will entertain, they need to expand on these background elements.

    Awww, just one more essay to read now. I guess the quality bar is very high because I’m sure there are a lot more essays submitted to Scribbulus! i bet half of them were about Severus Snape ;)

    Avatar Image says:

    I usually love and admire the hard work and deep thought put into these essays but I have just read the essay criticising the decision to split “Deathly Hallows” into two films-and I have neverdisagreed more. What did rob the essay of some merit was when the author admitted that he hated the book !!!!

    Avatar Image says:

    too bad!!!!!! Does Jo hold the record for having books on the list for the longest amount of time?

    Avatar Image9em says: I think this is wunderful!

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