Emma As Rep for Chanel Rumor Apparently False


Jun 18, 2008

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The rumor about actress Emma Watson becoming a spokesperson for Chanel is false, although you will NOT hear that officially from the legendary couture house. Readers will recall that several days ago, a report published originally in UK tabloid The Daily Mail claimed that the Hermione Granger actress would become “new face of the Chanel fragrance Coco Mademoiselle’ and had “signed a two-year contract worth £3million with the French fashion house to promote the brand.”

This story was picked up by media worldwide, and the only report of a denial was found in one small story via Eonline which said the claim was “just a rumor”: “It’s false.” Today the LA Times blog has more on why this apparent denial of this rumor was not sent out immediately to counter the global press coverage. The blog cites an unnamed New York spokesperson for Chanel as saying “We’re not allowed to make statements when the reports are not true,” then continued to say “It’s the company’s policy not to make a statement if the report is not true.For instance, when Audrey Tautou’s contract was leaked to the press, we issued a statement because it was true, she was being put under contract.”

The LA Times blog then has this quote from the Chanel spokesperson, who says the house will NOT issue a written denial . “We are only allowed to speak to reporters about this. We cannot widely release a statement that the report isn’t true.” Even the Chanel spokesman’s name may not be used due to yet another strange set of corporate rules. “I cannot be quoted. Just say company spokesman,” she explained.

Most curious indeed. So as it would seem the report of Emma Watson becoming a spokesperson for Chanel is indeed false, we are working to get more detailed response from reps from the actress. More when we get it!

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