Harry Potter Prequel Receives Over 70,000 Visitors During First 20 Hours Online

Jun 19, 2008

Posted by: EdwardTLC


As readers will remember, Waterstones.com released the 800-word Harry Potter prequel written by J. K. Rowling online after the work was sold at a charity auction for £25,000 ($48,855) early last week. Utalkmarketing.com is now reporting that over 70,000 people visited the website during the first 20 hours the prequel featuring James Potter and Sirius Black was online. The story also notes that nearly 4000 story cards have been sent in as part of the “What’s Your Story?” contest to date. Those who have not read the prequel can do so right here, or via this non-flash version here.

This card was part of the National Year of Reading event by Waterstone’s, which featured 13 cards containing stories from such authors as Neil Gaiman, Doris Lessing, Margaret Atwood, and Irvine Welsh among others. The card written by J. K. Rowling was bought by a Toyko-based business owner who wishes to use this “piece of literary history” to continue charitable fund-raising. The complete collection of 13 cards will be published along with the winners of the Waterstone’s “What’s Your Story?” competition in a special book on August 7th. Proceeds from this book will benefit the English Pen and Dyslexia Action charities in the UK. This book is currently available for pre-order via the this link.

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