Wrocking for the HPA

Jun 19, 2008

Posted by Melissa Anelli

The AP has a story today about the wizard rock phenomenon, or more specifically, Wrockstock 2008, the wizard rock festival that took place in Potosi, MO, over Memorial Day Weekend. The article discusses the movement in general as well as the fundraising efforts the event undertook for The HP Alliance:

”’Literature has in recent decades been a solitary experience,’ said the 28-year-old former sketch comedian. ‘But it can also be a communal one.’

For Slack, that means voter registration booths at wizard rock concerts, or flyers alerting audience members to the threat of media consolidation or global warming.:

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Didn’t the Associated Press just issue a mandate saying that you had to pay x-amount of dollars to quote them?

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I LOVE YOU ANDREW SLACK!! U r an awesome guy who is doing incredibly good things, and u r my role model. There are so many issues in the world that need addressing and he is doing a great job. :) <3

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Good for the Wrockers and good for Andrew Slack! It’s about time this stuff got out there, people need to know whats going on in the world, most read the paper or watch the news but the morning paper and the news don’t cover everything, it’s what people like Andrew and all of the Harry Potter Alliance people bring out into the open that needs to be worked on, not trivial things, the things that mean life or death.

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I just live up the road from Potosi in St Louis. How come I just heard of this? Doh!

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Delafayette, the next one’s November 6-9, 2009. See you then! :-)

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being so far away in Germany I did not have a chance to visit Wrockstock ;( but I am planning to write my bachelor thesis about the movement / HPA . I am sure my professor will let me do it, he is very much into everything linking literature to music and public culture! That is going to be a fun paper to write for once (like my thesis on vampires some time ago…) Keep up the good work guys and I really hope you get a lot of wrockers to vote in November!

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Rooser Lee said: Didn’t the Associated Press just issue a mandate saying that you had to pay x-amount of dollars to quote them?

Yes they want $5:00 a word after 5 words, but they make exceptions. As to who’s excepted, who knows? :-/

I’m voting in November, but I’m not on the anthropogenic GW bandwagon.

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I didn’t like this article. It made HP fans sound like a bunch of friendless misfits who can only find companionship at a Wizard Rock concert. On the contrary, wizard rock fans and musicians are really a imaginative, selfconfident, outgoing group of people for whom wizard rock is merely one outlet for their creativity. It just also happens to be the most fun!

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