New Preview of “Half-Blood Prince” Video Game on Wii Platform


Jul 25, 2008

Posted by EdwardTLC

IGN has a new preview of the upcoming “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” video game from EA online that goes into more detail about the playing experience and what to expect from the game. Based on a preview at this weekend’s
Comic Con in San Diego, CA the article compares this game to the “Order of the Phoenix” game and first says that the “Half-Blood Prince is going to stick with the gigantic, living Hogwarts that you wander around to get missions. The game’s even adding changing times of day so it won’t perpetually be noon outside and different student moods to accompany those times—i.e. a kid who is super-energized in the morning might be rundown by the evening.”

Playing with the Wii version of the game, the preview continues, giving more information on select scenes and tasks which take place during the game. Details on a previously mentioned potions-mixing game of skill are expanded upon in this piece, with the article stating: “Rather than read the text, icons from the pages will rise into the air and you’ll need to either grab the corresponding object or pull off a motion. When I started my pot, a fire icon rose up and I had to shake the Wiimote and nunchuk to generate a blaze beneath the cauldron. As the fire grew, the liquid in the container changed colors. When the fire reached the desired temperature, the Wiimote rumbled and I had to stop shaking. I didn’t stop on my first try, and the pot got too hot. Smoke spouted from the fluid, and I had to wave the nunchuk from side to side to clear the haze.”

The preview then details a mini Seeker game which they describe as a “simplified look at Quidditch.” Quoteage:

“When you begin, you’ll be watching Harry on his broom and need to point your Wiimote where you want to fly. See, the forward momentum is on rails so you don’t have to worry about turning; you just have to worry about getting Harry into the right section of the screen to get through these floating stars that are kind of like racing game checkpoints. If you start missing the stars, your speed will begin to drop and the color of the checkpoints will go from green to yellow to red before you fail out. It probably sounds pretty simple, but this is a Quidditch match, mate! When I took Harry through the paces, I had to deal with trying to get the Seeker back to the center of the screen after some intense speed sequences and worry about the jerks from Slytherin ramming into me and knocking me off course.”

Near the end, comments are made regarding the improved dueling system appearing in this game. Now players will be able to “move while you cast spells, but you can also tap the A button for quick dodge.” The preview concludes with more about the spells available during a duel with Draco Malfoy by saying that “Pushing the Wiimote down and then raising it up [will] cast the Stupefy spell, lifting both the nunchuk and Wiimote into the air called for Wingardium Leviosa, and slashing both controllers in a diagonal line cast a protective spell. Expelliarmus and Petrificus Totalus were also part of my Potter arsenal, but my bout came down to me running from side to side while firing off energy orbs.”

As we reported previously, the “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” video game will be released in November, and is currently available for pre-order on the PS3, PS2, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP and XBOX360, PC, and Wii platforms via our Cauldron Shop.

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Excellent! :D

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Nice article, but one minor quibble: the IGN piece is quite clearly a preview, not a review. “Review” suggests a comprehensive evaluation of the finished product, whereas these are simply cursory impressions.

It’s an interesting and encouraging read, nonetheless, but I still think the article title is misleading…

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Meh, all the games have been rubbish so far… Azkaban was OKAY. EA are generally rubbish. I’m guessing no change here, one for fans but certainly not for fans who are also gamers.

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Sounds pretty cool

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i want a wii sooo bad. it would be sooo cool to play this game.

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Sounds at least like they’re giving us more to work with than OotP. I had the Wii edition and it was… well… fun first time out, but it was a game that pretty much played itself.

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there should be a Harry Potter lego wii game like the Indiana Jones and Star Wars ones! that would be amazing :D

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I can’t wait to get the game! It sounds like they’ve added on to the OOtP game’s style and tried to improve it. I can’t wait to play this game!

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Me want….! Big times!

I was never realy in to video games befor the Harry Potter games got so good..!


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Oh gee… flying was what I liked least about the first and second games because it was so hard! It took me ages to get gold in all of them (and I wanted the house points :P). But I do like the Quidditch game so hopefully it’s a bit more like that.

I don’t know, this sounds like it’ll be somewhat like the GoF game… a little less open play. Which would be good if the DH game could then be like the PoA and OotP games, but in that we’re only at the castle at the end!

My favourite game was the PoA game, because a) we could play as any of the trio (I had Ron and Hermione calling each other constantly… teehee), and b) even though the “dungeons” were kind of formulaic, you kind of had to use your brain to get through them. In the OotP game, the actual gameplay seemed more like an unnecessary obstacle, most notably the duel in front of the veil – I mean come on, it went on till you’d hit Lucius and Bellatrix a certain number of times, then Sirius was killed. There’s no way to win! I know there couldn’t be, but it really annoyed me that I wasn’t fighting for anything, I couldn’t lose. It wasn’t even difficult. I did love the open gameplay of OotP and I’m still looking for housepoints whenever I feel like Wiing, I want to unlock the last rewards! :) But I’m hoping like Melissa said in a PotterCast that they’ll do a massive all-encompassing free range HP game at the end of everything.

You know what I’d LOVE? A Discworld-type Potter game. It would be hilaaarious. But that will never happen. :P

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unfortuently most games made after movies are general crap. PoA was fun just out of the fact that u could ride buckbeak(until they “killed” him). if they seriously made the next one have sand box options, then maybe i’ll look into that. I’ve got better things to spend money on this holiday season, like sonic unleashed i also agree w/ Buffie, a lego harry potter will eventually have its time in the sun, as soon as the last movie debuts

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that sounds like great game.

I liked Ootp but as someone above said, it played itself…

by the sounds of this they fixed that up a fair bit.

The game that will be hard to make interest will be deathly hallows if they even try to make one that is…

only coz a fair amount of it isn’t action packed in the middle areas of the book…it’s just like sitting around wearing the locket and getting into fights…and ven the malfoy manor bits would be hard to do in games…

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I saw people playing it at Comic-Con on Friday…. And I got a picture of the sign, which, apparently, I was not supposed to take….. Hmm…...

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yaahies the only reason why i bought the Wii was for OftP LOL i cant wait for HBP

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