EA Releases New Trailer for “Half-Blood Prince” Video Game


Aug 14, 2008

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Thanks to IGN.com who let us know about a new trailer for the upcoming “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” videogame, which you can see via this link. UPDATE: We now have the video for viewing/download here in our video galleries. IGN has also posted another preview of game on the WII platform, where the article states that the “story of the game follows the arc of the movie. You won’t be going to places that aren’t in the film or getting into fights that have nothing to do with J.K. Rowling’s story. All of the gameplay is directly pulled from what we’ll see in theaters.”

Along with new stills from the game (also now available here in our image galleries), the article highlights some of the various levels or events players might encounter, including: Various objects around Hogwarts can be interacted with, and students you encounter might give you hints as to what is possible. As you run down hallways, you may encounter hanging tapestries that hide a rhythm mini-game. If you jump and hit the first one at the right time, subsequent tapestries will fall. Hit them all and you’ll receive a bonus.When we got back on track with Ron we encountered a girl named Lavender Brown (Ron’s lady friend). Someone had cast a spell on her books so that they were flying around and she couldn’t get them down. By levitating her bag we were able to catch her books in the air and save the day.”

The “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” video game will be available for the PS3, PS2, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP and XBOX360, PC, and Wii platforms, with the game due to be released November 13, 2008.

Finding Hogwarts

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