Interviews Tom Felton on Draco, You Tube Channel and More

Aug 17, 2008

Posted by: SueTLC

Uncategorized has posted a new interview with Tom Felton, where the actor discusses his role as Draco Malfoy in the Potter films, confirms his involvement with his music on his YouTube channel and more. In the article, which you can read via this link, Tom Felton gives his opinion on the character Draco Malfoy say it’s “Not a very pleasant one, I assure you. I figure, I think of him as a misled only child who’s been slightly bullied into his state of mind, if you will. But in long short, he is a nasty bit of work. A bit of a slimy, troublesome character who’s not really up for any good and certainly the benefit of anyone else.”

Tom Felton also confirms some scenes his character will have in “Half-Blood Prince” including the confrontation with Harry on the train to Hogwarts, noting “I remember reading the book before and thinking, “Oh, lord! This’ll be fun! I was especially looking forward to the pool in the bathroom and being able to stamp on young Potter’s face on the Hogwarts Express. I was always looking forward to the things of a physical nature. But they all got included, so no let-downs there.”

Of his love of music, and his involvement with putting music up on a You Tube channel, Tom Felton confirms this by saying “I won’t lie. This is the first time an interviewer has asked me about that. A friend of mine, a good musical friend of mine, moved away about a year and a half ago, and she was always very keen to hear new music. And we just figured the best way to do that was to put it onto YouTube ” under an alias, obviously. But it didn’t stay hidden very long, and now it’s very much sort of in the public domain. So it was never really intended to be an advertising spin by any means, but yeah, they are original songs and obviously not sort of developed by any means but just sort of a little early draft, if you will. Just a bit of fun! But it seems to have a positive response, so I’m enjoying it.”

Thanks to my son Andrew for the heads up! 🙂

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