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Aug 05, 2008

Posted by Melissa Anelli

We have some more bloggers in Leaky’s new Blog section for you to check out. Remember, any Leaky reader who wants a blog should send their idea and any relevant experience to [email protected].

In the meantime, see what these newcomers have to say or read what you’ve been missing on the section:

Twiddlethosedials blogs on Harry Potter events and news and ties in Dr. Who occasionally…

Sam presents a take on current events, because Dumbledore reads Muggle newspapers too…

Aggi focuses on the first war and the Marauders…

Nina discusses filking and how it brings groups of fans together…

Lisa, author of The Quest Series, blogs about her relationships in Harry and fandom.

Welcome, guys, and we hope you all enjoy!

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def checking out the dr who blog!

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And meee! :D J/k, all those blogs are amazing! You’ve put a really good team together Doris! I’m kind of worried about reading any blogs atm because I haven’t read Twilight – &%¤/( books don’t come out in Denmark and Amazon doesn’t ship it until the 14th! – and I know a lot of our bloggers read the series and want to comment on it. So I’ll have a lot to catch up on, because everyone’s been so good at posting loads! It’s such a great way to get more input from different people in the fandom!

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Check out Twiddlethosedials!

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Will be taking a good look at Potter-Who or Aggi whenever I can… they all look awesome.

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Selina thanks! Don’t worry about readying my Leaky blog, no Breaking Dawn spoilers I promise. I might add my thoughts to Candace’s blog, but I’m gonna abstain right now.


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The first theatrical trailer of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is posted on Check it out. It is a stunning (but short) prelude to what is to be an amazing movie.

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Every Harry Potter fan is a smart fan. So what smart person could even say no to the Doctor??? ;-)

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I love when people make an effort to research and write, and as if that wasn´t enough, they share it with everyone! I will certainly read those blogs! right now! I like reading in english very much (its not my mother tongue) thank u!

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harry potter and the half blood prince is really awesome i can’t wait until the film realesed.. the trailer i’ve seen on youtube is cool. check it out

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