Followup: Video of Phelps Bros at Thames Festival


Sep 14, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

Previously we told you James and Oliver Phelps (Fred and George Weasley) would be appearing at the Thames Festival in London this weekend. This event took place yesterday, and video of the twins has now appeared online via YouTube, where they discuss shooting Quidditch scenes and more. You can also see props such as the bludger they use, the Golden Snitch, several books, close-ups of the Daily Prophet newspaper and hear a bit from Potter film prop master Barry Wilkinson on challenges he faced using real food for the Great Hall scenes in “Sorcerer’s Stone.”

Thanks to Phelpsaholics!

7 Responses to Followup: Video of Phelps Bros at Thames Festival

Avatar Image says:

Quidditch sounds really hard and boring compared to wat we see on screen! love the phelps bros. which one’s which!?

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love them!! What’s HP movies without them?Phelps rock!!!!!!!!

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Nice!!! @Stafano…Well, the right one is Fred and the left one is George…

Avatar Image says:

..sorry..I ment Stefano…

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luv the phelps brothers & rupert…they make the whole. movie!!!!!.. the phelps was at sum golf thingy!!

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they really are awesome!

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cool! Nice to see things like that, as I would never have the chance other-wise! Thanks.

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