Celebs Weigh In As Harry Potter Fans


Sep 24, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

MTV is continuing their week long series of articles on the world of Harry Potter, and now has a piece where famous personalities weigh in with their thoughts on the beloved books by J.K. Rowling. Harry Potter cast members Ralph Fiennes, Robert Pattinson, and Verne Troyer give their thoughts, as do a variety of others such as Keira Knightley, and Marcia Gay Harden. Highlights below; more found at the article via this link.

Keira Knightley:”I’ve read all the books. I haven’t seen the films, except the first one. What’s the alley where they get the wands from? [Diagon Alley.] That’s an amazing image. Harry, he’s pretty cool. He’s got a good scar.”

Actor Ralph Fiennes (Lord Voldemort): “I think the great thing about ‘Harry Potter’ is that J.K. Rowling has created a myth for our time. I know it sounds cliché, but to keep reinventing the dynamic between good and evil in an accessible and dramatic way is fantastic. I think the high-octane drama of those movies is great for keeping filmmaking alive. There’s an energy and an inventiveness and an originality to what she’s done.”

Robert Pattinson (Cedric Diggory, Edward Cullen in “Twilight”): “Does it make me a traitor? ‘Harry Potter’ was what made me become an actor. I credit ‘Harry Potter’ with everything else that’s come since for me. I didn’t know what I was doing before that. I hadn’t read the books before doing the movie, so at first I read it just as an acting exercise. But I really enjoyed it! But I think Edward would kick Cedric’s ass, to be honest.”

Verne Troyer (Griphook): “I was actually in the first ‘Harry Potter’ film, and it was fun, but the only thing was, I had to go through over five hours of makeup. A new ‘Harry Potter’ film is going to be coming out soon, and they have my character [Griphook] coming back, but they somehow didn’t call me and have me be a part of it. What’s up with that?”

Marcia Gay Harden: “[My 10-year-old daughter] Eulala has read all seven books, and this past year, she asked me to read them with her, because her whole world is ‘Harry Potter.’ For her birthday, she wants a wand, a crystal ball, a potion-making kit, that’s all she wants ” not any ‘Hannah Montana.’ So I read it, and it’s brilliant. Each chapter, J.K. Rowling leaves a breadcrumb, and you have to read on. You can’t stop! It’s affected our lives on so many levels, from reading together to playtime ” a lot of playtime is about ‘Harry Potter’ ” to other books and wondering if the writing will be as good or the imagery as great. Rowling says, ‘Jump on and go on this ride,’ and it’s fantastic. I would have loved to be Professor McGonagall. Eulala is Hermione. It’s another way of looking at the world, which I really love.”

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WOW! I think this article is really neat. It is so good to hear from the “celebs”. It’s hard to imagine them having the TIME to read, let alone “weigh in”. The idea that even their CHILDREN want them to read them, is a testament to JK’s wonderful gift [‘Harry’ beat out ‘Hanna Montana’! THAT, in itself is amazing!] . I’m surprised, though, they haven’t called Mr Troyer back. Perhaps it’s that they aren’t that far along, in castings. After all…they don’t start principle shooting, until February.

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Pah, Cedric would pwn Edward any day. :D Go Hufflepuff!

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Harry Potter Pwned Hannah Montana! I’m sooo glad! haha. And as to “Edward would kick Cedric’s ass!”, as much as I dislike the Twilight series (please don’t kill me if you’re a twiharder!!!) I admit its true. Edward would totally kick Cedrics ass. Although…as a veggie vamp, he wouldnt be able to bite cedric..so that sort of takes alot out his arsenal before he even starts…so maybe cedric could stand a chance. hehe.

I hope they get Troyer back as Griphook. i know he was never really mentioned as Griphook in the movie, so they could just cover with anyone…but still! it would be nice for the fans (and Mr troye’s bank balance I’m sure) if they kept that continuity from film 1 to film 7.

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I would have liked a bit more “depth” but credit to the journalists who got more out of the celebs than being laughed at as they had feared! Anyway, we will get all the depth we need from Harry, A History ;)

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Dear Keira Knightly: It’s Diagon Alley! Diagon Alley is where Gringotts, Ollivanders, Flourish and Blotts etc etc is! Diagon Alley is featured in all the books!!! <3

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“I think Edward would kick Cedric’s ass, to be honest.”

Oh, so true. LOL! ‘Cause you know that vampire skin would repel magic like a giant. Now, all the Tri-wizard champs together? Probobly.

But then, why would Cedric and the rest ever be trying to kill Edward? Maybe if…

(ok, my geek mind is taking this too far, but I can’t stop pondering now…)

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Interesting but my first thoughts on seeing Keira Knightley’s (or Ms Cinematic Balsewood as I call her) name in an article about HP was ‘please NO!’. I suppose she could’ve been cast as the Vanishing Cabinet but thankfully HBP’s done!

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I agree w/ Rob.. Edward would soo kick Cedric’s ass.. anyday!!! We already knows what happens when someone get’s “AK”.. you just turn into a hot vampire.. lol.. But some Rob on Rob action.. what could be hotter??? NOTHING!!!!

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Nice interviews!! Edward could totaly kick Cedrics ass!! He is so fast and strong that Cedric wouldn’t even have time to raise his wand…

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It’s so nice to read we’re not the only crazy people out there!

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’ I suppose she could’ve been cast as the Vanishing Cabinet but thankfully HBP’s done! “

HAH! I laughed out loud when I read that. . . because it’s so true.

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Why don’t we ever see peeves the poltergeist in the Harry Potter movies? he is funny playing pranks on all the staff and students he calls Voldemort Voldy.

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Who is Marcia Gay Harden? It seems she’s taken out her frustration of having an awful name on her daughter, anyway XD

Loving her comments about her daughter though, so glad to hear she likes HP and not Hannah Montana!

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Griphook is a major role in DH. I’m sure they’ll bring back Verne Troyer for that.

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Marcia Gay Harden is an actrress who has done a lot of TV as well as movies, more in the supporting role. But I’m not sure what you might have seen so it’s easiest if you look her up on imdb. She’s from Texas, and it sounds to me like she has given her daughter a southern name that’s a bit old-fashioned.

Yeah, I actually thought she had the best comments of all, because she talked mostly about the books and the impact they’ve had on her daughter. And isn’t that really why most of us are here? We’ve all experienced the same joy in reading the books.

And what’s with not having Verne Troyer play Griphook in the last movie? Maybe they just aren’t to that part of the casting yet.

Ralph Fiennes talks more about the movies, but you can tell that he gets the importance of the Harry Potter books when he calls them “a myth for our time”.


(“What’s the alley where they get the wands from?” sigh oh, please, keira! Makes me wonder if she really read all the books, as they do go to Diagon Alley more than once, even in Deathly Hallows. So it can’t just be that it was a long time ago when she read the books. )

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haha! I love jonathan Davis, Totally was not aware that he read Harry Potter though. His comment is funny if you understand his background. lol Great article. You have to wonder how many of them just say they’ve read it because they want to get in on the ‘Harry Potter vibe’ lol

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Verne Troyer played Griphook? Wow I need to go back and re-watch the first movie OO Well he was pretty dang convincing! Now I’m upset they didn’t cast him, which probably means there’s no Griphook in the movie at all ><

I think I maybe be the only one to agree with Ralph Fiennes; Harry Potter is definitely a tale of our time because it’s so versatile for ALL ages and not only that but because of the good and evil. Not everything is black and white, there is a lot of Grey area ( that is usually solved by the end of the book but…). Snape is a good example of that Grey area.

And Keira Knightley is a moron and will say anything to be published. _;

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@12_lucky_charms: Don’t count your Goblins before they’ve been cast [LOL] I think Pat is right. They probably [as I said earlier] haven’t completed casting. Principle filming doesn’t start until Feb! That’s four more months! Great article. Keira….get a grip, dearie. ‘Diagon Alley’ is mentioned in almost every book….somewhere!

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@ Becca, believe it or not, but Marcia Gay Harden has won an Oscar and has been nominated for a Tony and an Emmy. I haven’t heard of her, either!

This is awesome! I’m glad they’re proud, and not bullied, for liking it.

Paul Wall: “The first two movies were a little too childish, but as Harry grew up, as he’s growing up, he’s getting a little more gangsta.

Jonathan Davis (Korn): “And it’s pissed off a bunch of Christian people, and that made it even better for me.”

Shirley Manson: “But more importantly, my dog, my rescue dog, is named after a character, a kind of being, in ‘Harry Potter’: Veela.”

Autumn Reeser (“American Mall”): “I had a ‘Harry Potter’ lunchbox — I kept art supplies in it. The kids who I went to elementary school with would say I’m a Hermione.”

Poor Verne Troyer. He better be back!

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Oh, i think a well-placed non-verbal spell might get Edward Cullen down before he has time to crouch and spring…. LOL ! C’mon Robert ! Don’t go all vampy on us – you had Snape for Potions or did you forget?

Kiera….please, don’t speak.

All in all, I am glad the stars speak out for the HP series as a whole. The premiers of the HP films are littered with the Hollywood elite. yet I am glad to see some of them have honestly read them and read them with or to their children.

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LOL! Robert’s such a turncoat. ;D

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Rowling Wizards could beat Meyer Vampires any day. Wrock on with the HP over Hannah Montana, though.

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I know exactly what you mean, Scully. I got scared when I saw Keira Knightley’s name as well. Her actilng “skills” leave much to be desired and when I see her onscreen all I can do is look at her jaw. It takes up her entire face. I couldn’t imagine what she was doing in the article but at least she didn’t try to speak for long. God, that sounded so mean, didn’t it? Sorry to any who was offended by all that but she really does irk me. :)

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I LOVE it when the adult HP actors talk about HP, particularly the villains.

Also, re: Edward kicking Cedric’s ass: I can’t see it happening, because both Ed and Ced are goodies. BUT if I had to choose (coming from someone who’s skimmed the “Twilight” plots online after being unable to get into the books), I’d probably go with Edward, despite my loyalty to my Hufflepuff House. Though we know so little about Cedric, who knows, maybe he was secretly a black belt! :) Also, if Edward were dropped into the HP world and had the powers/weaknesses of the HP vampires, I’d call it a tie between the two.

Avatar Imagekyrstalkris says: Okay, how come they didn't call Verne Troyer back to play Griphook? Is it because they're using the computer or something like that for his character or someone else? Robert, yes, Edward can kick Cedric around like a puppy dog, but, this is my theory: Cedric, being a great, handsome wizard, died and reborned as Edward, a vampire. And, you know, Robert, saying that, you're just saying you can beat yourself up! lOl. xD

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