September Issue of The Quibbler Now Online


Sep 25, 2008

Posted by EdwardTLC

Prepare yourselves, ladies and gentlemen, for “all the news you won’t find anywhere else” is now available at your fingertips in the September issue of “The Quibbler.” The fourth issue of our magazine has just hit the newsstands, containing the latest exclusive coverage from the 2008 WizOlympics in Beijing, the ‘Wizard Bites Dog’ scandal, the continued hunt for Lockhart, and much more. Each issue also contains letters to the Editor, Aberforth’s newest Page Three Girl, and Luna’s love advice. Additionally, the September issue features a special Letter from the Editor regarding the recent hurricane that ravaged parts of the Texas coast and surrounding areas of the United States. Information, useful for both muggles and wizards alike, on how you can help in the recovery and get involved is available in this letter. You can download and read the latest issue of “The Quibbler” via this link. In addition to its standard PDF format, a zipped version is also available.

To contribute to future editions of “The Quibbler,” you can email the staff at [email protected] or check out the guidelines and more right here. As always, the Quibbler is produced and lead by our own Rudius Hagrid with the contributions of Chloe, Danae, Doris, Draonsinger, Dreamteam, Evreka, Jamie, Harry’s Horntail, Abbey, Isabel, libbysmom, Lirene, Gina, Lunesta, Manaki, Mary Wandygaurd, Moose_Star, Red Scharlach, rowena r, SeverineSnape, Sevritus, and wordsaremagic.

Be sure to look out for our next issue which will contain a bit of Halloween fun! Enjoy!

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First!!!! (i think) yay! i love the Quibbler. You guys do an amazing job =)

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Yay! My day just got better! =)

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Thank you! I feel very happy now. :-) I needed a wonderful distraction like this.

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I can’t read it becuse I have to instal something and I can’t. Mayby you guy’s can make it EZer. :) Thank you!!!!!

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Luna w, the Quibblers are in .pdf format, for which you will need Acrobat reader – this is free software that you can download from Unfortunately, .pdf is the easiest format for a large document like the Quibbler, and most computers (in libraries etc) are equipped with Acrobat reader. I recommend downloading this software if you don’t have it anyway as .pdf is a very commonly used file type! Good luck.

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the free Acrobat reader is available from the Adobe company at this address: Use the menus to select the version that matches your computer. Download it, then follow the onscreen instructions for installing it.

The odds are that it is already on your computer. However, if you have an older computer, your version of Acrobat may be out of date. The pdf files used by this edition of the Quibbler are in the next to the most recent version of Acrobat. If your version is one of the very early editions of Acrobat, you may be experiencing problem. I would suggest upgrading if you can. The Reader Program is free. They only charge for the program that writes the Acrobat files

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I can’t open it—IE locks up every time. I have Acrobat 8.

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i have never had problems with the quibbler but i can’t open it this time. i don’t know what’s wrong.

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I had troubles too, downloading it from IE, but thought it was just my comp. I got it by using Firefox instead, so if you have Firefox on your comp you might try that. If not, hang on, I’ll notify some technically minded staffers.

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