Harry, A History: JKR on Veil Murmurs and More

Sep 26, 2008

Posted by: Melissa Anelli


Hey all: As mentioned here before, my forthcoming book, Harry, A History, features a foreword by and interview with J.K. Rowling. A large portion of our lengthy interview did not make it into the book, so I’m posting interview outtakes and info on the book’s site regularly. The latest post is about the Veil at the Ministry, why Jo feels certain characters could hear what they did, and exactly who wanted to go beyond the Veil:

JKR: Everyone wanted to go beyond the veil.

MA: This is very canon-based, but there are some things that as a fan, there are things I just gotta know. A lot of fans see the veil as that separation –

JKR: It’s the divide between life and death. I tried to do a nod to that in the Tale of Three Brothers – she was separate from them as though through a veil. You can’t go back if you pass through that veil, you cannot come back. Or you can’t come back in any form that will make either person happy anyway.

But when they surround that veil [in Order of the Phoenix], I was trying to show that depending on their degree of skepticism or belief about what lay beyond – because Luna, of course, is a very spiritual character. Luna believes firmly in an afterlife. She’s very clear on that. And she feels them speaking or hears them speaking much more clearly than Harry does. This is the idea of faith.

That’s not all; there’s more at this link; you can pre-order the book, due out Nov 4, pre-order the book, here. Thanks for all your support so far; I’ll let you know each time there’s new info to be had there!

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