Winners of Deathly Hallows Sorting Hat Song Contest Now Online


Sep 04, 2008

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Last month we first brought you our latest Leaky contest, the Deathly Hallows Sorting Hat Song Contest. With this contest we had you put fingers to keys and create a song you think the famed Sorting Hat would sing either at Harry’s seventh year at Hogwarts, the year following the Dark Lord’s downfall, or nineteen years in the future when Harry’s younger son first made his first voyage to Hogwarts. You answered our call and sent in many splendid entries. As a reminder, the winner of this contest will receive their very own custom made wand from Wizard Wood Wands. Here now are the winners of this contest:

  • First Place: Best of Show: Laura H.

    Climb up upon the stool,
    Pull me down around your ears;
    I’ll reveal the new beginning
    Of your magical careers.
    And as you disperse to Houses
    Where your new friends welcome you,
    Keep in mind the world is looking
    For a new beginning too.
    For each House to play a part
    In the rebuilding that’s ahead,
    You must all resist the follies
    That have left so many dead.
    Clever Ravenclaws: remember,
    As your education starts,
    All your knowledge comes to nothing
    If you fail to use your hearts.
    Faithful Hufflepuffs, take heed:
    While it is noble to be true,
    You must keep your eyes wide open;
    Know the ones your loyal to.
    Cunning Slytherins, be watchful:
    Your ambition won’t come free;
    Those who claim the greatest power
    Claim responsibility.
    Valiant Gryffindors: though battle
    Has a time and place that’s right,
    There are times when even warriors
    Make peace without a fight.
    As you go to forge your futures
    Please remember what has passed,
    Or the peace your friends have fought for
    Will not be a peace that lasts.
    Work together, help each other,
    Banish thoughts of laying blame;
    Though your banners may be diff’rent,
    Deep inside you’re much the same.

  • Second Place: Snape’s Headmaster Year/DH year: godrics_gopher

    Again, we’re gathered here beneath
    This great, enchanted ceiling
    There’s thunder, lightning, heavy rain
    That none of us are feeling

    My task this year, as years before,
    Is choosing your rightful place
    To help you conquer and endure
    The tasks you’re soon to face

    The Hogwarts founders, long ago,
    Trusted me with this task
    Though now I think it may’ve been
    Somewhat unwise to ask

    I fear this may be the last time
    I can so frankly speak
    For there are those among us all
    That hope for our defeat

    And so, before I sort you,
    My other task is clear
    To say the words that Dumbledore
    And I feel you must hear

    Ravenclaw have shown us
    Any problem can be solved
    While Slytherin has long defined
    The advantage of resolve

    Gryffindors know well that fear’s
    Nothing to be afraid of
    And Hufflepuffs know just as well
    What true kindness is made of

    A thousand years these houses stand
    On these few strengths alone
    But great minds and hats think alike
    Weakness is what we’ve shown

    The unity of our four houses
    Hangs by just a tether
    True greatness, power and victory
    We only achieve together

  • Third Place: Year After Final Battle: Willow Knox

    With my patches and my tears,
    I must be quite a sight,
    But when it comes to sorting students
    No hat could be more bright!
    Our founders sought to teach the young
    Good magical technique,
    But though they shared a common goal,
    Their values were unique.
    In the past our four good founders
    Taught their favorites with good grace,
    And now I am in charge to find
    Each student’s proper place.

    Perhaps you’ll go to Gryffindor,
    Where dwell the brave and daring;
    Or make your way in Hufflepuff,
    Hardworking, just and caring;
    You might be fit for Slytherin,
    Where cunning is admired;
    Or find your home in Ravenclaw,
    Where wisdom is inspired.

    The feast begins as always,
    With the sorting and good cheer,
    Yet our memories are heavy
    From the darkness of last year.
    It is time for celebration,
    Hogwarts has endured;
    And though I still shall sort each year,
    I may rest assured:
    Our beloved school was tested,
    But in that fateful hour,
    We stood as one to triumph
    Against that threatening power.
    But I digress, and now too long
    I’ve held you in suspense,
    So step right up! It’s time now for
    The sorting to commence!

  • Forth Place: Epilogue Year: Kathleen Spero

    At Hogwarts I was crafted
    Many years ago
    And through the ages I have seen
    Great wizards come and go

    Whether gifted with a clever mind
    Courage, wit, or virtues
    You must stay wary of your talents
    And with which purpose they are used

    While we glory in these days of peace
    We all still must remember
    The sacrifices that were made
    For our world to continue to prosper

    History can repeat itself
    Without continued examination
    So while you’re learning to use magic
    Keep justice as your foundation

    The pointless deaths of war will haunt
    This hat for all existence
    For I have seen too many lives
    Be paid because of intolerance

    Witch or wizard, muggle or squib
    House-elf or centaur
    The responsibility lies in all of us
    To treat the lot as brother

    And as I have said many times
    And will say again
    I sometimes do regret sorting
    Separating those that might have been friends

    Whether Gryffindor or Ravenclaw
    Slytherin or Hufflepuff
    You must stay united for what is right
    This I cannot stress enough

    And though I’m just a sorting hat
    I have knowledge deep within
    But you’ve all listened enough tonight
    Let the sorting now begin!

    Congratulations to all!

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