Dan Radcliffe on Dumbledore’s Funeral for Half-Blood Prince, Emma Watson on Deathly Hallows Split


Jan 01, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

Happy 2009! To start our new year off, we have two new interviews from cast members of the Harry Potter films. First up: Entertainment Weekly is previewing the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by releasing a close up photo of an almost kiss between Harry (Dan Radcliffe) and Ginny (Bonnie Wright). There is a short article as well, featuring a new interview with Dan, where he mentions filming Dumbledore’s funeral. The piece reads: “Shooting Dumbledore’s funeral was another tough scene for Radcliffe, as
it took on the personality of an Irish wake thanks to some
not-so-mournful extras: ”Because there’s a lot of people there, it’s
one of those things that takes on a party atmosphere.” As fans will recall, earlier reports had stated this scene was not in the film.

Also Dan comments on the budding romance of Ginny and Harry, by saying ”Harry’s got a real thing for her, and that is slightly odd, because
when we met, I was 11 and she was 9, and she was only ever Ron’s little
sister,” says Radcliffe, now 19. ”But that all changed, and here we
are snogging.”

MTV has the second bit of news, this in the form of a new interview with Emma Watson, who comments on the split of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for the two movies. Noting she still has not yet received the scripts for the film which is due to begin next month in mid-February, she says she does not know where the break will take place: “I don’t know’ she replied. “I am as intrigued as you are. I am
waiting at the moment to receive the script. It’s a tough call. I’m
sure it will be some cruel cliffhanger.”

On leaving the role of Hermione behind after filming completes for the Deathly Hallows films, Emma Watson reflected by noting “It’s really mixed feelings’ Watson gushed. “It will be bittersweet.
It will be very scary because it’s been such a massive part of my life.
It will have been nearly over a decade that I’d been playing Hermione.
It’ll be tough but I’ll be ready to go I think. I’ll be ready to take
on other projects. It will be exciting.”

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Avatar Image says: So there will be a funeral for Dumbledore? O my god! Happy Newyear by the way xD I thought that part would be cut ... Avatar Image says: yeah i thought that part would be cut too. great first news for 2009! thats so cool, and i love entertainment weekly. this is awesome!!Avatar Image says: So glad that they did shoot the funeral scene. I love that quote from Dan, ''But that all changed, and here we are snogging.'' :)Avatar Image says: This piece of news seems like an excellent way to start off the New Year! An almost kiss and the possible return of a missing scene hopefully means that a good day is in store. I hope everyone is having an awesome January 1, 2009 and I wish you good luck in the upcoming year.Avatar Image says: What a great way to start off the new year! Loved the bit about Harry/Ginny. I really can't wait for that and I'm so relieved they kept Dumbledore's funeral.Avatar Image says: I think that the scene that Radcliffe is talking is the one that he'll stand around Dumbledore body with all students looking, not the funeral itself. Well, I can be wrong, but I think is that. Sorry for my English :xAvatar Image says: I agree with the above comment. The funerals cut I think. And he's said this same thing before when talking about the scene around Dumbledore's body.Avatar Image says: Aw I really hope it is the funeral he's talking about but I agree with the previous two comments... it's probably that bit as we've already heard the funeral has been cut :(Avatar Image says: It isn't about what they filmed. It's about what gets into the movie. Nevertheless I think they should include it. He ws one of the three most important characters (along with Voldy), and I think you have to put closure on a character who was so important for so long. Avatar Image says: I really hope that they actually did film the funeral, but they just didn't put it in yet for the screenings. I really hope that there is a funeral.Avatar Image says: I'll bet Emma's right- it will be a "cruel cliffhanger." Avatar Image says: David Heyman has already stated the funeral IS NOT in HBP, even if the scene. I believe it's just another example of the media getting their wires crossed again(!). This is Dan's quote from the previous EW article and he wasn't talking about the funeral.Avatar Image says: Ginny's face looks really touched up. She looks cartoonish. Too bad they cut the funeral. It was the best part of the book.Avatar Image says: i'm sure the funeral is in the movie they are just keepping it hush,hush.I some movies they keep alot hidden so the fans can speculate but won't know until the movie comes out.and the fans will be happy with it after all the crap they put us through with the move of the movie.Avatar Image says: Great New Year's News! JMHO, but I think, perhaps, the Funeral has just been "re arranged. Instead of the "hordes" of people, we read about, it's mereley a "quiet" type of thing....more private. Don't know. Speculation is, sometimes, not a healthy thing. I don't believe the funeral has been cut, entirely. I agree with mike, also. It kind of goes along with the "all the good parts are in the trailer" theory. They may be "holding back"....it's all good! 2009 is already getting "interesting"! ON TO JULY!Avatar Image says: the pic with harry and ginny she does not look cartoonish.Avatar Image says: ginny does not look cartoonishAvatar Image says: They have cut up and left out so much important stuff in these HP films. I'm surprised someone hasn't complained before. I love the HP books and am sitting back and waiting to see how they chop up these last three movies.Avatar Image says: Happy New Year!:D Dumbldore's funeral has been re arranged! And read and watch Harry PotterAvatar Image says: <> (Just for the Info.) Interesting... I still am not pleased with WB (AKA "Warner Communications" as they used to be called.) for splitting Movie 7 into 2 parts (Seriously! DH "Part 1" and DH part 2? They need better names). Half Blood Prince is looking to be good, but I can't look at any of the sneek preveiws or else I'll ruin the movie for myself. Interesting photo by the way. Do you think JK thought that Harry would go nicel with Cho, then changed her mind? I haven't read the interviews be cause they are really boring. (When I said up above that I didn't like to ruin the surprises for myself, I wouldn't really ruin anything because half the time it's always about premiers or interveiws.) Oh, and Happy New Year "Leaky Cauldron" and fellow muggles! Avatar Image says: Wow, this is happy new to start off 2009. I dont think he would have used the word funeral unless it was the funeral. Dan reads the books and know what we anticipate with our dear lives. Besides that was not even a wake everyone standing around at the bottom of the astronomy tower to see what happened. That was more like the beginning of a mourning session. IDK, we will still have to play it by ear and wait. But I think our chances went up.Avatar Image says: Excuse my grammer mistakes, I was so happy I typed too fast. And I forgot Happy New Year! Have a great 2009!Avatar Image says: Arcee, you must be quite new to the fandom. There have always been lots and lots of complaints about the things they leave out of the movies. :D I am among those people who isn't too happy with changes, although I understand that a movie can't be translated one to one onto the big screen. This funeral comment of Dan's confuses me a bit. If I recall correctly, it was Natalia Tena who first said in an interview that DD's funeral has been cut. Since Ms Tena can't have inside knowledge on which filmed scenes are to be included or cut, I guess she was referring to the fact that the funeral scene wasn't shot in the first place. Also, the people who were able to watch the Chicago test screening a couple of months ago said there was no funeral. So I guess - unless they have managed to secretly bring all the cast together to re-shot that scene after the test screening - Dan was referring to that scene when they are all standing around Dumbledore's body. I agree with what most of the commenters on the EW.com site said though. It was not nice to give a way two major spoilers in this short bit of text. Here in Leaky, we can assume by far the most people have actually read all the books in the meantime, but on a site like that there are a lot of people who only watch the movies and might not yet know what happens. Well, now they would know. Avatar Image says: lol an irish funeral my ass.Avatar Image says: If I had any doubts about having a hangover, it was just confirmed b/c it took me way too long to realize that they did film DD's funeral and people were saying they hadn't before.Avatar Image says: Okay, now I'm just confused after reading the other comments. *goes back to bed*Avatar Image says: @BellaSnape - Dan didn't use the word 'funeral', it was the articles writer. I'd love it to be included but all the confirmed facts point to the contrary. Avatar Image says: I guess it will be the surprise of the movie. But I'm not very optimistic about the existence of this scene ! All I want now is a POSTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: I really really really hope the funeral is in it!!! But I'm not going to get my hopes up too much. I'm really surprised that EW would put some major spoilers in there! That sucks for people who haven't read the books to be spoiled like that. I really hope this is the best HP movie yet! Happy New Year everyone!!!Avatar Image says: The funeral will be the OPENING SCENE for Deathly Hallows 1! Avatar Image says: I just wish they would have let the first kiss be what is was in the book--it would have been SO FANTASTIC to see that moment for the both of them...and the shrug of acceptance from Ron. It was the one moment I was hoping to see the most. The pre-screening reports have their first kiss being this sneaky little thing in the ROR after she hides the book for him and she gives him a peck and runs out. That's so NOT how it should be. Avatar Image says: From what dan says, "here we are snogging" it seems like he didn't enjoy the kiss... Bet it was awkward And now there's a funeral, but I bet it's different from the book, test screeners said something about raising wands into the air.. Avatar Image says: Paulo? Where did you get that information from... Please reply!!!Avatar Image says: I'm glad to hear dumbledores funeral is in there, they have a habit of mangling the books pretty good , dont get me started on the beginning of GoF >Avatar Image says: Yeah, that quote does look like it was taken out of context. It's like saying there were aliens invading Melissa Anelli's home last night and she was reported saying "Nerk nerk nerk" at them. That's a very direct quote, those words were said by her, and it's all wrapped in completely erroneous stuff. It's so tempting to believe there will be a funeral for Dumbledore, and there's a real kiss between Harry and Ginny, and all this stuff about secret scenes that they're hiding from us, but alas, it's little more than wishful thinking.Avatar Image says: I think that they probably filmed the funeral, as Dan mentioned, but are still deciding upon whether to include it in the film or not. The quote from the filmmakers might not be valid anymore and they may have chosen otherwise.Avatar Image says: I seem to remember something being said somewhere about moving Dumbledore's funeral to the beginning of the first Deathly Hallows movie. That could work. They have the funeral, then everybody leaves for the Burrow, and they have the wedding (whoevers) later in the summer, meanwhile you show the trio trying to talk, while Molly tries to keep them apart so they can't plan.Avatar Image says: yay dumbledore's funeral... as weird as that sounds....Avatar Image says: Just a thought, to go with my above post, maybe they don't have a wedding. Maybe it is Dumbledore's funeral that is interrupted when the Ministry falls. That would be an interesting twist.Avatar Image says: What a beautiful image! Avatar Image says: oh my, im soooooo happy that there WILL be a funeral for dumbledore! i was furious when i read that they had cut it. also, that second article makes it seem like fans were mad when they decided to split the last book. but i'm SO happy. that just means that they won't have to cut everything to make it movie-length. Now that they have about 4hours of film time they can actually KEEP the best parts, for once. Avatar Image says: Oh thank goodness Dumbledore's funeral is going to be in there after all. Phew!Avatar Image says: Dan thinks H/G was weird! I find that funny for some reason. It's like what half the people on comments boards end up saying *chuckles* Ahh fandom... Glad Dumbledore's funeral may be in there in some form. But I wonder whether they had deleted scenes or behind the scenes clips of a cheerfully chatting crowd at Dumbledore's funeral. I love Irish wakes. They are the best kind of funeral. Inspiring, positive, beautiful and moving. :) I wish we could hear/see more of Tom Felton. Or even more of Jason Isaacs (even though he's not in this film much at all lol) He's been lovely to hear from recently. Heck I wish Alan Rickman would consider speaking a few words. I adore that guy too. And moar picturez soon pl0x WB. I know it's christmas time/new years but, I'm starting to get HBP withdrawals. XD Avatar Image says: Dan thinks kissing Bonnie was strange because she's like a sister to him, not that he thinks H/G itself was weird. Rupert and Emma have said the same thing about their kiss. Heeeeee. They better do it good though! I don't think the funeral has been kept sadly. I wish it was but I doubt it. As for DH, I want them to end it right after Ron returns. That'd be the best place in my mind.Avatar Image says: Is it July yet??Avatar Image says: I know they will not split the Deathly Hallows moives where I think they should (when Harry breaks the protections by uttering Voldemort's name) but wherever it is will be interesting, because it sets up the beginning of the second movie. I'm reminded of the split between the first and second Lord of the Rings movies. There I was enjoying the story and all the sudden it faded to black, and I slumped in my seat thinking "Oh yeah, this is the FIRST movie!". But when the second movie opened, it had one of the most dramatic scenes of all three movies with Gandalf following the Balrog into the abyss. So I'm going to remain hopeful that the filmmakers for DH will have that sense of drama in mind when they make the break.Avatar Image says: I doubt that the funeral is in ... I bet the people at EW just switched Dan's words around thinking he meant a funeral. I mean, he was probably just talking about the part where they raise their wands -- there were a lot of people there anyway. So yeah, I doubt the funeral is in. I hope it is, but I'm not that optimistic... :(Avatar Image says: first of all happy new year to all!!!! 2nd I hope tht they didn't cut the funeral scene because I think tht it is a. Very important part of the book and haven't we seen tht photo b4???? Oh well another 6 months 2 go!!!Avatar Image says: omg u dnt knw hw glad i am that there is a funeral!!!!!!!! hope it really catches the sadness!!!!! i guess filmin it was like a "funneral"-oh i crack myself up!Avatar Image says: Dan's comments about his character's relationship with Ginny are so insightful. I didnt think about it but it WOULD be like kissing your sister (that you fancy).Avatar Image says: JKMcGonagall i think you may have nailed the hammer on the head! It very well could be the funeral getting interrupted. As for the toning down of Harry/Ginny as much as i would have liked a true to book form, i do think that due to the lack of development in OoPT, this may work better due to the running of the MOVIES. It probably develops quite nicely and means that hopefully the kiss in DH has far more impact, which would be good because i loved that scene. I hope that in DH they add scenes in terms of Hogwarts, cause that was one thing i missed terribly in DH. So i'm all for adding scenes that include Hogwarts. I suppose expanding on the stealing the sword scene. You could have the classroom scenes, a ginny missing harry scene (you could so make that into a "second trio" scene Ginny Luna Neville). It would be good to see some more snape too. Seeing as its two movies it would so work. You'd have time too specially in the first as most of its them travelling around anyway the real action doesn't start till the second half. Avatar Image says: From a filmmaker's point of view, I think it makes the most sense to break up the DH films at Malfoy Manor, which makes for a pretty good climax and includes an emotional ending. As for Dumbledore's funeral, it was always my theory that WB moved the film back 8 months to do reshoots after realizing they'd shot themselves on the foot with all the omissions they'd made over the years. I'd like to think they've taken this time to shoot DD's funeral, but my gut tells me it's just EW screwing up. Don't get your hopes up guys, those in charge of the HP films don't care about the fans. Avatar Image says: I really do hope the put the funeral in for many reasons even if its downplayed, it will be a shame if they don't at least give a nod to it in someway Avatar Image says: I hate Ginny Weasley.Avatar Image says: Well Ginny hates you. And everyone reading Dan's quote about kissing Bonnie as a sign that he didn't like kissing her, that he doesn't approve of H/G, reign back those horses just a bit, ok? That's not at all what he's saying. As for the funeral, I'd love for it to be there (for one of my fav R/H moments ever), but I really don't think it is. Whatever the case, all I pray is that they did justice to the feelings, goals, and thoughts of the true characters on the page. That's all I ever ask for.Avatar Image says: Perhaps I got the wrong impression but it seems that they may not have been that happy with the way the filming came out. It was not an irish wake. They might only cut to the parts at the end of the funeral. As for the relationship between Harry and Jinny. Jinny has much more experience in relationships than Harry does. I hope that shows through when the breakup happens. She does not like it but her maturity allows her to handle it. While Harry has many conflicts that continue through book seven. Avatar Image says: Who's Jinny? I know who Ginny is but this Jinny character is new.Avatar Image says: But what about Ginny and Harry breaking up? I doubt it will be in because of the whole approach to their relationship throughout the different films. They've shown nothing of Ginny's crush on Harry apart from COS or even their friendship in OOTP. They've dropped the big kiss which is supposed to last for what feels like days for a quick peck so they can keep the relationship low key. They seem to miss the whole point this is Harry's future wife and Ginny has always loved Harry. They are soulmates and destined for each other.Avatar Image says: HELP HELP HELP GUYS I CANT CONTAIN MYSELF ANY LONGER! Okay, I went to a movie yesterday and over the concession stand they have a screen that shows movie trailers and HBP came on except.... I dont think I should say. But its killing me. It may or may not be that surprise. I cant find it anywhere on the web.Avatar Image says: OK - I'll bite...WHAT DID YOU SEE?????Avatar Image says: The "Irish wake" comment refers to the way the large numbers of people were behaving on set (he made a similar comment to EW last summer - lots of extras who were treating the scene like it was a party, and he had to react emotionally to the big moment). I think EW put the words "funeral" in; I don't see where Dan Radcliffe said that. As for what he was saying about kissing Bonnie, he was talking about how weird it is to kiss someone he's known since he was little. He wasn't talking about Harry thinking it weird to kiss a girl he's known since he was little. Harry apparently had no problem with it :). I've never seen so many comments go astray from the original text.... And to the person who was talking about "reshoots": everyone in the cast has been busy with other projects (Equus, Rupert's movies, Emma's fashion shows and promoting her new movie). Two of them haven't even been in England lately. Your comment doesn't make sense.Avatar Image says: @ Beth, Um see... it was the latest trailer, new scenes. New stuff , I saw more of the movie. I cant say more- until this surprise thing is over , Im probably already spoiling something. Leave it to me. I swear though I didnt pay attention a whole lot to begin with because I watch the others a million times by now, but you know out of the quarter of my eye it was looking different, and turned out to be a whole new thing. My guess is this wont last long on the board if I said to much. Im in central time so where I live I only have three hours and fifteen min.Avatar Image says: What surprise, BellaSnape? I haven't heard anything about a surprise.Avatar Image says: @BellaSnape Are you suggesting that this "new trailer" will be released soon?!?!?!?Avatar Image says: @ Jennifer, its posted on HPANA- I dont know if you use the network to get here from there or just go straight here, and @ T- Vey, I'm hoping that I will see it again somewhere. I dont when, but I wasnt seeing things, I wont reveal the new shots of the movie I saw as not to give away the excitement. Im not old enough to drink( have a year ) so I do know it wasnt a hangover with hallucinations- LOL, so if it doesnt come out soon it will eat away at me.Avatar Image says: Well, that was disappointing. It wasnt the trailer. Now Im worried as to when we will see it. I would describe it but some, like to be surprised. God, why couldnt it have been on here, just why? Now I have to go looking for it. Avatar Image says: PLEEEEEEEEASE!!!! I want to see that TRAILER! Leaky has connections to WB dont they?? Im not nor was I seeing things this was a brand new trailer, completely different. Im going out of my mind. Because I feel crazy. AHHHHHHHHHH! This is dark magic.Avatar Image says: yeah.. I tuned and heard the announcement. But here on Leaky Cauldron I think it is safe for me to say that I think Pottercast will always be the best! But I wish the best of luck to these two new podcasts : D Avatar Image says: Huurrraaay!! Dumbledore's funeral is in!!!! It was reported over and over that it wasn't! But NO!!!!! Dan and LEAKY CAULDRON have confirmed it!! Dumbledore will be given a proper burial - at last!!! Finally!!! Thank you so much Leaky Cauldron for finding this out! You are the BEST site for Harry Potter!Avatar Image says: BellaSnape, please tell us what you saw. It's possible you were mistaken and only saw the older trailer.Avatar Image says: but actually I would rather save any new footage for later in the year!Avatar Image says: Okay, now you've gotten me completely psyched up. I have read an announcement of a suprise coming on HPANA for Jan 1st, but now it's the 3rd and nothing happened yet, so what are you talking about. New info on HBP? New Trailer? bebe wrote: "And to the person who was talking about "reshoots": everyone in the cast has been busy with other projects (Equus, Rupert’s movies, Emma’s fashion shows and promoting her new movie). Two of them haven’t even been in England lately. Your comment doesn’t make sense." I don't know if you're referring to me, because I did say something about reshoots in my comment. To clarify: I don't think there have been reshoots. We would have heard about them, I doubt they would have been able to keep them secret. And as you said, all major players were busy, involved in other projects. I just used that as an argument for why I think there will be no funeral in HBP. Although it's true, my comments might not make sense sometimes. LOL Avatar Image says: @ Jennifer, Im sorry I really am, I dont understand why its not coming up. Some want to wait to see it themselves and others may want me to say so ... SPOILERS.,,,, the new trailer had a glance at Narcissa, more of young Tom Riddle, better angles at some previous scenes. SPOILERS. Avatar Image says: ... Some people cant read very well :/ Anyway, I want to see this " New " Trailer. I'll keep a look out on Leaky and MugglenetAvatar Image says: i really really hope they haven't cut the funeral. they are seriously sick if they have done. :[Avatar Image says: Come on BellaSnape, you cant say that and keep us in the dark. Hellllooo, we are on leakycauldron -- please share -- we want to share your joy. What is the biggest surprise?? I beg you - dont leave us hanging.Avatar Image says: Alright then, it starts off with Harry Looking through the pensieve and then we see young tom riddle like walking around, that scene again where him and Dumbledore are talking and Dumbledore set the wardrobe on fire, then in a flash there is Narcissa looking at her hand or something- we have a front view of the Quidditch players, then Bellatrix spinning , or doing that thing where she appears before the Burrow, Snape quickly.... this is all from memory and it happend fast so most is accurate but I may have missed something in that min and so many seconds. So basically they changed angles and we got a glimpse at the unbreakable vow, Im guessing.Avatar Image says: noooooooooooooooooooo. why is emmma not playing hermione? im sorry and i am the most hugest fan of harry potter but the movies are starting to resemble CRAPAvatar Image says: I'm pretty sure they left in some kind of lament for Dumbledore...they just didn't put in that long funeral that was attended by hundreds of wizards like in the book...but they OBVIOUSLY did something...i mean it is Dumbledore...I'm sure Daniel did an excellent job in that scene...since he says it was hard that means he must have given it all he's got.... And I bet Emma is right, I KNOW they're going to torture us with some "Cruel Cliffhanger"...but I still can't wait!Avatar Image says: The funeral has been filmed, but was cut from the film as was tha battle at the end. David Yates said that the way they end of the film is great so they don't need the funeral.Avatar Image says: The funeral has been filmed, but was cut from the film and so was tha battle at the end. David Yates said that the way they ended the film is great so they don’t need the funeral.Avatar ImageTasyaWeasley says: awesome

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