Emma Thompson Makes New Comments on Decision Not to Return as Trelawney


Jan 02, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

In an interview before the release of her latest film, Last Chance Harvey, actress Emma Thompson has made some new comments regarding her decision not to return to the part of Professor Trelawney for the final Harry Potter films. Speaking with the San Francisco Chronicle, Emma Thompson addresses the outcry over her decision, and her upcoming work on the sequel to Nanny McPhee. Quotage:

Thompson does have a creative outlet other than acting, which is her
writing. She’s been working on a drama about British art critic John
Ruskin, and this year filming will start on the sequel to “Nanny
McPhee” (2005), which she adapted from a children’s book series.

While this project might seem innocent enough, “Harry Potter” fans
have been all over Thompson because of reports suggesting that she
chose Nanny over Sybil (in the forthcoming “Harry Potter and the
Deathly Hallows”) when both were scheduled to be shot at the same time.

“I wasn’t being rude at all,” says Thompson, who adds that she loves
Sybil. “It’s so typical, where they take something very, very small and
turn it into a big deal. I was never going to be in the next ‘Harry
Potter.’ I sort of put that to bed.”

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Avatar Image says: Oh well it's a shame she is not comming back. I realy liked her as Trelawney. :)Avatar Image says: Wow, I can't believe it. I was really looking forward to seeing her in Deathly Hallows.Avatar Image says: ya.. she really was a great trelawney!Avatar Image says: Come on! she was perfect for that character!Avatar Image says: I wish she had stayed, but I see her reasoning and why she chose to stay with something she wrote. Shame though, that she'snot likes Issacs who absolutely loves his charcter even though he only appears in a pitcture!Avatar Image says: "fans have been all over Thompson" Really?? That's news to me... That's really too bad. She is really talented and has a lot going for her! I think most of us can understand that. We understand she wasn't being rude at all in her decision! Love you Emma! And good luck with "Nanny"! :D Still...I wonder... They can't possibly imagine replacing her for DH, can they? It just wouldn't be the same... Shame that she was cut from HBP...Avatar Image says: It's so typical that the journalists only brought out the comments of HP fans that didn't get it! There are lots of us fans that didn't protest, or think she 'chose' her stuff over Harry, or whatever! TsssAvatar Image says: It's a shame she wasn't going to be in it, but I'm glad (though a little stung) that she made public her thoughts on Harry Potter fans blowing things out of proportion. Avatar Image says: I feel like all of the actors should have committed in the beginning so things like this wouldn't happen.. Unless of course they passed away. That's a good excuse.Avatar Image says: Well, this is not a surprise, really. Ms Thompson has more, to her career, than HP. How interesting that the media chose to site the fans who "didn't get it"...but, it's just too bad that they had that to site! I think Ms Thompson was very polite and straight forward, in her comments, regarding 'Professor Trelawny'. While it would have been nice, to have her back, she had already made her decision. She deserves to be able to carry on, with her own projects, without everyone "jumping on her" [which, I'm sorry to say, happened when the announcement was originally made] Good luck, with your future projects, Ms Thompson! A wonderful actress, and screen writer! And thank you, for giving us such a wonderful 'Professor Trelawny'!Avatar Image says: They probably didn't write her character into Deathly Hallows anyway, since she appears in the book for, what? One scene where she drops crystal balls in the Battle of Hogwarts?Avatar Image says: trelawney has about one page or less in hallows so it's not like we were wainting to see her on screen...Avatar Image says: I thought she was a sh*t Trelawney, and now i think even less of her for not committing to HP. good riddanceAvatar Image says: Hey, that half page that she was in was pretty important to the overall plot!!! (jk). But if she had no other projects, I seriously would loooved to see her her serving her crystal balls on the Death Eaters!!! Lol Avatar Image says: yes, I wish she had a spare day in her schedule to throw some crystal balls...(which would so rock!!!) but Nanny McPhee rocks too... i have the book and the movie and wait... I have most of Emma's work... even Dead Again. I thought she was a wonderful Trelawny I have a few friends that that character resembles and it made me laugh sooooo hard. Avatar Image says: It's really a shame she's not returning as Trelawney. I understand her reasons, but "Nanny McPhee"? Really? It was a terrible film.Avatar Image says: I agree that the press is once again blowing things out of proportion. The majority of fans seem clearly supportive of Thompson's decision. We love her work, but we want her to be happy. :)Avatar Image says: Well..Trelawny really don´t add anything to the main story in DH, does she?...So except from throwing crystal balls at death eaters in the ending, there´s really nothing she does...But I agree that it would look funny, but it´s not important to the plot of the storyAvatar Image says: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least have her throwing crystal balls! That's one of the most hilarious scenes in the final battle. I'm really sad! Wait, which Deathly Hallows is she not going to be in? Deathly Hallows will shoot for over a year. Does that mean Nanny McPhee will shoot for over a year too? Can't they just have her come on set for one day and shoot her throwing crystal balls?Avatar Image says: Emma Thompson is a great actress. She was wonderful as Trelawney, but I don't understand why so many are so angry about her decision. She is a very good screen writer. She adapted "Sense and Sensibility" and "Nanny McPhee" for the screen. I love both films. S&S is one of the very best films I've ever seen. I think "Nanny McPhee" is hilarious. It has some really good actors (Imelda Staunton, Celia Imrie, Angela Lansbury) doing some really funny stuff. I watched it again over the holidays and I'm excited to see the sequel. Thompson is one of the most talented people in the film business and I can't wait to see more of her work!Avatar Image says: WHAT!!?? i cant belive shes not coming back!!! I loved her as Trelawney, she was perfect for the role..... Avatar Image says: I understand why "Nanny MacPhee" is very important to Ms. Thompson, but if it's her project she should have worked the filming schedule better. I know Hollywood is very complicated and she's only one factor in setting up such a schedule, but Trelawney's part in Deathly Hallows isn't very big and they probably could have shot all of her scenes in three days at the most. If an actor commits to play a character in a series, I think it's just incredibly disrespectful to the fans, the creators, and the rest of the cast to walk away when the actor doesn't feel like working on that project anymore. I realize Trelawney's absence won't make any significant changes in the plot of DH, but I think it's really important to show that all of Hogwarts' staff was united in the fight against Voldemort, not to mention that each of Jo's brilliant characters deserves an appearance in the last movie. Then again, I know I'm being naive. I'm one of those silly people who keeps hoping that each new film will actually be comparable to the book.Avatar Image says: Well, I for one just don't buy it that Nanny McPhee would keep her from taking one day to go on the set to throw a few crystal balls. I think it's more that she's just assuming her character is written out, given what a minor role it is. I'm not quite convinced there's NO possibility we'll see her for that little bit, you never know. I think it's more tragic that she's not in HBP for The Seer Overheard. Oh well, I agree with the poster who said she's just not as into her character as say, Jason Isaacs is, and I do prefer to see the actors who are passionate about being there.Avatar Image says: I never really thought Ms. Thompson understood the role. She was always so over the top. Just like McPhee. I think she is a great actress and an even greater screenwriter, but I've yet to see her in a role that isn't completely boring - or way over the top. I'm sorry. I might be too harsh in my thinking here. But honestly that's how I feel.Avatar Image says: A Nanny McPhee sequel won't be as widely-received as the last Harry Potter movie, and if Emma Thompson honestly believes anything to the contrary, she's just kidding herself.Avatar Image says: I find it amusing that there is all this furore about Trelawney not getting her 5 words of dialogue into what will certainly be an action-packed and more than confusing final act of DH mk2. Has there even been any news as to whether Sprout or Flitwick (the real Filius, not the choir-master version) being there for the final scenes as they have way more importance than Trelawney to the battle?? I honestly did not miss Trelawney in DH, to me it would have been more of an emotional trigger to have her as the teacher that Voldemort kills in the opening chapter rather than the muggle studies teacher we have never seen before. When she showed up chucking crystal balls it was amusing to see her participating in the defense of the castle but it was one paragraph and then nothing more. I agree with GinaC that her swansong should be in HBP, the real tragedy is her omission there.Avatar Image says: She would probably only have had to shoot one day at most if they put Trelawney in DH. Oh well! I'm just glad that the main characters seem to be coming back, and that better include Lucius!Avatar Image says: It's too bad that she's choosing 'Nanny' over HP - she's a great actress and a brilliant Trelawney - but if you're that passionate about something, you ought to do that, really. Ah, well. Maybe they could just cut her out of the movie? I don't want to think about Warner Bros. replacing her (although we fans do know that they love to do things that tick off everyone).Avatar Image says: Wow. First of all, she was a mediocre Trelawney who was annoying and overacted severely. Second, she's no longer needed. Lastly, did she just refer to Harry Potter as "small"? Clearly she fails to see all that is good about the HP phenomenon. She's a fine actress, but not a very good Trelawney, unlike, for example, Maggie Smith who is fantastic with McGonagall.Avatar Image says: I expect she meant "very, very small" in referring to Trelawney's role in DH. Really they could have just cut the dialogue and have someone in her costume chucking the crystal balls from the stairs and it wouldn't have made any difference.Avatar Image says: omj omj omj omj. no no no no nooooooooo. the world is coming to the end.Avatar Image says: Michael Gambon: Hello, Ms. Thompson! Emma Thompson: Hello. Michael Gambon: Sit down. How are you doing? Emma Thompson: I don't see why the 'Potter' fans can't understand my obligations. Michael Gambon: Well, they are dedicated fans. Believe me, I know their concerns. Emma Thompson: Be that as it may...How are you doing? Something bothering you? Michael Gambon: Oh, just got one more 'Potter.' Bit worried of how I'll be received by the fans. Emma Thompson: *sighs* Cheer up, it's your last, then you're done!Avatar Image says: It would have been nice to have her in DH but as everyone has stated - it's only a short scene. I would have been better if they had used her for HBP. I'm be happy as long as Gary Oldman comes back as Sirus in the forest scene. Avatar Image says: So, she says its been blown out of proportion but it still sounds like she chose "McPhee" over "Potter." As it has been mentioned here she has a very small part; but its a good part and she should dedicate a couple of days of her life to finishing what she's started.Avatar Image says: tis a shame she isn't coming back , and i am with T-Vey I was hoping to see her take out some death eater with her crystal balls in DH Avatar Image says: I don't even remember her from DH.Avatar Image says: I find it interesting that she said she was never going to have a part in the last film anyway. Really? How does she know that, since Emma Watson said she was still waiting for a script. So Ms. Thompson, who I really do like as an actress/writer, must not have read the final HP or she would think she might have a small role. Putting that aside, though, she was only in two of the movies anyway. She was in POA and OP, and some of the funniest deleted scenes ever were the ones in OP where Umbridge is addressing the school at the start of term feast. But then her part was cut for HBP (I checked and she's not listed in the cast at all), so maybe that's why she assumed that she wouldn't be in the last movies. The thing they could do, is show Trelawney from the back, throwing the crystal balls and passing them around. That way we could all enjoy the scene and anyone else could wear the costume. But I agree that it wouldn't be that hard to do two or three days of shooting if she really wanted to do it, especially since they filmed Nanny McPhee in the UK as well. The only other thing listed that isn't complete is "The Boat that Rocked", also being filmed in the UK. I just think she doesn't want to do it, and has found a way out.Avatar Image says: Just a note to clarify: the funny Trelawney scenes that were deleted were the ones where she is eating while Umbridge is talking. Emma Thompson was hillarious, looking confused and befuddled during that part. It's too bad more of it wasn't included in the movie.Avatar Image says: Too bad she isn't coming back as Trelawney in DH but I do hope there's another one who will do the job.Avatar Image says: Oh well, she was a great Trelawney. But she didn't have a very big part in dh but it's sad that she's not committed to hp movies. Her choice...Avatar Image says: It is a big deal, Emma! I have changed my mind and I agree with you Jack, she was annoying and in the deleted scenes in ootp it just waasn't funny, it just agrivated me. Don't call Harry Potter small, Emma, Harry Potter is big, it's a legend. Avatar Image says: "It's so typical, where they take something very, very small and turn it into a big deal." They meaning *us*? Or they meaning *the media*?Avatar Image says: I have to admit that while I love Emma Thompson, I never thought she was a great choice for Trelawney. I think Helena Bonham Carter could have done a good job (though she's so great as Bellatrix!)Avatar Image says: I think it's a real pity that she isn't coming back for Deathly Hallows, i was looking forward to seeing her ' tenis serve' the crystal balls all over the great hall. I've always thought she was one of the very well cast characters in the films. Oh well, it's her choice and it's not like it will make a huge impact on the movies. Avatar Image says: I don't care much since her role in DH is so small. I'm more concerned about her not being in HBP where she does play a brief but important role when she reveals that Snape heard the prophecy. They better reveal that information some other way, otherwise the non-book reading movie audience will never know Snape's role in the Potter's deaths and that would be a completely unacceptable thing to leave out, not that I really trust WB not to cut something like that. They've cut really important stuff before. But if they don't explain the whole Snape/prophecy thing (as well as Snape's WM) somehow in HBP or DH, I will never forgive them. Snape overhearing the prophecy is so essential to his character. So I'm definitely scared now.Avatar Image says: Ah, well. I don't think they would have written Trelawney into the later scripts. Anyway, I really like her writing and hope to see more of her work brought to the screen. Typical news media - the fans were the ones who didn't get it? I think it's the media that doesn't get the fans.Avatar Image says: They can get someone to play as Trelawney, I mean the character has a very small part in the last part, know what I'm saying?Avatar Image says: Well, Thompson is just amazing as Sybil but it's true: in movie seven she appears once and, however, she doesn't talk. If she has got other and more important projects, I can't say she is making a mistake.Avatar Image says: I could really care less if she is coming back since her character has no real importance to the plot, but I really don't like her statement about Harry Potter fans. She "wasn't being rude at all" before but I think her recent comment was very rude. Her attitude toward fans has kind of turned me off. It is somewhat hard for me to watch an actor's/actress's work when I don't like their personality. Moreover, if I remember correctly, the only thing people were making a big deal of was the reason she gave. She said with her other projects, she would not have time to do Harry Potter. Some fans were questioning her reason because she has such a small part in the movie and it would only take a couple days to film it.Avatar Image says: I love you Emma but it kinds sound like you're dissing the HP fans...i really hope thats not the case :(Avatar Image says: Emma Thompson is a very talented actress. While I really wanted her to stay on for Deathly Hallows, I'm fine with her not coming back if she feels she isn't fostering her creativity. Regardless, I find it strange that they site "the fans" as being "all over" Emma. Really? I honestly do not remember that, anyone else?Avatar Image says: @Helena: Unfortunately, all you would have to do is read back, on these postings. I am dismayed. I thought the fans were "dedicated fans of Harry Potter" Not all the little snigly little side parts. No matter how small. To vilify an actor because they have chosen to go on, to other projects, instead of "taking a day out of her life to film" [paraphrased, from an earlier post] is unjust and uncalled for. Your [meaning Helena] personal take on the decision, by Ms Thompson, is rational and fair.As are many other postings, here. As for the "media blowing this out of proportion"....I think that belongs to some of the "fans". I think that we've all had a hand in the "explosion"...Good on Ms Thompson, for moving on, if that's the direction of her creativity. She is talented and is an award winning writer. Let us move on, and leave her to do same.Avatar Image says: To be honest, I never cared for her as Trelawney to begin with plus the writers have shifted so much of what the movies will focus on that her character can easily be written out.Avatar Image says: Oh, well. life goes on. Anyone who loved Thompson cant watch POA. But--didnt we know this already? I heard something about it a few weeks ago on PcastAvatar Image says: I.....just.....cant.......belive!!!!! She cant leave like this. She knows that she is the perfect one for this role...Pleasssss dont leave.. We like u as Trelawney. This role needs u...:(Avatar Image says: It would have been much simpler (and better for the continuity of the film series in the end) if they had just filmed the small bits with her in it ahead of time, and inserted them into the following films. It's not like they needed her for endless attached scenes or anything... and she always pretty much dresses the same. It could have been done so easily, and then she'd have been cut loose to do her projects and we would have had our Trelawney. Shame.Avatar Image says: Emma Thompson happens to be my absolute favourite actress. I think most people here understand her reasons for not going back to HP. I enjoyed her work as Trelawney but McPhee is her baby - she wrote it. But the thing is, there could be other reasons for her not doing HP anymore. Whatever those reasons are, its none of our business. Who knows, maybe there was a fallout with producers. Or maybe Emma is simply not passionate about it. So what? She made her choice and it doesn't make her evil or insensitive. She might not seem to be caught in the HP razzmatazz or be a fan of the books. As long as she doesnt insult fans (and I dont see she has in any way), its fine. These are movies and frankly its amazing they got this far with largely, the same core crew and by the looks of it will go all the way. Successful book chronicles such as Unfortunate Events, Dark Materials, The dark is Rising cant even get past the first block. Narnia managed 2 but then the plug was pulled. We are so darn lucky to have these Harry Potter films and at such high standards.Avatar Image says: Seriously, Trelawney's role as the series closes becomes smaller and smaller. To be sure, the parts where she is included are good, but keep in mind that we've known all along that the small bits of the books are routinely cut for the integrity of the much shorter movie. Thompson was a good Trelawney, but McPhee is her love, and I would rather her further her own passions than cave to the flocks of screaming fans. Besides, think how you would all feel if (and this is a great if) Thompson chose to continue her role, but Rickman decided to discontinue his role as Snape. Or Radcliffe as Potter, Grint as Weasley (which seems more likely, he's going to be 25 by the time the movies are done probably) and etc. Trelawney has not been the most important plot character at all. Yes, she has been important, but we saw the end of her greatest importance by OoTP, and to be frank, she could have snubbed that role, true? But she didn't, and to stay with the series as long as she did as a, movie-wise, expendable character is admirable.Avatar Image says: Wow, put that to bed? she must not care much about that character...I guess she prefers being in the limelight instead of being a side character, a bit arrogant if you ask me.Avatar Image says: i'm not making abig deal of it but both coments kind of seems a bit rude if you're being sensitive.Avatar Image says: this sucks. :[Avatar Image says: I was never bothered by her decision to not return. Sure it would have been great to see her again, but I understand her decision. I really want to know what EXACTLY the journalist said to her. It makes me wonder if the journalist made us seem really nasty. Personally I thought most fans were pretty reasonable about her decision. Oh well. She's a great actress. I hope she doesn't have any ill will towards Potter now.Avatar Image says: Now that I think about it more, it does make sense for her not to come back. Of course I do wish she could just make a short apperence but she seams to realy like her "Nanny McFhee" project and that is understandable. Best of luck to her in the "Nanny" sequel! :) Avatar Image says: Harry Potter fans. Like every large group of the human race that has ever existed, there will always be the ones who are selfish and unkind. It's people like that which seperate the actors from the fans, for it is not difficult to imagine that the cast of Harry Potter would be much more closely linked with the fandom if it weren't for the few people who make it difficult for them. People should be grateful that Emma Thompson got involved with Potter at all, not calling her arrogant or stupid for deciding to focus on her own smaller-scale projects instead. It's all a very sad affair and I'm actually quite disappointed that these people feel like they have the right to make such thoughtless, unnecessary comments.Avatar Image says: Wow. Is it really that hard for you people to comprehend that the "something small" she was referring to the fact that she wasn't going to be in the movie? Trelawney is hardly pivotal in the overall plot of DH. Why should she waste her time on set for maybe a week at most when she has her pet project which *should* be more important to her seeing as she wrote it and is starring in it and has obviously put more work into it. I like Emma Thompson and think she's a great actress and writer, but I think the writing for the movies that Trelawney was in just made the character more annoying than amusing. Also she *would* know whether or not she was in the movie before they received a script. They cast before they issue scripts to people in a franchise thing like that. I think they would have given her a heads up as to whether or not they were needing her for the movie.Avatar Image says: I understand she had to make a choice. But sirusly, her part in DH isn't all the big. She can't come back for one day of shooting?Avatar Image says: Just for the record, Professor Potter, the plug has not been pulled on Narnia. Disney let it go, yes, but Douglas Gresham and the other producers are still very serious about making "Dawn Treader." They just have to find another company to join.Avatar Image says: What a waste of talent! Nanny Mcphea is such a lame series. If you are going to quit HP do it for a worthwhile project. Jeezzz.Avatar Image says: Ehh, I don't really care for her, because I don't like the character Trelawney or Thompson as Trelawney. So whatever. I'm not affected by this.Avatar Image says: That sucks! She was perfect for Trelawney...im will admit that im disappointed. I just hope that they will get a new actress as perfect for the character as she was!Avatar Image says: I think it sucks that she isn't returning. She definitely DID choose other projects over Harry Potter, and gave up an opportunity to be in one of the biggest British films of all time. It's just sort of the principle, and she definitely just didn't care enough about the HP role, which is the bottom line. She can say "oh I loved Trelawney" and "I'm really busy writing other stuff," but HP7 hasn't even started filming yet, and it is pretty common knowledge that the Nanny sequel is already in the works, so the two wouldn't really overlap. It's a surprising decision because Nanny McPhee isn't really that popular or hasn't been appreciated for it's excellent writing or anything, whereas HP is extremely popular worldwide. Avatar Image says: Its a disgrace..Anyone who portrayed a reoccuring character in any potter movie woud understand they would be expected to return should the book require it...If they cant then they should decline the offer to start with or we would have 100 actors playing 8 characters. SHould be a contract clause but warner hasn't got any sense any way to forsee any thing..maybe Thompson can lend Waner her craysat ball as she won't need it any more.Avatar Image says: "It's so typical, where they take something very, very small and turn it into a big deal." Ms. Thompson seems to understand the more ridiculous side of the Harry Potter fandom well. You'd almost think she just read all the comments I did. For crying out loud, it's entirely possible she wasn't even slated to be in the last two movies. She has her own life and career. Let her manage it. I think she'd do a better job than most of us on here.Avatar Image says: @Erica, WELL SAID!!!Avatar Image says: I'm sure Nanny McPhea was a good book; it just didn't translate to film. I just couldn't get over the make-up, especially that tooth. uggh.Avatar Image says: I don't understand why some people are so upset with her. She has a much bigger role in Nanny McPhee than she had even in POA. In DH, she would throw crystal balls. Not exactly something that inspires an actor.Avatar Image says: nooooooooooooooooo lol no one can ever replace her she was so perfect! im ok as long as they just leave her part out of the movies. seriously no one else could play that part.Avatar Image says: I loved the movie Nanny McPhee! I'm glad they're making another one. I don't mind that she's leaving Trelawney, even though she was BRILLIANT in that role. I doubt they'll put her in DH anyway.Avatar Image says: Please, they don't have the time to include that character's one-page cameo, when I'm sure the lot of you want everything *else* in the books to make it in. One must think of the expense, also, since I'm sure Ms. Thompson is not a particularly cheaply-hired actress; to have her on set for a few hours, and maybe five seconds of film, is wasted money on the WB's part.Avatar Image says: @Hermione, thanks for that tidbit. Fingers crossed then that Dawn Treader gets made as the previous films were pretty good so far. Though I really wish someone can make the elusive Magician's Nephew. My favourite book of the series. Avatar Image says: Well, they can always have Lucius Malfoy throwing the crystal balls since Jason Isaacs wants as much screen time as he can get! Avatar Image says: shame but of course the reporter is going to choose fans who "didn't get it"Avatar Image says: that makes me sad but i totally respect her choices. i just wish she could have come back to dh for like 3 days to shoot one scene as trelawney.Avatar Image says: Oh who cares, really? If the woman doesn't want to be in "Potter," she doesn't deserve to be in it. Her relevancy to the final film is minimal (roughly comparable to the appeal of the Nanny McPhee movies to anyone over 6).Avatar Image says: Well, if she goes ahead and says all sorts of rude stuff about not being interested, how does she think she won't be upsetting the fans? Honestly, how could you not be offended by her previous comments? Avatar Image says: as Samwise says on page 3 of the comments, Trelawny's part in DH is nowhere near as important as those of Sprout and Flitwick. (Unfortunately, as Flitwick has been reduced to a music teacher in the films I don't hold out hope for his character being in it either!) Personally, I thought the crystal ball throwing a pretty ridiculous part of the battle scene and I won't miss its not being in the last film. It's more of a pity that she won't be in HBP where there is more important stuff for her to do. I wonder how Harry is going to find out about Snape's part in the prophesy without her. Avatar Image says: It will be sad that Emma Thompson won't be able to make it back to film the final Harry Potters. A good replacement who looks a lot like Emma, is Caroline Goodall (played Mandy Moore's mom in Chasing Liberty). I just hope the people who recast Professor Trelawney doesn't pick someone who looks completely different, like they did with Dumbledore.Avatar Image says: How very arrogant those comments are. I remember her being a good Trelawny, but her attitude seems to dismiss Harry Potter as something she would not deign to act in. Avatar Image says: why are some people taking this so seriously, like it's a major upheaval of the world? calm it down, rabid fans. geez, fandom is worse than the paparazzi.Avatar Image says: As much as I adore her I'm just glad she's working on a project she's so passionate. I love her as Trelawney and wasn't too keen on Nanny McPhee (it was fun but not great) but I admire her greatly as a person and an actress and just want her happy. The HP films disappoint me a lot and subplots and smaller characters such as Trelawney are usually sidelined for additional material usually totally unrelated (Kloves trying for a childish gag or mush usually) so I doubt they'd have done a lot with her even if it had been her choice to return and by the sound of it she wasn't written into it anyway.Avatar Image says: Hmmm... when she says "they", does she mean... us? Avatar Image says: Incidently just because she said she's more emotionally attached to the Nanny McPhee film/s doesn't mean she insulted Harry Potter. She played a very small part in the franchise whereas in NM she was the lead and also wrote the screenplay. People slagging her off for that and saying she's insulting HP need to grow up, she didn't accept the role cos she's a fan, she accepted it as work as that is her vocation. Signing on to one of the films doesn't mean she must refuse every other piece of work if it clashes with HP, and to say she shouldn't choose work closer to her heart makes those saying that sound extremely selfish and small-minded. Slagging her off for choosing something she has creative freedom and control over makes her smart not rude. I respect her for choosing her principles and not just caring about her paycheque. It makes those slagging her off sound very childish, I pity their immaturity. I'd love to see her in the role again, but let's face it, how much screentime would she actually get? My guess is not that much compared to the three leads.Avatar Image says: dont take this the wrong way i am a huge fan of harry potter even more so the nanny mcphee, but the next nanny movie would not be the same w/o her she is one of my favorite actresses and i will miss her as the prof. but harry potter will survive w/o her and never have i considered her rude we fans will miss but we can move on i mean its not like daniel left...now that could ruin the movie lolAvatar Image says: nanny mcphee over harry potter? come on. i have lost so much respect for her. Avatar Image says: I said it before, JKR could be Trelawney, it would be a great cameo, and fitting end.Avatar Image says: I'm just catching up after being out of town, and must admit I'm a bit surprised at the tone used by a handful of posters here. The real importance of Trelawney lies in HBP and Harry learning the details of the Prophecy, which we already know was given very short shrift in OotP filming. Since Trelawney/Thompson are written out of HBP as far as we can tell (Thompson is not listed among the cast members), then other than the cute 30 seconds of tossing crystal balls in DH, there really was no reason for her to stick around.... Frankly, I am more concerned about --at best I can use the wording "interested in seeing" --how the numerous plot line gaps and gaffs that occurred in filming OotP will be filled in. No Locket at Grimmauld Place? No Mundungus or Dobby, again? Smashing the Room of requirement? no indication that it was Trelawney who had made the Prophecy? No two-way mirrors? No indication that Petunia knew about Dementers and "that awful boy"? No Regulus Black, not even just a visual reference on the Black Family Tree? No vanishing cabinet at Hogwarts? In all, I can count about 15 plot line issues in OotP, which I would point out is the only film not done by Kloves --say what you like, but he managed in the first four films to get all the crucial details into the script, even if some ended up as deleted scenes (the extended scene of Harry in Borgin and Burkes where he hides in the cabinet after looking at the necklace and hand of glory being the most obvious instance). Clearly, some of these matters will be filled in within HBP, but not all....so how the entire series will ultimately hang together and make sense is unclear to me at this time... Shrug...aint nuthin we can do about it, and we're gonna go to the movie anyway, and then buy the dvd....I will miss Thompson's comic touch however, even if its only there for 30 seconds....Avatar Image says: I don't think she was referring to Harry Potter fans blowing things out of porportion but rather the mediaAvatar Image says: Screen time does not equal quality. Case in point, Ms. Thompson as Madam Trelawney. With very little screen time she made that character come alive for the fans. That is why some fans are upset. Sorry you are so beloved by your hp fans, Ms. Thompson. Avatar Image says: NOO! i really loved Trewlaney in the movies. I think Emma is the person for the job, but whatever, although i can't see how she chose Nana Mchpee over hp. since i really hated Nana Mcphee. sorryy fanz Nana fans. :(. Avatar Image says: i am completly agree with youu chixza. :D nana sucked!Avatar Image says: But if she doesn't want to be in the HP movies anymore than she shouldnt be in them!!! Anyone who doesnt want a role in DH is crazy....and the last thing HP needs is a crazy minor actress.Avatar Image says: i can't see why she has to choose one over the other. can't she postpone nanny or work around DHAvatar Image says: First off, Emma Thompson is not a "minor actress." Her original acting pedigree is from the Royal Shakespeare Company & she usually does much more "serious" roles in much more "serious" projects than the Potter franchise. Her brief scenes as Trelawny were probably pitched to her as cameo appearances, which is really what they are. As she says, not a big deal - which is in no way dissing the films or the fans, just acknowledging the fact that it's a very minor role (for my money, her hilarious outtakes during Umbridge's Great Hall speech were the high point of Thompson's performances in HP thus far). In fact, I've wondered if her motivation in accepting the part the first time might not have been as a way of saying to her then-recently-ex-husband Kenneth Branagh, "If you can be in a Harry Potter movie, so can I - so there!" That's pure speculation, of course; but it's possible that enough water has passed under the divorce-recriminations bridge by now that she no longer feels any need for the tit-for-tat. She may be ready to move on in more ways than one. Just a thought. In any case, I will cheerfully pay to see Emma Thompson in most any project that she chooses to take on - she is a class act. As for the Battle of Hogwarts: Yes, Trelawny's chucking crystal balls around is a funny bit; but even with the movie split in two they are bound to leave out a lot of funny bits that I will miss even more - probably including McGonagall's herd of stampeding desks, even though it would only take up about three seconds of screen time. And since (for reasons that I have never heard explained) none of the HP directors have seen fit to include Peeves in ANY of the films, we definitely won't get to hear his joyful "now Voldy's gone moldy" ode, alas!Avatar Image says: I will miss her, but Trelawney is in DH for about twelve seconds, so I can understand her wanting to do something else. And I loved Nanny McPhee, so I'm excited about that.Avatar Image says: Fran, I agree with you on most of your posting (I had been "biting my tongue" on the "minor actress" silliness myself. Charitably, we might reinterpret the statement to mean "a world renowned actress playing the role of a minor character"?) On one hand, I do think ET and KB have done some work together since their split.... And, on the other, whether we discussing Emma T, OR Kenneth B, OR Julie Christie, OR any of the other actors of stature that have played 'minor' roles in the HP films, I think the over-riding factor might simply be "for the fun of it". After all, they all have enough money and enough work....sometimes, playing a role for the sheer enjoyment of it must be attractive? The crucial part for Trelawney/Emma T is in HBP ("The Seer Overheard" scene), and since it appears that too has been left out I can only wonder how yet another plot line gap will be dealt with. And we can only guess how much will be left out from DH...I'm particularly partial to Luna's line "Oh look, a Blibbering Humdinger" myself. hm, I might watch "Much Ado about Nothing" tonight...."for the sheer enjoyment of it"Avatar Image says: Just because a segment is only a few minutes long doesn't mean there isn't a lot of work involved. There is pre production and post production. Setting up the scene. Makeup. etc. To say an actor is only on the screen for a few minutes is not taking into account all of the work involved. What appears to be a few minutes to the audience could actually have taken hours to the people involved. Avatar Image says: she was exactly the Trelawny i imagined. not one thing she did was different from what i imagined. period. she was perfect. i really think its a shame she wont be coming backAvatar Image says: If she never planned on doing any of the other films... why did she do the first one. I hate it when they switch characters in films. I mean, obviously she knew Trelawney had a continuing role?! Maybe she just wanted a piece of the HP action?Avatar Image says: I'd be surprised if they couldn't just use some CGI for a quick shot of Trelawney throwing some crystal balls in the battle. Thompson wouldn't even need to do a day's work. But, I'm sure the expense of creating that little shot wouldn't really be worth it.Avatar Image says: Isn't Nanny McPhea's Alma Mater, Hogwarts? Avatar Image says: Emma Thompson is one of my favorite actresses in the Harry Potter series. I will certainly miss her, however, as long as I get to watch her in Nanny McFee I guess I will be happy because I loved that move. If some of you think she is being a little bit arrogent, perhaps she deserves to be. She did some amazing movies before Harry Potter and she will do some more amazing movies afterward and such a small role when compared to her whole body of work really is not a big deal. The Harry Potter producers are lucky she agreed to grace it with her presence for the little roll of Trelawny at all. Don't get me wrong, I love Harry Potter as much as you all do, but I equally love Harry Potter, Emma Thompson, and Julie Andrews and all three of those entities are equally as "big" in my eyes, and I will love Emma Thompson in or out of Harry Potter. Avatar Image says: just out of curiosity, was Thompson even approached (as of January 2) to return in the role? If she wasn't then she's making lemonade out of the situation and rather than hoping for a last minute inclusion simply saying "never mind".Avatar Image says: I won't give up hope, since the filming for part two of the Deathly Hallows is so far away, that she might still show up to throw some crystal balls! For the people saying that Thompson overacted as Trelawney, I don't think they understood the character of Trelawney. That's what she did--she was melodramatic through and through. I was just discussing with a friend of mine about the inevitable differences between the book HBP and movie version of HBP. We both agreed that Rowling's world is so rich, and book 6 is so full of content, that even if HBP were 3 hours long it couldn't include everything we'd deem important. Reading the comments here, I've discovered that Trelawney's role is something that didn't make the cut. (I realize I'm digressing here, and my apologies!) From the moviemakers' perspective, I understand this, but how unfortunate!Avatar Image says: Oh, I so much adore her that I can even forget this little shock. By the way Emma is much more talented than to be treated only as a woman in mask. Good luck with Nanny!Avatar ImagecrazyforSeverus says: I'm devestated! I can't believe she's not coming back! Though I enjoyed Nanny McPhee, there is only one movie left and I wish she'd stayed til the end. I can understand wanting to write also but she was an excellent Trelawney and it won't be the same without her. I still love Thompson regardless.

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