Followup: New Report Says No LEGO Harry Potter this Year


Jan 05, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

A followup today on an earlier report regarding a possible new LEGO Harry Potter game due in 2009. Eurogamer is now reporting that this is not likely as “a senior source working close to Traveller’s Tales has told us that LEGO Harry Potter is off the menu for at least 12 months.
However, Eurogamer understands that a new installment of LEGO Indiana Jones is looking likely.”

The article continues: “Harry Potter has been viewed as an obvious candidate for the LEGO
treatment since Warner, which makes the Potter movies, bought
Traveller’s Tales in November 2007. Electronic Arts will release a game
based on the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince movie due this
summer, and its deal with Warner could have an impact on the
development of any additional Potter-branded games in the short term.

…Producer Nick Ricks added: “There will be a LEGO game in 2009. And I think it’s okay to say that you’ll be a bit surprised.”

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Avatar Image says: Aw HP Lego would have been awesome. Ah well I'm still looking forward to the HBP game! First!Avatar Image says: Awww.... :-( Can't wait for HBP!!!!Avatar Image says: I don't like the lego games but I would buy the HP one if it looked any good. I could imagine them taking out the seriousness and make it something like them laughing when like Dobby starts bleeding to death.Avatar Image says: well thank goodness for indiana jones lego!Avatar Image says: I really want the Lego Harry Potter I love the Lego games they are so awesome!!!! I really hope they make it. What source material are they goign to be using to create another Indiana Jones game, they only have the one movie left and then the TV series, are they going to make a game based from the TV series? Or just make up adventures? I will just have to wait to find out I guess.Avatar Image says: DRAT. I LOVE THE LEGO HP GAMES.Avatar Image says: HBP on Wii will be awesome! 'swish and flick'!!! a really hope they have a big hufe game that takes you through all 7 stories at some pointAvatar Image says: @ Kerri: me 2!!!! that would be so much fin to spen probly over 3 years trying to beat them all in one game!! took me 6 months 2 beat OOTP >.>Avatar Image says: I would really love to see a HP RPG... That would be awesome!Avatar Image says: i still have my old HP and the philosopher's stone Legos! Avatar Image says: Maybe when all the movies and respective video-games have been launched... then warner will consider a LEGO harry potter game. It would be a nice way to squeeze some more money out of the HP franchise. Launching a LEGO HP now would only cause the warner guys to fight against themselves on the game industry.Avatar Image says: disappointing. i've heard that the lego games are good, and considering the poor gameplay and general boringness of the other hp games, i was hoping for a satisfying hp game experience. maybe someday they'll make a hp game that isn't aimed at small children, or spend as much time developing good controls as they do trying to replicate dan radcliffe as a video game character.Avatar Image says: wimper wimper... I want my LEGO. ::Sigh:: oh well, I guess it means I can keep looking for those cheap deals for the ones I don't have on Ebay. (rare as they are, you can find the Hogwarts Castle for close to the original price if you know where to look)Avatar Image says: Sorry, but I forgot to post that I know they are talking about the games...but still.Avatar Image says: omg a harry potter wii!!!!!!!!!!!! that is the most amazing thing ever!!!!!!1 holy cow!!! i could play that for hours and hours and hours!!! goody!Avatar Image says: I am okay with no lego game yet, as Thio said, I much rather it come out after everything is done, that way I don't have to buy 2 Lego Hp games like i did with Lego Star Wars Avatar Image says: Oh thank god. I thought it was talking about no harrypotter lego sets. Im really hoping they make some HBP lego sets, im beginning to get alittle worried though.Avatar Image says: : ( Sadness for someone who has the gaming skills of a five-year-old (aka, myself)Avatar Image says: I really hope they do get this out this summer.... or better yet... Lego sets! does anybody know if Lego sets are coming out this summer?:DAvatar Image says: Do give us a HP Lego game!!! And more HP Lego sets to build please! But I don't think that's going to happen. Avatar Image says: Ok. I'm old and confused [pretty much most of the time, I guess!] I have never heard of a "Lego Game". I must be missing something. I LOVE the Lego Sets, and I am pretty confident that, after HBP comes out, there will be a LOT of stuff. Especially Lego Sets! I got the 'Harry Potter Scene-It' unfortunately, I DID end up buying both of them. One, the first time they were out [POA or GOF?] then, after OotP. Now, I have the 'Harry Potter Clue'....I guess I'm just a "board gamer"....old and behind the times. Avatar Image says: Awww. Ok... so not this year :( But i don't really care when it comes out as long as we get one and the game is made with quality. Hopefully it wouldn't be too long after the last film. I actually think that this would be the best way to do it, because then they wouldn't have to compete with the EA games, and its another way to keep the HP hype going as long as possible.Avatar Image says: Ever since they came out with the Lego Star Wars games I have been itching for a HP version. I'm so bummed this is being put off another year. (sigh)Avatar Image says: Harry Potter LEGO >>> Indiana Jones LEGO

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