High Res Weasley Wheezes, Trio and Slughorn Half-Blood Prince Photos


Jan 06, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

Earlier we told you about new Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince photos contained in the February edition of Empire Magazine. Today, Warner Bros sent us lovely high res editions of these photos:
The Weasley Wizard Wheezes set, featuring actors James and Oliver Phelps (Fred and George), talking to the director. Be sure to note all the detail on the signs, and the glorious magical products included for their joke shop.

Three Broomsticks set, featuring director David Yates, with the Trio and Professor Slughorn (Rupert Grint, Dan Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Jim Broadbent) Enjoy!

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Avatar Image says: yay new pix! first comment?Avatar Image says: It all looks so amazing - I can't wait until I can see HBP!!Avatar Image says: That what i named GOODS pictures Thanks WBAvatar Image says: love the picture of the tree broomsticks.. it's better then i imagined... i can't wait for the movie.. i'm soo excited.. Avatar Image says: The display shelves behind Yates have Boxing Telescopes! And the display behind Fred... or is it George (?) on the left has boxes of Invisible Hats...Avatar Image says: thanks for the picsAvatar Image says: seeing those pictures makes me think all over again that i could have already seen the film! However, love the set of WWWAvatar Image says: Yayayyyyyyyyyy! I am soooooo pumped for this movie! Avatar Image says: Decoy Detonators! I want a whole box, can I order though TLC? ;) and the whole rest as well.... the shop looks amazing, so many nice little details, and the twins look so smug (right word?) in their suits and ties with the W pins on them. Avatar Image says: Sorry, but fred and george are on a machine (i don't know how it's called in english)? this makes me think of a scene where they are in the centre of the room and go up and down. I'm sorry if what i wrote will be difficult to understand, but i am italian and here's very late, so...yawn..Avatar Image says: Wow, very cool!!!! The place looks incredible, can't wait to see it on screen!Avatar Image says: @ele0206 What the hell are you talking about. By the way pics are fantasticAvatar Image says: look at all those fireworks!!!! (on the highest level) all that stuff!!! It's really a magical - and DISASTROUS - mayhem!!! XDAvatar Image says: pics are amazing! but I'm not sure its a good thing showing them. HBP is out in July, and we already have about 70 pics from the film. damn,we'll see the movie in pictures!Avatar Image says: @ele0206: I think you may mean an "elevator" [like a freight elevator] @fred: calm down.I don't mean to offend you, here. Forgive me, if I do. It seems He doesn't quite know how to say things in English. I don't know Italian or French....but I don't give them a hard time because they don't know how to say it, in English. GREAT pics, WB! Keep 'em comin'!Avatar Image says: I might just be seeing things, but am I the only one who thinks that in the lower right hand corner the frist guy kind of looks like Matthew Lewis(Neville)? I dobt its him though, because I would assume he'd be in costume, but if it is actually him, he wouldn't be not in costume. Sorry that sounds a bit of confusing. lol. Let me know if anyone maybe thinks that same.Avatar Image says: Great pics ! Amazing sets !!! What about a first poster now !!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: the WWW picture was awesome! So perfect. the one of the three broomsticks...well, that's not exactly how i pictured the bar, it looks more like a small cafe, but its pretty nice. and wait, when did they ever talk to Slughorn in the three broomsticks? ah well. Can't expect WB to do ANYTHING according to the book, can we? Avatar Image says: no magenta robes that clash with their hair??? nice set though!!!Avatar Image says: AAAAAAAHHHHH!!! amazing!! WWW looks even better then a imagined!!! Marie- if u expand the pic u can see there alot actually alot of people in the background. they r probably just crew members.Avatar Image says: Looks like Slughorn is enjoying a coffee, hee hee.Avatar Image says: I hate the fact that it's called Weasley and Weasley instead of Weasley's Wizarding (Wheezes -- I don't remember if that's how you spell it or, not.) Avatar Image says: Love it!!! It makes me want to see it even more! I'm afraid to see anymore Pictures without spoiling the film coming out in July. I would love to see one of the trio under the tree right after Dumbledore's funeral. You know when Ron & Hermione both agree to go with Harry and help him find and aliminate Horcruxes. Keep up the Good work!Avatar Image says: Ou,ou,ou good,good nice hahaha...Avatar Image says: Fred is standing in front of an old fashioned cash register. You can see ehere a price has been rung up on it.Avatar Image says: Got to, GOT TO, go to that shop! Awesome level of detail! Love the mounted goat skulls on the wall of the pub - apparently Aberforth couldn't bear to say goodbye!Avatar Image says: Melissa: Where did you see that it's called 'Weasley and Weasley'???? All I've found is 'Weasley's Wizard Wheezes',,, there is a poster of some sort, on the far right, under the "stair" that has a "mirror image" 'Weasley'.....? Did I miss something? This is gonna be so great!!!!! No, I don't think it's going to be a "we're gonna see the whole movie in pictures"...I think there's gonna be a whole lot more to this, than they are gonna show! YES! How 'bout a poster, now?!Avatar Image says: Oh, the still of WWW is beautiful! I like those suits--especially the little golden "W"s on thier ties. Lovely detail, and a great set. Sometimes I'm reluctant to see these pictures, because I want to save these images\surprises for the film, but this one actually makes me more excited for the moive. Speaking of which: is anyone else thinking of re-reading HPB before the film comes out? Avatar Image says: Aha ha ha ha ha! David Yates' expression in the Three Broomsticks! He looks like the Hogsmeade town simpleton who wandered into a movie!Avatar Image says: small question what scene has slughorn and the trio talking in the three broomsticks? My memory of the book is a bit off but as far as i know u don't see them together then? or does he come to harry in there asking him to join the slug club?Avatar Image says: @ Em Bee Yeah he looks a little goofy hee hee but really looks like he's having fun. I can't wait for HBP. July still seems so far away. I love all the trailers and pictures but I share others concerns, at this rate we will have seen the movie through stills :)Avatar Image says: ok, wow. just... wow. Can you believe the detail in that WWW set? I mean, it just reinforces the amazing attention to the little things that the set designers pay. Really, that they haven't won an art direction Oscar before now is truly sad. and, of course, we surely won't see one for HBP in the 2009 awards (or... 2010? whatever. the awards for the 2009 year, which are given out the first part of 2010). Avatar Image says: He's got a goofy look on his face, the same as Jim Broadbent, because they are looking at Emma, and probably stunned. That's a typical reaction :)Avatar Image says: LOVE THEM !Avatar Image says: Looks like F&G are on a Genie Lift to me. Anyone else notice the LED's in their ties, very cute.Avatar Image says: Very interesting touch on the decor of the Three Broomsticks - goat skulls as opposed to the normal stuffed animal heads mounted on the wall............hmmmm what could that be about?Avatar Image says: I hope they incorporate this into the Warner Bros. Harry Potter project in Orlando!!Avatar Image says: Wow! Those pictures are amazing! I love Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes! I want to see this film so bad! Avatar Image says: Merlin's beard !!! I can't wait until July 17. P.S. Slughorn is looking so good !!!!Avatar Image says: they look amazing! in the three broomsticks pic though, isn't that the scene where Harry is supposed to be under the invisibility cloak?? hahaahAvatar Image says: rupert please doooo me nowww.Avatar Imagehuffledor says: I like the shop i wonder how muck film time it will get.Avatar Imagehuffledor says: I like the shop i wonder how muck film time it will get.Avatar Imagehuffledor says: I like the shop i wonder how muck film time it will get.Avatar Imagehuffledor says: I like the shop i wonder how much film time it will get.Avatar Imagehuffledor says: I like the shop i wonder how much film time it will get.Avatar Imagehuffledor says: I like the shop i wonder how much film time it will get.

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