Emma Watson Best Dressed Star of December


Jan 08, 2009

Posted by EdwardTLC

Actress Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) has been named the Best Dressed Star for the Month of December by Teen Vogue.com. The fashion magazine’s list of the Ten Best Dressed of December placed Miss Watson at the top, along with such other actresses as Emma Roberts, Evan Rachel Wood, and Taylor Swift. Here via TeenVogue.com, we can see Miss Watson from the premiere of her latest film, The Tales of Despereaux, in Los Angeles, California wearing designer William Tempest.

Thanks to Teen Vogue.com!

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Avatar Image says: I agree! She's really taken control of her wardrobe!Avatar Image says: She does have excellent taste in clothing. Avatar Image says: Yay emma! she does dress pretty so she deserves it! some of the others arent well dressed at all...wtvrAvatar Image says: Oh man, best dressed lists. Back from vacations, I see we don't have that much news about HBP and DH as I expected. But they shall come soon *smiles*. And I don't mean to be rude, but knowing now she's close friends with the daughter of Vogue's editor in chief, I'm never impressed when I see any Vogue related thing kissing her... erm... hands! Ok, this comment sounds a bit bitter, sorry 'bout that.Avatar Image says: wow, this is the most exciting news i heard in a really long time. what an amazing dresser she is! how ever does she do it? keep up the good work, guys. i see another fashion show in the near future. hope you get the scoop before any other site does. good luck.Avatar Image says: Congrats, Emma!Avatar Image says: I dont get the negativity. Emma makes a top 10 list, it gets posted. Dan raises money for a charity thru Broadway, it gets posted. Rupert... buys an ice cream truck, it gets posted. They are between movies, folks, you dont get much more news then movie premiers, fashion events, and minor appearances. Not until the movie starts getting into full swing, will there be "bigger" stories. I dont get the hostility. You find a story to be obviously too far below what you find interesting, then dont read it. Avatar Image says: Beth A sorry but is my opinion,this girl is only in the news now for her dresses and photoshoots(yeah she had the Desperaux promotion but who talks about the film?)September,october,november,december and the people"oh beautiful""stunning"blah blah blah and nothing more.So boring...Avatar Image says: Mora, you're right, it is your opinion. Everybody's got one, and they're all different. Yup, all she's in the news for at this moment is her fashion, but that's a result of her appearance at the Despereaux premier. Dans just hanging around NY, and I have no idea what Ruperts doing. Nothings going on now. Any time one of them gets there name in print somewhere, Leaky's going to report it. And they should... first of all, 'cause many want hear every tidbit. I confess that I dont care that much about who Teen Vogue has on there December list (I havent heard of several of them anyway, LOL), but many do want to know. Secondly, you want to keep the site active. Even if its a story I'm not that interested in, it's still nice to see that stuff is going on with all these kids. I cant wait until filming news starts to come out!Avatar Image says: I completely agree that she's created a fabulous public persona and sense of style. But does anyone else think that dress looks completely awful? I even clicked on the link, and it gets a bit better below the waist, but I think the bustier is hideous. No offense, Emma.Avatar Image says: AudreyKate, I totally agree with you. But, if it gets Emma a "best dressed" title, eh, i don't mind too much. And congrats to Emma!Avatar Image says: Maybe one reason they have more Emma news on here is that there is more Emma news, it's just a thought. They had the stuff up about Rupert being in Cherrybomb and Wild Target, Dan with the Equus, My Boy Jack, and other stuff. Tom Felton is still on the front page of the site. So it's not like no one else gets coverage... If you happen to see news on the actors that hasn't made it here yet, send it in. [/rant]Avatar Image says: Congratulations, Emma! I love your fashion sense, they are excellent!Avatar Image says: Good for her, as actress, be elected as "the best dressed".Avatar Image says: It really is possible to get completely fed up eventually with the entirely predictable Emma haters who pop up every single time there is anything on Emma posted. And I notice the same names popping up on the email signatures. We seem to have about 3 o 4 very bitter girls out there, trying to attract attention to themselves. And it would be very interesting to check out the computer ID #'s on the emails, because similarities of tone, coupled with predictable phrasing make me suspect that the 1-2-3 postings that seem to be answering each other are in fact one person. They had one of those on Emmawatson.Net, and to the moderator's great credit, she spotted the idential id #'s and banned the user from the site. We need a little more of that and a little less of the "oh-good-here's-another-chance-to-spew-hate-against-Emma garbage that a lot of people here are getting very fed up with. Hell hath no fury like the embittered jealous teen age girl. And God, I hope they are not any older than that! That would be truly depressing.Avatar Image says: Yeesh. The way people dress today is just another example of our civilization in decline.Avatar Image says: Don't worry critics, this is just a setup for her next award as best un-dressed star when she does her nude scene since 'its part of my job'.Avatar Image says: Just once I would love to see a list of the most charitable or smartest celebrities, but I doubt I'll live that long.Avatar Image says: I love hearing fashion news on TLC! It brings a certain flavor to the already colorful bunch things reported about each actor/actress. My two favorite things... High fashion and Harry Potter! Couldn't get any better! My friend swears she saw her in the Burberry store in London, the one right next to Harrods! PS I'd kill for Emma's Chanel wardrobe, lucky lucky girl! PPS I think Bonnie could learn a lot from Emma, no offense, just putting that out there..Avatar Image says: Ha! She beat Kristen Stewart! It just shows that Potter pwns :DAvatar Image says: You know...it really is AMAZING that all 3 of the major stars grew up to be so 1 CUTE... 2 have GREAT personalities ...3CUTE... 4 so down to earth...and 5 SO CUTE!!! I mean seriously...think of the chance WB was taking when they hired Dan, Emma and Rupert. Geeeezzz...what a MIRACLE after 10 years...these 3 are absolutely PERFECT!! Yea for us!!!!Avatar Image says: DIdn't Emma wear this dress on one of the Potter premieres?Avatar Image says: Its great that Emma Watson is voted as "best dressed" ... at least she's "dressed" ;D Avatar Image says: Emma has the most amazing taste. I'm happy for her!Avatar Image says: She is awesome :)Avatar Image says: Cool!

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