The Bravest Man I Ever Knew


Jan 09, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

Today, the calendar on marks another birthday, but for us here at Leaky, this marks a day meant for reflection, remembrance and perhaps even celebration of a character who so vividly filled the pages of the Harry Potter series. To some, this character will remain a nasty, unpleasant man, a villain, others love and adore this complex and fascinating character who still merits long discussion in our fandom. To Harry, he was, quite simply, the bravest man he ever knew.

Happy Birthday, Severus Snape!

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Avatar Image says: happy birthday severus. we love youAvatar Image says: Happy Birthday, professor. (I still think you're a mean and nasty git.) (changes name, goes into hiding and dons a disguise to avoid incoming missiles!)Avatar Image says: I love that I share a birthday with Snape =)Avatar Image says: i love you snape! you suffered so much and really were the bravest man i ever knew. no one could have done your job as seamlessly as you did. i miss you!Avatar Image says: i loooooooooooove SnapeAvatar Image says: Happy Birthday, Professor Snape! Cheers - Jeanne.Avatar Image says: Love or loathe him - Snape is THE literary character of the HP series.Avatar Image says: happy birthday snape and jaime91. if i'm not mistaken, you're turning 18, so happy adulthood!Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday, Professor - you'll always have a place in my heart. And congrats to Jaime91 for reaching adulthood!Avatar Image says: Hurray !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Snivellus !!!Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday, Severus. I had hope for you all along, and you proved me right in a way that was far beyond what could ask for or imagine. Thank you making these books even more real to me. Lily would have been so proud of her dear friend!Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday Severus! The paragraph pretty much sums it all up :)Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday Severus! I will ALWAYS love the character who kept so many guessing for so long. I never doubted his loyalty.Avatar Image says: Oh my god....How come I forgot his birthday??? I'm a terrible fan... Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sev........You are the most wonderful character I've ever come across.....No one would get a better friend than you......You are the BEST...... Hats off to the half blood prince!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday, Severus Snape. Voldemort may have been the Dark Lord, but you will always be my Dark Prince.Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday Snape.... we all love you. ~~ KaiAvatar Image says: Slytherin couldn,t have had a better head of house. As a kid who was bullied in school, Severus Snape is my hero. Severus and Lucius are favorite characters in the whole book. Happy Birthday professor, and long live my own Half Blood Prince!Avatar Image says: Haha! to think i even created the email snapeisevil@hotmail still creeps me out. now we know everything, well almost, it seems quite ridiculous how we battered him as a fandom back between 6 and 7. Happy Birthday Snape, though you may be slimy, crafty and dodgy, you will always be remembered by the bravery and undying love that you show till the very end. Everyone, remember to shampoo today! (:Avatar Image says: Severus, you were an incredible man. Although you had your problems and you weren’t a very kind person in general, you showed that underneath you still had a true heart, and that love is the most powerful thing of all. You are a hero. Happy Birthday! Love, RadishAvatar Image says: Happy birthday to one of my favorite characters! I'm proud to share a birthday with Snapeadoodle. :)Avatar Image says: To be honest. I never liked Snape, and I never will....But happy birthday anywayAvatar Image says: Happy Birthday Severus, I'm going to listen to 'Look at Me' by RiddleTM in your honour :)Avatar Image says: Sue, Beautifully put! Other than Harry, I think Snape is the most heroic character in HP.Avatar Image says: although i hate u for wat u did.. bt in da end i realize after all u were a good guy.. anyways.. happy Birthday!!...Avatar Image says: He is a horrible vile chracter and all though the books he bullied students. I wonder if people would of liked him as a teacher at your schools, im sure the answer is no as he went out of his way to make people feel bad about themselves. There is clearly nothing to admire in him at all.Avatar Image says: Happy birthday to Severus S. Snape- He's always going to be my Potions Master. I think he stole the last 2 books from Harry! JK should have written the series about Severus instead.. "Severus Snape and the Philosopher's Stone" has a nice sound to it. ;)Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday Snape, Jaime91, Matt from the Whomping Willows and everyone else who has a birthday on this day! :D Don't forget to make a wish!Avatar Image says: too bad he is not here anymore to celebrate it! :(Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday Snape. A complex man, both nasty, sullen, but mostly the bravest man Harry ever knew. Cheers to you mate!Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday SeverusAvatar Image says: To the "Half Blood Prince"....."the bravest man I ever knew". No one ever said we stop celebrating, after someone has passed. And you, Professor Snape, will be celebrated in my memory, forever more! Happy Birthday...Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday to Severus Snape!!!Avatar Image says: My favorite character! The one that embodies one of the fundamental lessons of the series, that things aren't always what you think they are. And what an interesting, conflicted man! An outsider, misunderstood, probably feels a great deal of self-loathing, which he masks as arrogance and superiority. Then again, he knows that he IS intellectually superior to so many, yet remains less popular than the "cool" kids of the world. Such a complicated character, one I'm sure most of us can relate to in some way. A smart invention on Rowling's part...Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday Snape! And Sue that post was beautifuly written. Good job!Avatar Image says: Alan Rickman is mean and nasty as snapeAvatar Image says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY PROFESSOR SNAPE!! If you were still with us, and I wasn't so afraid you'd dock house points or hex me, I'd hug you. Avatar Image says: Happy birthday, Severus!Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday, Sev! Muah!Avatar Image says: Truly fascinating character. happy b-day Snape!Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday ProfessorAvatar Image says: Happy Birthday Snape!Avatar Image says: I love this man! He will live on forever to me! Happy Birthday, Professor. Meet me in the dungeon for you present later. ;-)Avatar Image says: I got goosebumps when I read this and saw it on Jo's website. Nicely written, Sue! I had a hard time rereading the Prince's Tale chapter, it was so beautifully written. Snape's really one of my fav charactersAvatar Image says: An eloquent eulogy, Sue! Thanks.Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday, Professor Snape =DAvatar Image says: Happy Birthday Professor Snape! You have always been my favorite Harry Potter character! And will always be my favorite! Oh my goodness I love you Severus Snape! ^.^Avatar Image says: Severus, I've known you in many other people. There is no courage in abusing the small and weak. There is no honor in being the biggest bully on the playground. Carrying your failures with you for all of your life is called, "never growing up". No wonder you compete with little children. That's how big your mind is.Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday to Snape. (agrees with pottershrink, he may be brave, but I still don't like him) :-(Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday to my favorite "villian". You are indeed the bravest man and one of the most complex literary characters of all time. Happy Birthday Half Blood Prince!Avatar Image says: Hey, I get the whole bully thing, and can't completely argue with those who have problems with Snape...but...if Harry can forgive, so can we, no? Isn't that part of the message, that people are complicated, and that we don't always understand what's going on in their hearts. Good people act badly at times. It's the Umbridges we really have to watch out for: the vipers who lull us into a false sense of security with sweetness and light. Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday Severus Snape! That memorium was really good sue, I almost cried. It's not only to Harry, to all of us here at leaky, Snape is the bravest man we ever knew.Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday, My Sweet Prince.Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday Snivellus ya greasy oul hero ya! :-) And to all who share his birthday. Avatar Image says: Very well said, Sue. I think of all the characters in Harry Potter, Severus Snape was the one I found most fascinating. Not because I thought he was nice or would have wanted him for a neighbor. But because he was so complex. As I read Deathly Hallows, I remember hoping that he would not turn out to just be the nasty character that I thought he was in the first two books. I sometimes think that JKR created more than she intended in the character of Severus Snape. But in doing so, she gave us the most enigmatic character of all, one that we discussed endlessly and one that is still discussed even now that we know the end of the story. PatAvatar Image says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY PROFFESOR.... bravest man we ever knew!. i never lost faith in you, and thanks for being our potions master for all those years..... and being one of my fave caracters :) LUV yer SEV.... CHEERS!! :)Avatar Image says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! He's better than that Harry Potter berk. Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday Sev !!<3 I will always remember you , and I completly changed my mind about you when I read Deathly Hallows ! <3Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday Professor Snape. You are brave, loyal and most definately not a coward. Avatar Image says: i love you severus. <3Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday, Severus Snape!Avatar Image says: I like Pat's (Eeyore's) comments. Happy Birthday, dear SeverusAvatar Image says: i never thought a book could make me cry unless it was an incredibly sad scene. but i did cry at "albus severus...the bravest man i ever knew". i had hoped SO MUCH that he would turn out to be the man i thought he was, and it felt so good, not only to see it actually play out that way, but to see harry so strongly aknowlage him as such! i was SO FRIGGIN' HAPPY!!Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday, Professor! :DAvatar Image says: Happy birthday, Severus. <3Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday!!!Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday Severus. Just for the record, I never doubted trusting you. I miss you terribly. Avatar Image says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SNAPE!!!,.I think you are one of the most complex characters ever,and really the bravest man ever. SNAPE IS A SYTHGRIFF!a brave slytherin!=DAvatar Image says: Happy birthday Severus! -(^_^)-Avatar Image says: Happy birthday, Severus Snape! Your sacrifice will always be celebrated. As will your hair.Avatar Image says: Oh, this is also the birthday of my dead best friend, she would have liked to share her birthday with Snape...Avatar Image says: Happy birthday Sev! We have an incredible advantage (as readers) to know the thoughts and feelings of Harry. But in the final moments, when we discover the "real" Severus Snape, and his motivation, it is such an epiphany ... the depth, complexity, torment, loneliness, and tragedy of his life. Truly a conflicted and horribly damaged person ... a person capable of compassion and unsurpassed rancor, one can only feel sorry for him and admire him at the same time. A MARVELOUS Character study!Avatar Image says: Snape was the most AMAZING character, Happy birthday Snapey:DAvatar Image says: There were two points in Deathly Hallows when I completely broke down: one, when Neville killed Nagini. And two, when Harry bent down to his young son and said quietly, "Albus Severus . . . he was the bravest man I ever knew . . . "Avatar Image says: Now where's that elf-made wine gotten off to? I need to toast Severus!Avatar Image says: Here's to Prof. Snape: A True Wizard on the Inside.Avatar Image says: Happy birthday Snape! You are truly the most wonderful and complex anti-hero in all of literature. I hope you somehow manage to reconcile with Lily and the marauders in the afterlife. That would make me really happy. "Good night, sweet prince and may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest." -Shakespeare (if anyone's curious about the quote, it's part of Horatio's eulogy for his best friend Hamlet. I don't know, it seemed appropriate here for some reason, I guess because Snape's death really reminds me of Hamlet's now that I think about it and I'm a Shakespeare geek (I really hope I got the quote right, it's been quite a while since I've read Hamlet and I'll be forever ashamed if I got it wrong), so anyway I'm going to stop before I start making comparisons between the characters of Snape and Hamlet. I can already think of a ton of similarities just as I'm writing this, I guess that's what I get for being an English major and being taught to overanlyze everything, but darn it, there really are a lot of similarities between the two characters, both in terms of character personality (Hamlet would probably be in Slytherin too, lol) and even some elements of the plot too; someone should definitely write an essay on this. That would be too awesome. Avatar Image says: OMG I FORGOT HIS BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! anyway happy birthday we love u!!!!!!Avatar Image says: Severus Snape is one of the most interesting and complex charactors in literary history. We do not like him, he is too cruel to the students to allow that, but we love him for his bravery and his loyalty. We can only wonder what his life would have been like had he been sorted into Gryffindor with Lily. A toast to "the bravest man I ever knew."Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday Severus Snape. Thank you for being such a wonderfully complex character. You are the bravest person I know tooAvatar Image says: I wonder what would have happened if he could have somehow let McGonagall know his true alliegances at the end of DH, instead of being unceremoniously thrown out of the castle. He always seemed to have the worst luck throughout his entire life. Not that he didn't have issues. He should have brewed himself up some felix.Avatar Image says: "I think he stole the last 2 books from Harry!" I completely agree. "JK should have written the series about Severus instead" Yep, I've always thought it would be amazing if she rewrote the series from Snape's point of view. What a fascinating, although terribly tragic, story that would be. There are still so many unanswered questions about him and things that are unclear. I would love to hear his story from his own point of view. I mean, even in "The Prince's Tale", we only see what he did and said, but we don't really get to see all his thoughts and emotions and hear his own explanation of his behavior and feelings. That would be utterly fascinating to read. Of course, it's been done in fan fiction a million times, so I guess we'll have to settle for that, especially since Rowling doesn't seem to like Snape much and if she ever does write another HP book, it won't be about Snape. She has even said that if she did, it would probably be about Harry's son Albus, who despite his middle name, doesn't seem very Snape-like, but who knows? Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday Severus, you are not my fav but I recognize that without you the books wouldn't be that interesting. I ask you when beeing reborn to please be nicer to students if you become a teacher again. I wouldn't like to sit in your class seeing you bulling students all the time.Avatar Image says: Sue, I love the way you describe Snape! Its all totally true, and whether you love him or love to hate him, he is a a character we can all learn a lesson from. Avatar Image says: I STILL HATE YOU, SNAPE!!!Avatar Image says: *solemly* HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM MR. HAMMER. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU Thanks Sev, for being the hardest type of brave that you can be.Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday Severus Snape! Grate Character, I loved to hate him! Greets from SwitzerlandAvatar Image says: Happy Birthday Severus!Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday Snape, love you!! I never doubted you!Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday Snape we all love you....Avatar Image says: I remembered this morning!! Happy Birthday, Severus Snape!!! He is one of my favorite characters and I never stopped trusting him! Prince's Tale had me in tears and it is nice to know that he cared for Harry after all!! I love you!!! Cheers to the Half-Blood Prince, the bravest man I ever knew!!! PadfootLover Avatar Image says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite greasy grumpy wizarding curmudgeon professor! And thank you Josephine for reminding me. My head is stuck in a book and I didn't even know the date. I have many happy memories of defending this beloved character on these boards. I couldn't be happier to see how Jo Rowling honored him in "Deathly Hallows". Hi Elladora! (I'm sure you are here somewhere.) All the best!Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday Severus Snape! Always knew you were a talented, brave wizard and never doubted you once!Avatar Image says: I wonder if JKR realised she gave Snape the same birthday as Richard Nixon? Well, every year I celebrate for Snape and curse at Nixon. Happy Birthday, Professor Snape. Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday, Professor Snape, wherever you are, and congratulations on a job well done! You are indeed the bravest. And you'll always be my favorite!Avatar Image says: We miss you, Professor. zrAvatar Image says: Severus, I am so sorry that I failed to remember your birthday... please forgive me. Happy Birthday, Love.Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday, professor! Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday, Professor Snape, the bravest man any of us ever knew. You're in our hearts forever.Avatar Image says: happy birthday , profesor :)Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday Professor Snape. Thanks for not flunking me...even though you threatened to...several times...still...I made it out with an E and its all thanks to you.Avatar Image says: haooy birthaday, you could possibly be the third most amazing character in the seriesAvatar Image says: Happy Birthday Pro. Snape!!!!! :D You are the bravest man i ever knew!Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday, Severus! You were the greatest hero of all. <3 Avatar Image says: I love you Sevvy!Avatar Image says: "He was heroic, admirable and inspiring, while being simultaneously dishonorable, despicable and a horrible example" - biographer Stephen Ambrose on Richard Nixon, whose birthday also fell on January 9. Now, I have an idea for a new musical: Frost/Severus.......Avatar Image says: snape was a small, mean and nasty man. He treated a small boy(11) very badly for no good reason. If he truly loved Lily, he would have loved her son and treated him kindly. His love for Lily was NOT enough of a redemition. When he only wanted to save her, and DD called him on it. I think that explained his character. He wasn't evil just mean spirited.Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday Professor. I knew you're brave and a good man. And I agree with Gabrella, you gave life to HP novel.Avatar Image says: Happy B-day Snape! You the man!Avatar Image says: Happy Belated Birthday to one of the most fascinating characters in literature. I always knew you were on the good side, even if it was for your own reasons.Avatar Image says: I totally forget about his birthday. Shame on me :( HAPPY BIRTHDAY SNAPE!!! I wish you lived through the war...Avatar Image says: All my love to the bravest and most wonderful wizard there ever was. I will always miss you, professor.Avatar Image says: Ahhhhh!!!!!! I forgot too!!! Am I so absorbed in school that I forget Severus Snape's Birthday! OMG, I'm so horrible!!! I agree with vandy, Snape is the BEST!!! You rule Serverus!!!Avatar Image says: Happy birthday, Snape. You da man!Avatar Image says: Oh My God!!! How did I miss this post? Happy Birthday Severus!!! I still have my "Trust Snape" sticker pinned to the wall of my cubicle at work. I always believed in you :-)Avatar Image says: happy birthdayAvatar Image says: Happy Birthday to the most interesting, bewildering and amazing character in the Potter universe who happens to be my favorite character, too. Happy birthday, Severus! Avatar Imagemugglemom4 says: What and awesome month to have a birthday. Happy birthday!Avatar ImageNayNay3782 says: I love him! yay! happy birthday snape!Avatar Imagelunaspec_gimmy says: A belated Happy Birthday! ^_^Avatar Imagebookgirl3000 says: Snape, You will be in our hearts forever, may you rest in peace.Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: Happy Birthday Professor Snape!

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