Let’s Go Shopping at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter


Jan 10, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

It’s a new year and time for a new poll at the Universal Orlando Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park website. The new poll asks fans :” Which would be your favorite place to shop in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter?”

Your choices are Honeydukes, Ollivanders, or Zonko’s Joke Shop. To Vote click here.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park attraction is under construction in Orlando, Florida and will be open sometime in 2010.

61 Responses to Let’s Go Shopping at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Avatar Image says: I love the music :) I voted for Honeydukes hehe.Avatar Image says: Honeydukes, all the way! What a site....I'm going to keep going there, just to see how the polls are going. This park is going to be grand!Avatar Image says: i love all 3 of them, i cant chooseAvatar Image says: I voted Ollivander's. But who would want to go to Zonkos? 1. WWW is waaay cooler and 2. Zonkos went out of business in HP!Avatar Image says: Honeydukes probablyAvatar Image says: Oh my gosh, I just voted and all three choices have like 33% of the votes.... This is gonna be a close one.Avatar Image says: Honeydukes will be filled with candy, sure, and Zonkos would have some interesting jokes but getting your own wand? Ollivander's for the win!Avatar Image says: I totally agree. Ollivander's is the bomb.Avatar Image says: Oh man, I better start saving now, so I can go in about ten years or so!! :-OAvatar Image says: I love, love, love how they seem to value our opinionAvatar Image says: I chose honeydukes, but if they had weasley's wizard wheezes, it would be www hands down.Avatar Image says: Personally, my vote would go for Weasley's Wizard Wheezes! It's a shame that's not one of the choices :(Avatar Image says: y'all, OBVIOUSLY Honeydukes is the best choice. Zonkos pales in comparison to Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes, and Ollivanders will always be so packed, there wont be any chance to get the full wand buying experience. But in Honeydukes, they will be able to get people in and out, all the while you can munch on Deluxe Sugar Quills, and other various Honeydukes delacasies.Avatar Image says: HONEYDUKES!! For sure! :) Then again would there be different things to buy? I'd want to get a wand at Ollivander's more than anything...Avatar Image says: I'd like Weasley Wheezes, but there's no such choice :(Avatar Image says: i voted for the wand shop just because i like Diagon Alley more then Hogsmead. if they don't have weasley's Wizarding wheezes I'll be disappointed! i was suprised at how close all 3 options are in the poll. at the moment olivander's is #1Avatar Image says: OLIVANDERS!Avatar Image says: OMG, of course Olivanders, i so want to see what they have for wands and stuff. I think it would be the most magical. Honeydukes is all cool two but we have enough candy, and zonkos would be cool too but i like Olivanders better. Avatar Image says: WHY cant we have all thre ????????? But anyway Im voting for Hunydukes becayuse its most likely that they will have wands for sale anywayAvatar Image says: it would be a big mistake to not include Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes i think. honeydukes is the 2nd choice.Avatar Image says: they're probably gonna have all of them in the theme park! :S so excitedAvatar Image says: Honeydukes! How can you pick anything but Honeydukes!! (IMHO, of course, LOL) In Zonko's, its not like they can really duplicate the affects of the jokes... it will be only visual (besides, WWW would've been better!). Olivandars would be a one-time thing for most visitors. I mean, how many times can you go shopping for a wand? But Honeydukes... there's so much there, you can actually taste stuff, and they can keep things changes so its always new! How fun. The scores are still pretty close, so I would not be at all surprised if all three are incorporated. it's very smart on the parks part, to offer the fans all these polls... it makes us fee very involved!Avatar Image says: It was a tough choice, but I chose Ollivander's. It just seems more magical. I'm pretty sure we all want to walk into Ollivander's and buy a wand just like Harry. So -- Ollivander's ftw!! (2nd choice would be Honeydukes)Avatar Image says: Olivander's!!!! i want my own wand im fed up of using chopsticks or twigs :P zonkos is just poor compared to W W W and honeydukes would be good but nowhere near as good as Olivanders, i mean we could have a real old man as Olivander :) hopefully they build all 3Avatar Image says: Honeydukes of course!Avatar Image says: Well it really depends on the products that the shops will be producing. I think Honeydukes could possibly be the most realistic, because do you think that the Zonko products will really be anything close to the ones mentioned in the book?? And sure, I think it would be awsome to be able to buy your own wand... but, then... what would you do with it? Now I think it could be amazing if you could use your wands to interact with certain objects and other items around the park! That would be terrific! So it is difficult for me to make an educated decision on just one shop without more details... but I'm not worried... they're all amazing!Avatar Image says: Olivanders is in Diagon allley not HogsmeadeAvatar Image says: hopefully they build all three thoughAvatar Image says: I'm gonna vote Ollivanders because Honeydukes is just a sweet shop and not very intresting to me. Zonkos Joke Shop is quite apealing to me but Ollivanders win because we can obviously buy wands and I think they could do a sort of thing where the wands are electrical and can be waved and can like open doors and light up stuff. In Pottercast they talked of a game out somewhere where you go there get a wand and walk round the centre and just battle and play with stuff and all. I really hope this theme park isn't just a few rollercoasters and a couple of shops. I hope they use their brains for this one as I've been to the theme parks over there and were great especially Disney Land with the castle. I hope Hogwarts will be explorable. It would be cool. Avatar Image says: I love how fans have a say in all of this!!!! It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. :)Avatar Image says: Why can't we have all three?Avatar Image says: I did not imagine the Three Broomsticks to be so large.Avatar Image says: i voted for ollivanders ! i just would love to get my own wand ! Avatar Image says: hahahahahah i love it al!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: hi, i just voted for honeydukes....as im a major suger freak and am dying to try out the suger quills and droo-ballz (havent got the book on- spell*) hehe mmm lovely, i can taste them now :) i would have voted for olivanders, but i have loads of hp wands and have my own wand already from alivans website... sorry sorry mr olivander!> and zonkos, as someone quite rightly put it pails in comparision to WWW soo.............. :) i was disapointed that they didnt have WWW as an option too....... but maybe, they know that we'd all voted for that and there making it aswell????> well, im hoping thats the reason because i'd be pritty annoyed to say the least if i went and they didnt have it, it one id want to see!!!! :) *on another note, if they do have it, please get the name right WB> as thats the only disapointment frm the new pictures from HBP- its weasleys wizard weezes- NOT weasley and weasly for crying out loud!!!* and, the pictures of what it might look like are amazing , so beautiful.... i might have to save the site to my faves so i can check on its progress *yep, sad i know but- sue me! ;) * im with emmy here- it looks like im going to have to get saving now to go some time this century *hehe :) * - I HAVE TO, HAVE TO go now :))) looking cool :) Avatar Image says: Dang, Ollivander's is winning! I voted for Honeydukes though...Avatar Image says: I like how it's really close. Usually, especially in the broomstick one, it's obvious which will win. But right now all options are neck-and-neck. I voted for Honeydukes, mostly because I'd love to be able to sing the wrock song while walking there.Avatar Image says: well for me it was hard between Zonko's and Ollivander's but I chose Ollivander's! i could use some more wand, plus that would be pretty cool. But any of the 3 will do!Avatar Image says: The thing is, if they plan to have interactive wands and such, even if Ollivander's isn't chosen, you'll still be able to get them somewhere. They wouldn't change such a big thing based on a poll. And if they don't plan to do interactive wands and such, then Ollivander's would probably just be a place to buy Licorice Wands and such. Plus, they could make there be a walkway from Hogwarts to Honeydukes! How insanely awesome would that be?Avatar Image says: As much as I LOVE Honeydukes, I think OLLIVANDERS would make a terrific choice, as it could be so cleverly incorporated into a real 'experience' in the Theme Park. They could have a man dressed in character as Mr. Ollivander there to help you pick out your wand, which would make for both a memorable experience for people of all ages, and would be a treasured souveneir and keepsake. Plus, there might be ways to use your wand throughout the park, like John Noe I believe suggested at one time. Anyway, I think Ollivanders would be a great store, but any and all of them should be at the theme park really! I want THE WHOLE THING!!!Avatar Image says: Oh so close, but I voted for Honeydukes, because WWW so much better than Zonkos!Avatar Image says: As I love all 3, I think Honeydukes would be the most attractive and economical. Lots of people buy candy. Ollivander's would be great but they'd only sell wands. Zonko's- cool as well but I'd rather see WWW.Avatar Image says: EGADS! I CAN"T CHOOSE! Ack--I finally picked Honeydukes over Ollivanders. Though Ollivanders would be boss, I really think that Honeydukes would have more to offer without dissapointing. At Ollivanders people would expect individual attention--and with a place that busy, they'd be let down. But I REALLY hope they have at least the both of them.Avatar Image says: Now, this might not be entirely ethical, but if you want to, you can vote for two if you wish - I've checked, and the site is not counting cookies, so you can twice if you wish.Avatar Image says: WHY is there not an "All of the above" option, and a write-in for WWW? Seriously! *sigh*Avatar Image says: WHY is there not an "All of the above" option, and a write-in for WWW? Seriously! *sigh*Avatar Image says: I voted Honeydukes because 1) I'd rather go to Hogsmead then Diagon Alley 2) the candy, treats, and sweets would be just the same to muggles where as a wand wouldn't work for me.:( But Ollivanders is a close second.Avatar Image says: Why do we have to choose between the three. I want them all and the theme park should be big enough for all three.Avatar Image says: Weasley's Wizard Wheezes would've been my choice, and I don't know why that's not on there... :-( I voted for HoneydukesAvatar Image says: D'you guys reckon they're going to be adding in other shops from Diagon Alley to Hogsmeade? xAvatar Image says: vote ollivanders!Avatar Image says: GO Olivander's! Fom the 1st movie! Yeah! Best one YET!!!Avatar Image says: Why cant we shop at all 3?Avatar Image says: I already have wands. Sweets are nice, but Zonkos would be wicked. Think of all the cool stuff they have there!Avatar Image says: Honeydukes all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: I voted Ollivanders because buying a wand at a wand shop seems cooler and most unique to me. XD A glorious sweet shop like Honeydukes was really tempting though.Avatar Image says: What, no Madam Malkins? What about Wiseacre's Wizarding Equipment...after all, we need some place to buy our bits and bobs. I'm hoping they'll be more than one emporium, with a good variety of items. (Can they partner with Noble Collection?) I'd love to bring back some really good souvenirs, as opposed to junk. Avatar Image says: Omg can you imagine waiting in a really really really long line with a load screaming kids waiting to get a wand? because they're not actually going ti be all like "the wand chooses the wizard" ? i don't think because it will just be like a normal shop where you go in and buy a wand. i voted honeydukes because i like sweets and it would be sooooo cool to go in and just be in honeydukes!Avatar Image says: Why not all 3? Isn't it suppose to be a shopping chain like in the book? D= Avatar ImageSylvieTheHufflepuff says: I wish we could pick all three...Avatar ImageGarden State Geek says: I can't wait to start dropping my money at this theme park -- whatever they offer!

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