PotterCast 180: The Mystic Kettle of Knackledork


Jan 12, 2009

Posted by EdwardTLC

It’s the first PotterCast of the new year and is packed full with the latest Harry Potter news, discussion and so much more. This week on our Harry Potter podcast, Sue’s News starts off the show with the latest on the upcoming Harry, A History audio book, Dan Radcliffe’s comments on Harry Potter: The Musical, actor Tom Felton at Universal Orlando, High Res Half-Blood Prince images, more on possible splits for the Deathly Hallows films, and the Half-Blood Prince film garnering a PG rating. We also give you some more information on the upcoming PotterCast Summer Tour and a run down of our latest Leaky events. Canon Conclundrums is up next, with a discussion on wandless magic and the act of Legilimency. The show wraps up with our PotterCast Quartet talking about the new year, Frak telling hot sauce stories, John making wizard rock music videos, Jingle Spells 2 CDs shipments, and info on Fitting It In, including John’s subscriber challenge. To listen, just
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“The Mystic of Knackledork”

  • Where are they going to split Deathly Hallows? Will they cut Godric’s Hollow?
  • Dobby isn’t dead…
  • Canon Conclundrums: It’s “Legilimens,” not “Legitimens.”
  • Internet and the Wizarding World.
  • Is heartbreak worse than death?
  • The Wrap-Up: Frak puts hot sauce in his eye ’ and John covers himself with yogurt.
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33 Responses to PotterCast 180: The Mystic Kettle of Knackledork

Avatar Image says: I'm half way through this now - showed up in iTunes 40 minutes ago lol Been great so far :)Avatar Image says: Yes! I have been wating for a new one! I love pottercast. I find that I am getting more and more addicted as they go on! :) Thanks guys for doing them!Avatar Image says: Yay! Another one :)Avatar Image says: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Simple reaction wouldn't you say? Thanks PotterCast, i've been waiting forever for this show... you have made my day!! Avatar Image says: dammit I can't listen, have to do essaysAvatar Image says: There seems to be a problem with Melissa's track... It keeps overlapping with the others (in the intro at least).Avatar Image says: Thank you! I will have to listen to it later!Avatar Image says: omg..this is so weird..i was just sayin 2 my friend tht i have nothing to do and i want the next pottercast to come out. yay! i got my wish!!Avatar Image says: I think that they should split the Deathly Hollows movie at the moment when Greyback and the snatchers show up out side their tent. You will hear "Come out of there" It will leave you feeling scared for Harry, Ron & Hermione. I loved the Book "Harry a History" good work Melissa!!Avatar Image says: Been dying! TY Guys!Avatar Image says: I'm so devastated. I cannot listen to it. Nothing is working for me aaaahhhhh! So devastated!Avatar Image says: Can't seem to get #180 to download on itunes--"waiting" to download Avatar Image says: SQUEEEEEE! This is brilliant I have been hanging out for this :) You guys are life savers!Avatar Image says: Phew, actually downloaded this time! First time, not only did it sit there loading almost nothing, it also seemed to think that Mystic Kettle of Knackledork was episode 178! All better now though! Weeeee!Avatar Image says: Although.... now that I have it, my insomnia seems to have spontaneously cured itself. >>; *sigh* Off to bed without hearing new PC I guess. Nargles.Avatar Image says: Melissa's track seems out of synch to me too - at least she's talking over everyone else.Avatar Image says: Ah, at last... But I was looking forward to the Acting Troupe with "Albus Potter and the Founder’s Fountain". Ah well.. Hope next time it will be in it! Great show toughAvatar Image says: In a moment of insanity, I registered dobbyisnotdead.com If Mellisa doesn't want the domain, I'll give it to whoever makes a nice web page for it... Just use whois at godaddy to find my contact info.. NoCharge! OldTomAvatar Image says: Seriously, you guys. Have you been reading the threads on The Split in Leaky. Ron leaving is probalby the WORST WORST WORST place to cut the movies. Having when Ron leaves it too early, and isn't truthful at all. Then the moviegoers spend 6 months hating Ron. I know it seems like a good break off, but it would be very confusing. A better and equally emotional spot: When Ron comes back. If they are going to show it when Ron leaves, and they don't show him trying to come back or show him getting accosted by the snatchers, I might be very peeved. There are a few problems with making it for when Ron leaves: ~My problem with that is that the movies have already made Ron a caricature of the book Ron. That has only recently been remedied. I don't think I could take six months of movie only fans hating on Ron Weasley. ~The logistical problem is that this point is too close to the beginning. I want the Battle of Hogwarts to be at least an hour of this final movie, as there is so much glory and tragedy to cover. If you end it when Ron leaves, then you run the risk of having to stuff too much in that final movie. Avatar Image says: snape was about 21 when Lily was killed...i forget how or when i did the math but i figured the group being born around 1959 or 60 depending on what month they were born i have a feeling that Snape was a few months older than Lily (just like Hermione is almost a full year older than Harry) if anyone has the actual figures i'd be glad to see them....the timeline of this story always interests meAvatar Image says: Yeah, but what if they split it into 4 movies?Avatar Image says: Awesome show guys! Did anyone notice that Harry Potter found its way back on the nytimes bestseller list last week? So strange, random, and yay.Avatar Image says: Snape was born on 9th January 1960. The birth date from Jo's site, the year from him being the same school year as Lily and James who were born on 30th January and 27th March of that year according the their gravestone, as described in the Godric's Hollow chapter of DH.Avatar Image says: Well I finaly finsihed, it took forever with all the school work I have. I loved it but it seams that there are less segments and they got off topic a lot (more than normal). Of course I still love them but this week seamed a little off. Is it just me? :)Avatar Image says: cool that makes him 6 days older than my mum.... Avatar Image says: I don't see how Ron leaving is a truthful place. The locket is distorting the trio's mood and emotions. When Ron comes back there is the "evil" version of Hermione and Harry trying to push Ron into believing things that aren't true and Harry making sure Ron knows that his feelings for Hermione is like a sisters. That whole reunion is a good place to end a movie. But even here is too early because the deathly hollows is still unknown and the movie is going to be called Deathly Hollows. Also I want the battle of Hogwarts to be be at least an hour. Avatar Image says: Sorry guys, but this podcast was awful! You guys kept talking over each other and I couldn't understand half of what some of you were saying sometimes. The volume was really low, too.Avatar Image says: Does anyone else feel that The Mystic Kettle of Nackledirk sounds like one of the Beedle Tales (as with Grumble the Grubby Goat) that never made it to the authorized edition.Avatar Image says: don't know if anyone else is having this issue---but the sound this time around was very low (at least on my computer) and i couldn't turn it up. is it possible to record with higher volume?Avatar Image says: Yeah! Same here about the voices being out of sync. =/Avatar Image says: Amen, EruditeWitch and Tarotx! Ron leaving is a terrible place to split because that was an example of Ron being impulsive and not thinking. He really wanted to come back almost immediately after he left! This is truthful at all... it's a LIE! Ron's return is much more truthful because when Ron attempts to destroy the locket there is all kinds of mixed emotions as we see how Ron really feels deep down about Harry, Hermione, his parents, etc. I also have trouble believing (maybe i should say more trouble accepting) that they would cut Godric's Hollow. Especially the fact that they split the movie to include as many scenes as they could... Oh well, we'll find out eventually..Avatar Image says: whens the next show comingAvatar Imagethe-charmed-baja says: Dobby definitely isn't dead!! :)!

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