Finite Incantatem, Inauguration and Musical Rumors


Jan 13, 2009

Posted by Melissa Anelli

The Scotsman today has two items in a Harry Potter report: First, that J.K. Rowling is on expected to receive an invite to one of January 20th’s Inaugural Balls in Washington, DC. This seems to have traveled from one article suggesting JKR would be on the list for future state dinners, to another speculating that she’d be at the inauguration, to another claiming she will be. As of this moment no invitation has been received. (And with seven days to go, that committee better hurry to the post office.)

The other regards the often-rumored Harry Potter musical, the premise of which you will remember (from an earlier TLC report) Dan Radcliffe soundly rejecting; JKR’s agent has told the Scotsman that a musical is not in the works, “full stop.”

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Avatar Image says: LOL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Avatar Image says: Jo is probably happy about the inaguration but why would she need to go to state dinners XD LOL And really, I dont wanna see an HP Musical... please.... unless its a short show at the Theme Park :DAvatar Image says: I hope she does get an invitation! As for the musical... no thanks. Avatar Image says: I so hope she goes to the Inaguration Ceremony! She would be representing all of us Potter fans! I just hope there is no HP musical! I would make HP so childish. i cant think of people dancing and singing HP. just leave it alone with the wizard rock.,more than enough!Avatar Image says: hm on this....i had some peripheral involvement in one of the inaugurals (16 years ago, if anyone wants to figure things out), and can tell you that the invite lists are created many weeks before the event, and for the big-names invitations are extended months in advance...last minute invitations are rather unlikely, the more so because of the excitement about this inaugural. I'd definitely put this in the rumor category, with the slight possibility of JKR might be invited by the British Embassy as a guest/representative of Her majesty. Since --as Melissa indciates above --an invitation has not yet been received, then I'd say its pretty unlikely roonwit, hope all is well?Avatar Image says: hey if i was rich and famous - going to inaugurations and premieres is one of the perks i would be happy to deal with! it would almost make having to deal with paparazzi worth it! plus who wouldn't want to go to this inauguration - it's historic - on the very steps that slaves built ... i am tearing up now :)Avatar Image says: Well, I've long supported the idea of a Children's Ball at Obama's Inauguration. And it would be nice if writers and musicians that Sasha and Malia love were there. I hope JKR gets an invite. And, speaking of musicals, I don't see a Harry Potter musical. But what about *Harry, A HIstory: The Musical*? I can see it now, Idina Menzel playing Melissa, a kid fresh out of journalism school looking for her first big break when she meets some oddly dressed people looking like witches and wizards (opportunity for in-jokes abound) while visiting a bookshop late at night. Cue the music, "I'm in love with the Boy who lived, the boy with the lightning scar. With coffee and laptop and digital scanner, we'll travel far."Avatar Image says: maybe the invite thing was a rumor. but knowing Obama i'm sure it's just a matter of time before she's invited and no offense to Obama but i`m sure that she would be the most famous person there. there`s always next year. harry potter a musical? i`m sorry for those who think other wise but i can`t see it ever happening. just thinking of having to sit for hours in some theater watching harry prance around singing some song because he learned how to make an object float would kill me. i`d probably get up screaming because they destroyed such a great piece of work as the potter series and destroying it with a musical. it be like peeing on the Mona Leesa! Avatar Image says: yeah, we didn't post the initial rumor but now papers are starting to act like it's fait accompli. Which is when we get to do the happy rumor squashing dance. It looks something like the macarena.Avatar Image says: Sure, most of us would NOT like a harry potter musical... but i still think that it would have some potential. (although harry potter and theatre are my two biggest loves in life, so of course I like this idea!) If it's put in the wrong hands, it would be corny, embarassing, and just downright atrocious! But if put in the hands of the right people, it could be the next Wicked!!! Hopefully Jo is invited to the Inauguration, but I was under the impression that it would have been confirmed by now. Avatar Image says: hahaha. I'd love to see this rumor squashing dance!!!Avatar Image says: Melissa dancing the macarena? Why wasn't that included in We are Wizards? ;-) Oddly, I'm not concerned that anyone would really pull off a "Harry the Musical", but in about 10-12 years I wouldn't be surprised if a cartoon "Harry and friends at Hogwarts" doesn't get seriously discussed.....yeech! Just had an image, kinda "ScoobyDoo meets the Death Eaters"!Avatar Image says: Oh please please please don't do any musical. Just don't make such a ridiculous thing.Avatar Image says: We can't assume that Sasha and Malia are Hary Potter fans? Maybe, they aren't. Avatar Image says: pensieveplotter: yes, they are fans. Or at least Malia is; Obama said he had read the books with her.Avatar Image says: A musical doesn't necsesarily have to be comical or riddiculous. If you think this is the case, I'm afraid you've been given the wrong impression of musical theater. There are plenty of really good dramatic musicals. They just made Lord of the Rings into a musical and I must say it was pretty good. If they can do it with an epic like that it COULD be done with Harry Potter as well. Though I'll admit I don't imediately see musical potential and I agree that it would have to be put into the right hands in order for it to work. If it was created by a corporate machine I could see it being a terrible disaster. However, if it was created by fans there could be the possibility for something really special. This gives me an idea actually...Avatar Image says: why the heck should there NOt be a Harry the Musical? or Harry the Opera? I think John Adams ( "Nixon in China","the Death of Klinghoffer", "On the Transmigration of Souls") could write some very decent and suitable music for the story. It doesn't always have to be easygoing, easyselling singalongs by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Every story can be turned into a piece of musical performance, a lot of stories a composer like Tchaikowsky have even less substance then Harry Potter. But the storyline would always be submissive to the music, as the storyline is submissive to the image in the movies, it would therefor be farther removed from the books then the movies.Avatar Image says: @budb....ROFLMSS! Melissa, dancing the Macarena? LOLOLOL! [I can't breathe] and "ScoobyDoo Meets The Death Eaters"!!!!! Why not 'Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny as Power Rangers?!!!! LOL. 'Harry, A History: The Musical'!Avatar Image says: Well I doubt she will be there barring any credible information to back this up. If it turns out to be true I might just have to rethink not going to the swearing in and squeezing myself in the metro for the ride to DC. Then there will be at least one Harry Potter fan representin’.Avatar Image says: In an interview, Mr. Obama mentioned that he read HP to the girls; given their ages its most likely that they are more familiar with the films,,, BTW, has anyone watched the West Wing series, especially the Halloween episode when the kid dressed up as HP? Those last two years of WW are almost a forecast (dare I saw prophecy?) of our real life US political election!Avatar Image says: inaugurations only come every time we have a new president. Avatar Image says: Glad I did something right today, C Lady! ;-)Avatar Image says: Saw that WW episode. And yes, many have commented on how the last two seasons echoed the election. Aaron Sorkin must have been hanging about with Prof. Trelawney.Avatar Image says: I don't want Harry Potter associated with the travesty that is the Obama inauguration. This country is royally screwed now.Avatar Image says: Melissa, I would love to see you do this dance you have mentioned. I will gladly join in. I personally would protest (signs, t-shirts, ect.) a HP musical. I wouldn't be against a cartoon, as long as it was half decent and not corny. I'm also happy that our president-elect has read HP. It makes me like him a bit more. (Sorry, I'm not a big Obama fan.)Avatar Image says: As Dan Radcliffe said in a recent interview. "No, no, no, god no. I mean it would be just so bad if there were a Harry Potter musical. I mean I have heard things about it but I really....really...hope it doesn't happen because it's not what it's about at all...there are some things which you could make into a musical quite comfortably....Harry Potter...I don't know where the songs are...I think the image of old people in wizards robes dancing is just.....oh no....I would wouldn't have my blessing I'd have to say." That pretty much sums it up. Avatar Image says: I remember in an interview, the question to Obama was something about how he managed to still do normal things with his family. The one that he mentioned was that he had read ALL the Harry Potter books with Malia. Which just made me smile. And the other day I heard someone (can't remember who it was) who is working on the inaugural doings saying that she wished she could use some of Harry Potter's magic to make it all happen. She went on to say how much easier it would be if they could use the Floo Network to get all the dignataries there - much easier than it will be with all the security for something so large. Again, I had to smile - but I was in the car and it was on NPR, so I don't know who it was. PatAvatar Image says: *A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Wizenmagot* Avatar Image says: That looks like the transcript I typed up from Daniel's "Ask a Star" interview :). And I agree with every word, stutter, syllable, exclamation he said...please.... no on a HP musical. Or do it when I'm long gone. I'm used to Daniel looking different from Harry but have only seen Rupert as Ron. I can't get over his look in the Cherrybomb pics!! Avatar Image says: Yeah, with seven days to go...I doubt she will be invited. That sucks though, because I think it's going to be amazing! Also, as for a HP musical- noooo thank you! Sure, I love the theatre, but Harry Potter is the type of literature that is worlds away from anything broadway-bound. It is far too amazing!Avatar Image says: If there is ever Harry, the mustical I probably won't be around, but if it could be anything like Les Miserable is would be fantastic. Les Mis begins in misery goes from bad to worse has a great battle scene and ends with love triumphant. The best musical ever for me!Avatar Image says: I heard invites were very tight this year and everybody in Washington was scrambling for them. Because Jo is a British subject and not a US citizen, I don't think she would be invited except if the Embassy had some extras, and probably wouldn't want to go without her whole family. I'm sure she'll be invited to meet the kids at some point though if they read her books, and she'll be their guest then, which would be more appropriate. The inaugural invites are really for people who helped you get elected and supported your campaign financially, etc. as well as the people who are on the "must" list. There are general invites for around 1500 people but they just go through a receiving line and are not regarded as personal guests of the president, and that doesn't seem like the right thing for her.Avatar Image says: Roger wrote, "I don’t want Harry Potter associated with the travesty that is the Obama inauguration. This country is royally screwed now." I guess there was one person who had to turn this negative. But why did it have to be you? Avatar Image says: *mg* If you typed that interview, then that is where I got it. I love HP World, but you can take a thing too far. A musical is too far. Thanks for the transcript. (I did cut some of it out. LOL) Avatar Image says: Roger, I respect you're opinion, but i disagree. i think that the world will be SAVED on January 20th. (ok not really, that's an exageration, it's gonna take lots of work, but i think the it helps we now that have obama). I think it would be amazingly awesome if she went to the gala. if my dad was getting inogurated, i would force him to invite jo rowling! oh, to be his daughters at the gala!Avatar Image says: No to the HP musical idea. I love Harry Potter, but I do NOT want them to make a musical about it. That would just be weird.Avatar Image says: Laura: I totally agree with you."No to the HP musical idea." And no to the presidency of Obama! And for all of those people out there who say that non-Obama supporters are racist, come off it! I am NOT racist. Besides,this may be the last time I get to freely express myself, since someone wants to get rid of the "Freedom of Speech" Amendment, *cough* Obama *cough* Sorry, I had to get all of that out of my system. Roger: I have to say that I agree 100% with you. This country is wonderful and I am totally pround to be an American, but I think that the election of Obama might as well have been the last nail in her coffin. Anyway, I don't think Rowling would waste her time going to the Inauguration. My understanding is that the Obamas are Harry Potter fans, so that must be why she was on the invite list. Kay: I have to disagree with you thorougly. I DO NOT think that the world will be saved January 20th. I personally, think that the world will be put in a worse situation. Do not get me wrong, and I do not mean to offend Obama or any Obama supporters, but I am a strongly convicted Republican and I voted for McCain and Palin. Anyway, onto more Harry Potter related things. I do believe that it would prove interesting if Harry Potter were a musical, but I cannot really picture it. I mean, other big books/movies like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Twilight, they're all great series, but they just don't fit the broadway world, in my opinion. Avatar Image says: Okay, Kay, I have to disagree. And the rest of you McCain haters that are Obama's supporters, you act like you worship the man. Sheesh! Anyway, I say no the the HP musical idea.Avatar Image says: I found an error that I made, earlier. Sorry. Where it says "pround" I meant proud.Avatar Image says: well, folks, i follow the bits and pieces here on Leaky for one simple reason: it has absolutely nothing to do with everyday reality. There are plenty of other places where we can talk politics, but very few where we can really discuss HP. May I ask that we keep the two worlds separated? and with that, I'll leave a large bowl of chocolates out on the counter for all of you to Remus pointed out "Eat! It helps!" Avatar Image says: Can we please stop with the political attacks? Harry Potter has almost always been safe from too much talk of politics and clashing opinions (that almost always leave someone insulted or hurt). Avatar Image says: Mike: its republicans that want to get rid of the Freedom of Speech. They are the ones always trying to censor things including in some cases Harry Potter. They have been dominated by the Religious right which is a major problem with the party. Obama isn't going to take away the first amendment and if you think he will you need to stop drinking the kool aid.Avatar Image says: I really, really did not want to respond with my political views, but I cannot let some of these comments go unchecked. Layton: Actually it is Democrats and liberals who wish to stop free speech with a reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine (which is actually more of the Censorship Doctrine). Republicans Reagan and Bush 41 both vetoed the the bill when it was brought to them while they were president. While no legislation like this has recently been brought up in Congress, when asked Democrats highly support regulating what the media can say about politics (especially conservative talk radio). Liberals used to stand for free speech, but now, afraid of the power that is freedom of speech, they're trying to regulate it. Now that we have such a Democrat majority in Congress along with a liberal president, who knows what might happen to this first amendment right we cherish so much. Harry Potter did not stand for media bias and censorship, and we shouldn't either!Avatar Image says: RIGHT ON HOLLY!Avatar Image says: I think it is funny that people just assumed that JKR would be invited just because Obama read the books to his daughters. I read the books and used to like them even though Deathly Hallows has caused me to be an ex Harry Potter fan. Just because I read the books doesn't mean I'm a fan. Just because I read the books doesn't mean I admire JKR. Just because Obama read the books to his daughter doesn't mean JKR was assured an invitation. Assumption is the the major cause of most untruths. It's time to do like Mugglenet did and place on the title that this article is false. Avatar Image says: Layton: What was that supposed to mean, "Stop drinking the Kool-Aid?" Dude, I do not mean to offend you or Obama, honestly I don't. I respect all kinds of religion, politics, and personal choices. But, I am intitled to my own opinion just as much as the next person. Now, I really did not want to get into politics, here, but I felt that I should express myself. And you have just exhibited an example of being uninformed correctly. It's not the Republicans that want to get rid of that and I must say that you should do better research. I do not mean to be critcal nor do I want to degrade Democrats in any way, but I have to say that there is nothing wrong with being religious. Look, I love Harry Potter and yet I am a Republican. Harry Potter has nothing to do with politics, and, although, I started most of the political comments let's just call it truce between the parties, here and stop bashing people rather they're Democrats or Republicans. To be honest, I think that Obama would make a good president if he sticks to what he says he's going to do and thinks what's best for the nation and not just himself (something all people have a hard time doing, sometimes.) Sorry, if I ticked you off. Please respect my opinion as I respect yours. Again, I am sorry if I offended anyone with my comment before, that was not my intention.Avatar Image says: Holly: I couldn't have said it better myself.Avatar Image says: Holly: I couldn't have said it better myself.Avatar Image says: STOP WITH THE POLITICS! Seriously, as stated before, that stuff is all over the place. This is for Harry Potter only and it should stay that way. So, please, if you have political issues, discuss them somewhere else.Avatar Image says: PensievePlotter--Sasha and Malia ARE Harry Potter fans. I heard an interview where Michelle Obama said Barack had read HP to them...Avatar Image says: ....Avatar Image says: RICK WARREN SUCKS !!!!!!!Avatar Image says: When Obama makes comments like "We can not allow any idle hands," like he said today, I start to become really afraid. I can't believe that more people can't see how totalitarian this guy is. Avatar ImageGarden State Geek says: Ugh. I have to keep hoping for a musical (not with the current cast, BTW).

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