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Jan 15, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

At the screening of the film of her novel Inkheart, author Cornelia Funke gave some new comments regarding the work of Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling. Speaking to Snitchseeker, Cornelia Funke apparently said “that she admires fellow author J.K. Rowling’s ability to use visual
imagery rather than realistic descriptions to help readers of all ages
understand difficult topics.” Quotage:

She clouds your reality into a “costume.” For example when she does
torture, in a children’s book, she goes so close to what torture is ’
and you can bear to look at it because she clouds it in a costume. Or
when Dumbledore has the pensieve, where he puts the thoughts that
bother him – he doesn’t want to get rid of the memories, but he can’t
stand them for awhile. What a perfect way to express the human

So that, I think is the task of fantasy writers that put our human
condition into story – not into realistic description. And she
[Rowling] can do that.

Inkheart the movie features Jim Broadbent (Professor Slughorn in the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.) Thanks to Snitchseeker for emailing!

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Avatar Image says: I couldn't agree more. Jo knows the human condition. Avatar Image says: i agree with what she said but not a big fan of Cornelia Funke her latest two books were terrible.Avatar Image says: I have been a huge fan of Cornelia Funke for such a long time, and I notice that whenever J.K. rowling puts out a new book, Cornelia always recommends it on her website. I just think its nice to see popular writers being supportive of jk rowling's world. So many writers have spoken out in such a way that make it seem they are jealous, and others have tried desporately to use harry potter and jk rowling to make themselves more popular *stephenie meyer being wel known for prodding reporters before interviews to ask about what it feels like to be the next J.K. Rowling just so she can give a tittering laugh, a self indulgent smile, and says those are big shoes to fill" I just finished inkdeath, and though it was dark, and there were a few things that annoyed me, I still enjoyed it overall.Avatar Image says: I don't really understand what she said, but it sounds like she is being complimentary.Avatar Image says: What a great way to describe what Rowling does. Especially about the torture, which in a book being read by children, is a very difficult subject. But she's right; rather than a lot of graphic words, you get an image of what is happening. And that ends up being more powerful. Because of the way JKR writes about diffiicult topics, even younger children can read it. But they "see" it on their own level of understanding, while still getting the point of the story.Avatar Image says: I love Cornelia Funke! Her 'Thief Lord' is a work of art! ... I'm glad authors appreciate others in that sense... (I've yet to read Inkheart, though...)Avatar Image says: Jo always has such fun with symbolism. I think my favorite is the dementors, bad memories and regrets, and the only way to combat them is to summon up the most powerful positive memories you can, and focus on them...or sometimes just have a bite of chocolate.Avatar Image says: That's exactly what Jo does!! And I love it so much. :) I've never read the Inkheart books, but I've heard they're really good. They're on my miles-long list of books to read when I'm out of college.Avatar Image says: I totally agree! I like Funke a lot; her books are really good. I'm excited about Broadbent being in Inkheart and HBP since he's such a good actor.Avatar Image says: Jim Broadbent is fantastic in Inkheart, he really portrays (spelling?) the character well, I hope he does as good a job in HBP. I'm re-reading Inkheart just now and its good, but I think the Thief Lord is better.Avatar Image says: LOL Millywimble. Sometimes when an author speaks metaphorically, I too draw a blank face. Clouding reality into a costume raised a "what the heck does that mean" reaction from me but as she gave an example I figured what she meant. However, "Clouding reality into a custume" still sounds like a rather silly way of putting it. But it is a great point about Jo's writing. The most obvious example that spring to my mind are Dementors. They represent despair and depression, feelings of the human condition that literally feels like your soul been sucked out. I agree with Elder_Swear, she sounds like a very nice person and to be recommending an author like JK is very gracious. Some author's like Terry Pratchet and Phil Pullman tend to show a slight tendency of jealousy as they criticise her work rather than praise what she got right.Avatar Image says: That was lovley of her to say. I am going to read her books, I've been wanting to for a while and I might as well do it soon. Professor Potter - this is exactly why I refuse to read the Terry Pratchett books (just don't want to read something written by a grown man who can's tand being a "second best" to JKR. And I couldn't stand the Phil Pullman books and I read them before I ever knew of his negative comments towards JKR.Avatar Image says: Awe, she's so nice. I've been wanting to read Inkheart.... I didn't know there was a movie till a few days ago XDAvatar Image says: Oooh Joanna, it be a shame to boycott their books because of those flaws. Everyone has their flaws. Yes, Pratchett and Pullman are not too gracious with Jo and have come across as childish in mine (and yours) views but they are damn good story tellers! Pratchett books are incredibly charming, satirical and funny. Pullman on the other hand knows how to write epic fantasy and his Ruby in the Smoke series are pretty compelling too. Of course, none of them are as good as Rowling :)Avatar Image says: Isn't Jessie Cave (Lavender Brown) in Inkheart as well? In a minor character role?Avatar Image says: How lovely! Cornelia Funke's work is wonderful, especially Inkheart and Thief Lord, so it's wonderful to see her support Rowling's work.Avatar Image says: Bravo to Mrs. Funke for complimenting JKR!!!!! Cornelia is a fantastic author. Her books are amazing, especially considering that they are translated from German. I highly encourage anyone who has not read her books to do so, specifically The Thief Lord and the Ink-Trilogy.Avatar Image says: to nicole - jesse cave is in Inkheart she plays the part of a water nymph :) i love it when authors praise jo's work but i absolutely hate it when others use their praise in order to boost their sales like what elder_swear was saying about stephanie meyer. i hate it how sm is constantly being compared to jo when her work is complete rubbish, about the only good thing about twilight was the first and last book, there was no need for the 2nd or 3rd and they were boring as hell. all she had to write was 2 books and be done with it but the series was drawn out probs just for profits. and dont even get me started on the movie...Avatar Image says: I loved Inkheart, it was a refreshing change of pace to see how fictional characters cope in our world for a change. It was also lovely to see Anthea Bell still active as a translator, having enjoyed the English versions of Asterix from a very early age :) I love how things came together for the movie -- Paul Bettany blew me away in A Knight's Tale, he's perfect for Dustfinger. I was wondering who could play Elionr, and BAM, Helen Mirren. I'm quite looking forward to this! Avatar Image says: ...sigh... Elinor... Avatar Image says: Nice what she said about Jo! I love seeing writers compliment eachother, especially when it's deserved. Though I'm not a big fan of Cornelia Funke. I started reading Inkheart a few months ago and never did get through the whole thing. It just didn't hold my attention. I do want to see the movie though.Avatar Image says: Cornelia Funke wrote another very good book called Dragon Rider. The audio book is narrated by Brendan Frasier - with much enthusiasm I might add. I thought it was so much better than Eragon, and should have been made into a movie. Avatar Image says: The trailer looks great, but when I first read the post I thought it said Cornelius Fudge!Avatar Image says: Terry Pratchett's books are wonderful. Very funny, clever, brilliantly satirical, and irresistable. In other words, a lot like Rowling's books in many ways. He's one of my favorite authors. Besides he has said somewhere that his comments on Rowling were misinterpreted and that he doesn't dislike her or her work (I'll go find the information if I must in order to defend him). So please stop with the Pratchett insults. They are unfair. Besides, even if he is a bit jealous of Rowling and her success (and which fantasy author wouldn't be?), or even if he hated Rowling's books, that isn't a good enough reason to refuse to read his books. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about books even if that involves not liking HP (impossible as that may seem to us) and, to my knowledge, Pratchett never actually said the HP books were bad or that Rowling lacked talent, did he? I never read the actual comments of his that you guys are referring to so I don't know for sure. Avatar Image says: I liked Inkdeath, but the ending makes me think the boy at the end is going to have an adventure of his own...Avatar Image says: What a wonderful and insightful way to describe what Jo does. Also, we'd known that Funke was a fan of Rowling for awhile - in all three of the Inkheart books there have been quotes from Harry Potter. In fact, a quote about the Pensieve that she references in the interview is in Inkdeath.Avatar Image says: I am absolutely in LOVE with the Ink-books!! Admittedly, Inkheart starts off a bit slow, but once i got into it, I couldn't put it down! I rushed to the store to get Inkdeath when it came out, and I'm so sad that the trilogy is over! I can't wait for the movie, even though it looks like another Ella Enchanted (in other words, a good movie, but an absolutely horrendous adaptation). I've read the Thief Lord, and thought it was okay, nothing spectacular. I've yet to read Dragon Rider. And while I haven't read Pratchett's books, I have read Pullman's. His writing can be summed up with one sentence: I liked the movie better. Cornelia Funke is amazing, I loved the quotes from PS and GF in her books (she also quoted Pullman's "Amber Spyglass" I believe). She's one of those authors who isn't just a writer, but a true reader like us. And she transferred that to Inkheart's protagonist, Meggie, which is why I love her so much.Avatar Image says: Funke can't be a very good writer if she usesmixed metaphors like "clouds it in a costume." Good thing most of you understood what she was trying to say: that JKR disguises some things with a "costume," such as the Cruciatus Curse for torture or the Dementors for depression. Avatar Image says: That was so sweet of her! I love Cornelia Funke!Avatar Image says: That was so sweet of her! I love Cornelia Funke!Avatar Image says: Cornelia Funke? Cornelius Fudge?Avatar Image says: Thief Lord was amazing! Not as good as Harry Potter, but I recommend it to anyone who has a few days with nothing to do!Avatar Image says: @ NuttyAsSP ... I doubt that Jo made that connection intensionally... Fudge, in the books, is an extremely weak character, and Jo clearly has no reason to name such a character after her. Also Fudge's name was probably thought of before she knew who she was. (sorry for the double post) :(Avatar Image says: How nice of her!! Cornelia is one of my favorite authors!!!!! I loved Inkheart (and the ones that followed) The Theif Lord was amazing, as was Dragon Rider. I'm think she's number three after Diana Wynne Jones and Michele Jaffe.(I think I spelled that right..) *sigh* It's nice to see authos complienting each other. She used a nice metaphor... ^.^ Though I cannot agree with people saying that SM used JK for publicity... It was the media doing the comparing. SM as she says so her self knows she's not as good of a writer as JK.... Sheesh Avatar ImageGarden State Geek says: It's great that a fellow author recognizes JKR's talents. Avatar Imagekyrstalkris says: lOl. I agree with Cornella Flunke! But, hey, Cornella, you're a great author too! =]

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