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Jan 15, 2009

Posted by Melissa Anelli

Bloomsbury (whose Beedle the Bard page is here) has updated their YouTube channel today with a video of Jo answering questions asked by children at the Beedle release party (originally reported by Leaky here), about whether her teachers knew she was a good story writer (not sure but it was her favorite subject; least was chemistry, which is why Snape is the potions teacher), Children’s High Level Group, her fears (spiders, like Ron and Rupert), and what Edinburgh and real-world places she based her fictional locations on (none).

There’s also a video of Jo signing books, reading from The Fountain of Fair Fortune, and a Q&A with a reporter in which she talks about her current project – perhaps.




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Avatar Image says: YAY! First Comment!! :D ( I think...) YAY!Avatar Image says: hey, luv tales of beedle...2nd!! lol..YAY!! so tired. goodnight every one!!Avatar Image says: I love just listening to Jo talk . . . she's so thoughtful and entertaining at the same time, it adds a huge element to hear her speak as opposed to reading transcripts of interviews like these.Avatar Image says: So Jo answered one little girl's question about spiders, and said that there would be giant spiders in the 7th film. (film, not book) So, are they deffinately having the spiders coming out of the forrest for the final battle? hmmm...I wonder...lolAvatar Image says: *gasp* How can anyone not love chemistry?Avatar Image says: well i really lyk d way she talks ab't her books wid kids..newaz nice work again Jo..Beedle the Bard is a cool book:-):-):-)Avatar Image says: love this interview.. Anyway, what time is it there? 'Cause here's 15.23 PM.Avatar Image says: I haven't seen her for ages! I look at her and I see a woman I love and admire so much. Forever isn't enough for say thank you Jo! Avatar Image says: Jo is an ammazing woman, she's so inspiring and strong and the hp series is awesome, i've grown up with them. Go Jo! I hope she writes more...Avatar Image says: i love Jo Avatar Image says: @Affy -- don't you mean "bedl d bard iz a kul buk"? :-)Avatar Image says: I totally love her. She made my world magical. I wish I was there! I've always wanted to attend some of her book signings. Maybe someday. :DAvatar Image says: I wonder if the red head applying the hologram stickers is a relative of Fiddy's or Jo's? Avatar Image says: Nice collection of videos of the event. I feel quite re-assured in the last video that Rowling is writing even if she is not letting anything on what she is working on. Not that I had doubts but I just look forward to anything that she writes. Avatar Image says: Haha. I hated Chemistry too (too mathematical for me and I'm a hopeless failure when it comes to math), but I like Snape. Certainly wouldn't actually want him for a teacher, though. But I think the fact that he teaches Potions (which, like Chemistry, is generally considered to be a difficult school subject) also helps proves his great intelligence. My favorite school subject was English too, and my least favorite was Math, but the mathematical kinds of sciences were just as bad. Avatar Image says: Oh I just love listening to Jo read from the book! It just makes it better hearing it from the woman who wrote it, and knowing that the way she is reading it is the way she reads it in her mind. It makes it all that much more amazing. :)Avatar Image says: MC8105 - you might have mis-heard her. I think she said "second" film ,not "seventh". Though I hope you're right!Avatar Image says: Oh my gosh, what in the world would i do if i ever met her? Probly just faint from her aura of awesome. Those kids are so lucky!Avatar Image says: At Tom M - no, I'm pretty sure she says "seventh", which would be totally awesome if it was true!Avatar Image says: Seeing all those kids/people talking to and getting an autograph from Jo, makes me SO inCREDIBLY jealous!!Avatar Image says: nice, but if I were that kid, I would not have asked a question about the childrens high level group... Avatar Image says: i read the story. listening to it, however, i think i understand some of the moral a little better. especially the part about pay me the fruit of your labors. i like the story a little more now. Avatar Image says: THE CHILDREN LOOK SO BORED!!!!!!!! LIKE WAKE UP ALREADY!! THIS IS J.K.ROWLONG!!Avatar Image says: yeah Jo is amazing she has made such a difference to my life i just cant begin to imagine a world without Jo and by extention a world without harry potter... xAvatar Image says: yeah the kids look really bored when i met jo two years ago i went utterly speechless and just smiled like a maniac and i didn't sleep from the moment i knew i was gonna meet her till i met her!!! it was the best day of my life!!!! Avatar ImageGarden State Geek says: I bought the collectors edition of Beedle the Bard. It's a great item and wonderful for charity.

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