New Half-Blood Prince Trailer Running in Japan, New Stills of Snape on the Tower, Greyback, Draco and More


Jan 18, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

Thanks to Pottermania for letting us know about a trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince that is running in Japan, that contains many new images from the upcoming film. You can see new stills of this trailer via this link, including a remarkable look at Snape on the Astronomy tower, wand at hand, gesturing to Harry to remain silent right before those pivotal events with Dumbledore, as well as a dramatic photo of Greyback dragging a victim, while the Death Eaters are creating havoc in Diagon Alley. UPDATE: At the request of Pottermania, we must ask you to view all of the remaining photos including ones of Draco, Luna in the Lion hat and more via their website. Please note: These stills are heavily watermarked and in some instances
are blurry. We do not know if when this trailer will be released or
online and will update with more when we can. Thanks T!

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Avatar Image says: yeah firts 2 comment! and also these pictures r gr8! Avatar Image says: Cool!! I would love to watch that new trailer!! ^^ I hope someone will upload it on the Internet =)Avatar Image says: OMG! Is it summer yet?Avatar Image says: OMG!! The almost snog is the most "almost" still of that scene we have ever seen!! ^^ I wonder if they show part of the actual kiss in that trailer, I mean with their lips really touching XDAvatar Image says: Awesome pictures!!!! i still cant believe it's going to be PG...... Avatar Image says: MORE MORE!Avatar Image says: I wonder if the building you can see behind Greyback dragging a victim is the WWW shop? XDAvatar Image says: yay!!! Avatar Image says: OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST WEEKEND EVER!!11 THANK YOU LEAKY. I LOVE YOU!!!!Avatar Image says: This is awesome! I especially love the Lion HatAvatar Image says: OMG!!! I HAVEN'T EVEN SEEN IT YET AND I'M FREAKING OUT!!!! Avatar Image says: Whoa. rons got huge muscles!Avatar Image says: you've just made my weekend Leaky Cauldron =)) somebody should upload the trailer online [=Avatar Image says: what is budleaigh babbleton???????/Avatar Image says: sorry for the million posts: The kiss looks like its one millisecond after the scene we saw in the last trailer I love Bellatrix. shes awsome in the movies. She plays crazy really wellAvatar Image says: NO EFFING WAY. =D I love the one where Harry and Ron are shaking hands at the table! Ahh! Rupert is so hot :)Avatar Image says: I wonder if its on youtube yet. someone must have posted it by nowAvatar Image says: And that pic of Dumbledore in the subway!!!! The ad for perfume saying: "Divine Magic". That's hilarious!!! XDAvatar Image says: So. . . they have a completely new trailer in Japan but we don't have it here or in the UK? What's the deal with that?Avatar Image says: Ohhh theres anew cave scene too!!! to Eeyore: Everything always comes out in Japan first. We'll probaably get ours sometime next week. or even tomorrow!!Avatar Image says: This website must have the video if they have stills. Come on...share. Please?!Avatar Image says: Why is Snape telling Harry to be quiet on the astronomy tower? Doesn't that defeat the whole is snape evil or not thing? Avatar Image says: WB should slow down the release of trailers and pictures. It's like we'll see the entire movie before its actual release. I know I don't have to look at the pictures but it'is too tempting !!! Avatar Image says: i cant see any of the photos.Avatar Image says: ^^^ We do seem to be getting more than usual. I think because of the long wait, WB is afraid the regular movie audience will forget about the films and they are trying to keep excitement up. Plus, they start filming DH in a month, they are in pre-production, and they probably want to shift their focus onto those films. It's probably going to be difficult for them to be filming the huge last two movies while promoting the sixth one.Avatar Image says: Blair - but then he goes up there and kills Dumbledore. So people are still going to be like "Is he evil or not?"Avatar Image says: ohh and ur welcome!!Avatar Image says: Thank you....for showing us an old trailer that we saw three months ago. It's not the same one as the new one.Avatar Image says: Thats not a new video brian........o_OAvatar Image says: yes it is! its brand new! not the ones released here!Avatar Image says: They were awesome, I can't wait for the trailer. I hope it's tomorrow!Avatar Image says: watch it b4 u say its an old 1! look at the ones on yahoo and youtube its not one of them!Avatar Image says: Oh my gosh, I can't see any of it, it's loading extremely slowing. Just reading Ron and big arms and shaking hands with Harry is driving me crazy... I want to see it all...Avatar Image says: Luna's Lion hat looks cool! I wonder if it actually roars!xxAvatar Image says: but guys this is the same one as the one we saw three months ago...Avatar Image says: I'd rather see the trailer than look at the stills, but I guess I've got no other option at the moment. Let's hope we see it soon. Is it wrong that I'm not super excited after seeing the stills? :S Avatar Image says: Aaaaah! Thank you sooo much leaky cauldron! i sooo can't wait until the movie premieres =) The dark side is finally taking over!Avatar Image says: That one with Snape and Harry is weird. Snape didn't know Harry was there, so I'm curious as to how the scene is going to pan out.Avatar Image says: We will see the t trailer tonight or tomorrow I now itAvatar Image says: ok I wanna see this trailer now!Avatar Image says: brian kwisconsin, that trailer is months old. You're just out of the loop. We've had three trailer's so far, and then this japan one we're getting pics of now.Avatar Image says: Forget Pansy. Is that huuugely tall Slytherin next to Draco maybe Blaise??? OOh and the Astronomy tower scene. o.o When are we getting to see this trailer?Avatar Image says: Neil, just remember the movie is not the book. It's an adaptation of the book. Would watching an invisible Harry who we can't see leaning stiff against the wall while Dumbledore dies really be that dramatic?Avatar Image says: Crown Victoria: Budleigh Babberton is the town where Slughorn was living, in a Muggle house while its owners were on holiday in the Canary Islands. It's where Harry and Dumbledore visited him to talk him into returning to Hogwarts. Can't wait to see this new trailer!!!! Avatar Image says: Chris, I agree with your comment. I always thought that would have to be changed a bit to work for a film. I've been trying to stay away from the trailers, I had to look at the pic with Grayback and a victim. Though I'm still worried about them watering down the film since the PG rating, this pic helps. Still, though, did anyone notice that the pic of a bloody Harry on a magazine cover? Yes. Well, I guess it's not in the film. Harry doesn't appear to even have a scratch on him from the ending of the theatrical trailer.Avatar Image says: This is INCREDIBLE !!! Thank U Japan !!! I can't wait for the trailer to come out !! i'm gonna go crazy !!!Avatar Image says: These pictures are great. Is there a way for us to be able to look at the trailer? I wouldn't mind listening to it in Japanese. I just want to see it flowing. Regardless, great pictures. Avatar Image says: Ah, there is a picture of young voldemort wearing his father's ring, playing with it on his hand. That is awesome. The picture like four from that one where there is fog and something in the distance, what is going on there? I still haven't looked at them all but they have looked great so far. Avatar Image says: EXACTLY! Dumbledore has been telling Harry that he trusts Snape completely! So here comes Snape telling Harry to be quiet as if he is going to help Dumbledore... and then he goes up and kills him!! I am really looking forward to seeing how this scene plays out, and I think it will be done effectively to keep us wondering who's side he is really on. This should also intensify Harry's anger towards Snape that he let him go up there (and also the fact that Harry thought he had figured out Snape long ago and was trying to tell Dumbledore about him from the start.) I've got a question though... Are most of these screenshots supposed to have that blue lighting?Avatar Image says: Im kinda confused about snape telling harry to be quiet, is he under his invisibility cloak there? if so how can he see him. But in the other trailers you hear harry shout fight back you coward, and now im really confused. I hope the trailer will come out sometime very soon.Avatar Image says: There is a picture near the end with bellatrix with her arms in the air. It looks like there is a rock structure in the background that is on fire. Is that the burrow? I sort of think it is. It isn't hagrid's hut though there is a picture with snape in the foreground and hargid's hut on fire in the background but in this second picture it does not look like hagrid's hut. I don't think it looks like hogwarts so i think it might be the burrow. I've got to agree with everyone that the picture of greyback pulling the guy with the death eater walking in front of him looks awesome. It is strange that they wouldn't just ask the guy who played the wandmaker, whose name is escaping me at the moment, to just do that one scene. I know it probably isn't that simple. It still looks great. Avatar Image says: Romer has it that we might see something in front of Inkhart coming out next Friday.Avatar Image says: Have you seen the third to last one on the website? We get a glimpse of the Inferi! Only silhouettes of them against the fire but still, I've never seen them before!Avatar Image says: I looked more closely at the picture with bellatrix and have decided it is hagrid's hut. The roof sort of decided me. I was just wanting it to be the burrow. Wishful thinking. Avatar Image says: OMG!! We need the trailerrrrr - and in HQAvatar Image says: Why, why, why i can't see them? I don't know why, but my pc just doesn't let me see them. I really hope that someone posts the trailer on youtube soon! Sorry for any grammar mistake, I'm italian.Avatar Image says: Se sei italiano vai su Avatar Image says: I NEED THE TRAILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: Grazie mille Sirius. :)Avatar Image says: Awesome a new trailer! But... I was reading on mugglenet that the rumors were that this trailer would be the last full one :( hopefully not! I think they should make at least one more.Avatar Image says: i would ask for someone to put in on youtube but seeing as how my computer just won't let me enter (to youtube i mean) please put it in any other program once you have it, i really do wanna see itAvatar Image says: why can't I see these pix? I went to the site, but all I get is a bunch of writing in Japanese when I click on the pix. What am I doing wrong?Avatar Image says: never mind! I just wasn't being patient enough.Avatar Image says: I love all the pictures. The trailer that someone talked about was new... It's not. It's the third one they gave us. I saw it because it's where Harry and Dumbledore go through the pensive. Some of these pictures are new. My question is why is Luna sitting at the Gryffindor table? I thought she was in Ravenclaw? But o well I do hope we get the trailer by tonight or tomorrow. Someone in Japan please leak it.Avatar Image says: Nice try littleL. It's the third trailer. Not the fourth one.Avatar Image says: I've not seen the third one before, oops n mind!Avatar Image says: these are the greyback picture is that diagon alley/weasley's wizard wheezes?!Avatar Image says: Harry and Ginny almost snogging *dies*Avatar Image says: NO!nonononono...I cannot believe the folks at Warner have the audacity to put this scene in a trailer.I am talking about the one where Snapes tells Harry to be quite.They ruined the whole Snape debate on purpose and they are not ashamed to even show it in a trailer.I hoped that after the negative comments regarding this scene,from the screenings,they would cut it.They have no right whatsoever to ruin the books in such a way.They have taken very many liberties so far but enough is enough.Mark my words fellow potterfans.The plot in the Seventh will be altered beyond reckognition.I am very disappointed in this film so far and seeing this pic makes me very sad and angry!Avatar Image says: This is so great more new stuff and I hope that they upload this trailer its great.Avatar Image says: Um, herpo? Calm down. How in the world does that ruin the Snape debate for nonreaders? I think it sparks it because let's face it: the movies have failed to deliver on Snape's ambiguity. So, Snape tells Harry to be quiet and Harry does so, thinking he is going to go save DD, but he instead kills DD. How does this ruin the debate?Avatar Image says: Yeah lol whats everyones problem with that pic? its awesome, its snapes 'betrayal' and henceforth leads on to harry chasing him down hogwarts. It doesnt ruin the future plot in any way, i think some of you have got confused. Avatar Image says: I'm feeling if-y about this. Some of the reports that I've read from people who have seen early screenings say that the final battle sequence or Dumbledore's funeral do NOT take place. Also, I can see why the Snape thing is causing some controversy... Harry is supposed to be immobilized underneath the invisibility cloak, watching Dumbledore's murder helplessly. Apparently Harry goes quietly and watches everything from under the stairs... and that's when Snape tells him to be quiet... ?! I don't know, I just think that this encounter is sort of strange because Harry finds out about Snape selling his parents out to Voldemort right before they leave to go to the cave. I just hope all these rumors aren't true. I'll be really disappointed after all this anticipation.Avatar Image says: Can't wait till the trailer is online. YAYA so excited Avatar Image says: Can't wait till the trailer is online. YAYA so excited Avatar Image says: Always excited to hear about another trailer! (Though we should have already seen the movie by now! Aaargh!) Re: Snape shushing Harry, I think I can get over that. I can see how that works better in the movie than Harry immobilized under the invisibility cloak. I think in a way it makes the whole thing more of a betrayal because for the first time Harry decides to trust Snape and do as he says, and look what happens.Avatar Image says: I saw the new trailer when I was watching a movie in Tokyo !!! It was SO exciting!!Avatar Image says: Do we know if harry finds out that snape was the one who told voldemort about the prophecy? I think i am okay with the shushing too. I think i remember the people who saw the film saying that the moment before snape finds harry under the floorboards that they felt like it was right at the moment when harry was about to do something to save dumbledore. Then snape appears and tells him to wait and goes up so i think it works. I am not sure that it would have quite worked having harry under the cloak. The only think i don't understand is how the death eaters get on top of the tower without walking past harry. Did they apparate onto the tower (I hope not) or was there more then one way of getting to the top of the tower? Avatar Image says: I LOVE IT. Go somewhere else with your negativity. The movies are awesome in there own little way, and they keep getting better. This makes me even more excited for the next trailer to hold us off until summer time. OH and for those who were worried that it wasnt dark enough and the PG thing and Blah blah, go back and take a good look, if your not convinced something is wrong.- WITH YOU!Avatar Image says: Check out the red store front behind Greyback in Diagon Alley....they've made the round window part with a head and arms on top! It looks like Woody from "Toy Story". I think it could be Weasley's Wizard Weezes. I like how each time one looks at the trailers or stills, you can pick out some new detail.Avatar Image says: During the death scene, Harry isn't wearing his Invisibility Cloak, he is just below the scene in the little cranny. Also, Snape's shushing is an addition (a brilliant one too, incidentally). Snape is telling Harry to be quiet and basically that everything is going to be okay, so Harry listens to him and sort of trust him. Snape then goes back up, kills Dumbledore, and walks off with Draco. Harry, even more infuriated (with both Dumbledore's murder AND the fact that Snape blatantly lied to him), storms after him and thus the "FIGHT BACK, YOU COWARD!" line ensuesAvatar Image says: Thank you, sincerely, brian kwisconsin.....that is a fantastic trailer.....when I was on IMDb, they had a total of 4 "trailers"....two were exactly alike, one was a trailer I hadn't seen before [and of course, the teaser we got several months ago] The trailer, on BuzzFeed, is fantastic. And it looks like it made it to YouTube, already, because the one, on BuzzFeed, has the "YouTube" on the corner....I don't know how YouTube works, so there you are [don't quote me on it, kids!] Again, thank you , Leaky, for keeping us "in the loop" and special thanks to brian kwisconsin, for getting the link so fast! [you're a techno-mage, aren't ya?] 179 days......Avatar Image says: thank you so much leaky for putting these've made my day!!Avatar Image says: Yikes, the one of Snape is awesome. You can just feel the tension. He's awesome in the movies. Can somebody please upload the trailer? I can speak for many people when I say we will be eternally grateful. Avatar Image says: Finally, a picture of Pansy :)Avatar Image says: Love Luna's Lion hat!! But give away the entire plot of the movies, whydoncha WB?! We see slughorn giving the memory (so no will he, won't he mystery there), and Snape shushing Harry on the tower (well, I guess that settles the Snape debate right there!).Avatar Image says: I have read what others have said about the Snape shushing being OK, but I still have a problem with it, because it goes against character. No way would Harry not be up there in the thick of things, defending Dumbledore, particulary in the wake of his guilt after feeding DD the potion in the cave! This is doubly true if the person shushing him is Snape. He doesn't trust Snape at all at this stage, and has just found out about Snape being the one who reported the prophecy to Voldemort, and therefore was responsible for his parents being murdered! Also, HBP Harry is still hot-headed, ruled by emotions he has yet to learn to master. No way would he stand still while others acted! One of the major points about the post-Dobby's death scene in DH, where Harry sits up all nights thinking "Hallows or Horcruxes?" is this is when he grows up and learns to submit emotion to reason.Avatar Image says: Sorcererke i thought the same exact thing cuz its all cool-funky-looking :) thanks leaky i'm so excited yaaaaay for the new year, more potter (i wanna c the trailer though)Avatar Image says: They seriously have better taken out that shot of Snape shushing Harry because that is possibly the most incongruous thing EVER! Incorrect character, incorrect to the plot, incorrect to suspense, incorrect to the entire series!Avatar Image says: Why is Snape telling Harry to hush???? I hope they don't ruin that scene for the people who don't know what happens, and give the whole "GOOD OR BAD" debate away. Very sad if they did in fact ruin the scene of the century. Avatar Image says: AIM: xlxcigaroxlx Would anybody mind IMing me, to help me understand why they did the "shh" thing with Snape, because it infuriates me. Avatar Image says: THE MOVIES DO NOT HAVE ANY POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE EFFECT THE BOOKS IN ANY WAY WHAT SO EVER. THEY NEVER WILL. THEY WILL BE GREAT FOREVER. I just don't understand. How in the freaking universe does Snape shh-ing Harry communicate to the audience whether he's good or he's evil? A shh is a shh. You can't read his intentions from it. Whether the audience thinks he means "shh, it's ok. I'm supossed to kill Dumbledore", or "shh, I'm gonna kill Dumbledore cause I'm Voldemort's man, screw you Potter!" is entirely up for the non book reading audience to decide. They can debate all they want! There is no ruination, purposeful or accidental. Please people!!Avatar Image says: I'm totally in disagreement with that photo of Snape shushing Harry. For one it's totally out of character for Snape and two IT'S TOTALLY OUT OF CHARACTER FOR SNAPE. Okay maybe in context in maybe okay, but's sooo out of character, I mean come on! Oh and another point, Snape supposidly didn't even know Harry was there when he went to kill Dumbledore, so there, HAHa! Avatar Image says: Then how about we just say, it not happening in the book should keep it from happening in the movie and laugh at your failed explanation. Avatar Image says: I love the divine magic advert :p Avatar Image says: Those complaining about the Snape/Harry thing are complete morons. In context of what happens in the movie, from test screening reports, it's a positive change. If you want word for word from the books then only read them and leave the rest of us to enjoy the movie adaptions as well.Avatar Image says: OMG!! IT's just Snape "shhh"ing. what is the big deal?? It's not ruining the plot or anything. Why are you all whinging about it???Avatar Image says: I say that all the time and the morons dont LISTEN! And really people what are you doing again??? Say it with me- ASSUMING! These are picture stills, they wont give out the whole fricken movie besides there is a difference between seeing some still in a picture and watching a full moving scene so you know whats going on. Besides like the above said you guys only think that it will give it away because we are the book and movie going audience. But who is playing Snape- his name is Alan Rickman one of the most talented actors in the world, and I doubt the way he says "shh", is going to give the fate of Snape away.Avatar Image says: I really don't have a problem with the shushing but it is sort of an overt instance of snape actually protecting harry. Though he could say something about the dark lord wanting to kill harry himself and that was why he protected him at this moment, which is similar to what he says in the book. I also don't think that it give it away that snape is good because snape still kills dumbledore. If someone is just a movie fan they won't know the reasons behind why snape killed dumbledore until the end of DH part 2. I would think they would have to decide that snape is evil because he killed dumbledore regardless of his protecting harry. Avatar Image says: Those are some really cool picsAvatar Image says: The trailer shown in comments WASN'T the japan trailer. First nothing news and second i've read the description posted by Pottermania and i CAN assure you that link given weren't to the Japan trailer . Avatar Image says: Posted by Will on January 18, 2009, 01:37 PM ".... Still, though, did anyone notice that the pic of a bloody Harry on a magazine cover? Yes. Well, I guess it’s not in the film. Harry doesn’t appear to even have a scratch on him from the ending of the theatrical trailer." This was the cover of Empire magazine from late last year. The title was "Bloody Hell". At first I thought it was a shot from the movie, but a couple of weeks later I got another movie magazine from my local theatre, with the same cover shot of Harry - minus the cuts, bruises and broken glasses. Looks like it was just photoshopped for the cover of Empire. I'm getting more and more excited for this movie. Hopefully the PG rating won't affect the dark and scary scenes.Avatar Image says: Eh, i don't care why or what Snape's doing in that picture. I'm patient enough just to enjoy it all and wait for the finished product to screen this summer. I must say i am enthralled by Dan's neck in that particular screen grab- i feel rather like a vampire lol! Just in case the wb are reading this, i am going to say that there had better be a hot kiss between Harry and Ginny in THIS movie!Avatar Image says: Wow! These pics look awesome. I'm really looking forward to the movie now. The more pics and trailers I look at, the more excited I get. I wish July would get here already!Avatar Image says: @ Pottershrink: Honestly, we only know what's going on in these pics because we've read the books. People who haven't will be intrigued by these things. I hope there's someone in the theater when I see it who hasn't read the books and hasn't heard somewhere that Snape kills Dumbledore. I want to hear them react! That's one reason I love going to see the movie for the billionth time about a month after its release. Most people who wait that long to see it are casual fans and probably haven't read the books.Avatar Image says: :-( No trailer yet?... THIS SUCKS, i hate waiting! =] Avatar Image says: Where did you guys see the trailer?!!Avatar Image says: lemme guess. in may , WB will delay harry potter HBP once again, it would not be a surprise for me,Avatar Image says: How come the japs get a new trailerAvatar Image says: i love the pic of snape...& of the one w/ ron/harry giving each other some type of handshake thing...shows that they are friendsAvatar Image says: For those compaining about the shhshing of Snape to Harry. See the dang movie before getting so angry. We have no idea what the context of that seen is. For all we know he could be shhshing him after saying something sinister. Point is we have a bunch of teeny boppers on here spouting off their"anger" over something they have not even seen yet. Don't ASSUME anything until you have seen it. You might find you waste a lot less time being angry over something that may turn out to be something great. I hope that this scene is something special so all of you doing the bashing now can eat some crow.Avatar Image says: I cannot find this trailer anywhere online, someone must have it for them to take screens of it? So where is it!!!!!Avatar Image says: @ McFU I love you! That is the exact same thing I have been trying to say for the last I dont know how many times, I have posted on here. Whether it was about Narcissa Malfoys look, or PG rating or the screen caps before us, dont assume anything. And dont be a bunch of grindylows for gods sake. I am just as Devoted as the next person but I live with what I can get. Believe me, I dont want to get into it but I still wonder why they showed us a picture of Narcissa with Long Blonde hair and Dark velvet green dress on and then go and change it. But Im also not going to have a heart attack over it because - At least she is in the movie.Avatar Image says: finally! people who share my sentiment! thank you so much! some fans really do take this to seriously. i mean i love the books ridiculously, they are some of my favorites, but i also love the films and dont understand why people complain and moan and groan all the time over them. so thank you for feeling the same way. this film is going to be great. ::)Avatar Image says: Bah, I would very much like to see it!Avatar Image says: Where's the picture of Ron and Harry that people are talking about? I'd love to see Rupert and Dan in one shot together, it's always just Harry and Hermione, and Ron's shunted to the side.Avatar Image says: @McFU, BellaSnape and dead don jon -- Thank you so very much for restoring my faith in the fandom. I'm as big a fan as anybody out there but the senseless rambling that goes on here is silly. Ohh Snape and shhh - sacrilege - burn WB burn!!! Come off it, guys - take a deep breath and learn to appreciate the beauty of an 'adaptation'. Im glad not everybody is like that.Avatar Image says: Ahhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna pass out !! I have to see this before i even believe this amazing news !! Avatar Image says: @vineeth, I spoke from the heart, being just as annoyed as you. I only hope the four of us can capture more followers.Avatar Image says: I think we all need to get a grip. I like to nit pick about all the details of the film, but i don't think there is anything wrong with that. That doesn't mean i won't still like the film though. I think what we have seen so far looks great. Avatar Image says: I'd just like to say that the kanji in WB's HP font is INTENSELY AWESOME LOOKING. That is all.Avatar Image says: I can't believe this. What the hell happened with Dubledore's blackend hand??? I HATE DAVID HAYMAN!!! He will ruin this movie...Avatar Image says: I'm with Sorcererke, what is that weird building with the head and arms coming out of it behind Greyback in Diagon Alley

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