Emma Watson: Test Shoots on “Deathly Hallows” To Take Place on Monday January 26


Jan 20, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

As a followup to the post below, actress Emma Watson has now posted a new blog entry via her official website where she writes about the upcoming production of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Noting that she has has few costume fittings and a hair appointment to make her hair a bit more brown for her role as Hermione Granger, Emma Watson says that on Monday (January 26) she will be going in for a few test shoots for Deathly Hallows Part One. She also says while is she is uncertain if the shoots will involve rehearsals as well, she is excited to be back and notes its been a long period of time since she has seen Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley). Finally Emma Watson writes she is excited to see if they have cast any new actors for the final two Harry Potter movies.

Principal photography is set to formally begin next month for a 54 week shoot on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, with part one due in theaters November of 2010, and Part Two in May of 2011.

On a related note, Emma says she is sitting the SATs this weekend before the test shoots, so she may apply to Universities here in the US, and has recently completed a vacation to Cuba.

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Avatar Image says: This is so sad :( They're already shooting for DH in a couple of weeks. It makes me cry :[ But I'm also happy :DAvatar Image says: my cousin met Emma when she came to visit Yale late last year! he sent me a picture. i thought it was sooo cool. i really hope she goes to yale! and as for Deathly Hallows filming, its bittersweet. once these last 3 (HBP, DH1, DH2) come out, the fandom will, no matter what anybody says, be over. not saying that it wont spark up for a month or two when the "Scottish Book" comes out, but it really will, essientally be over. so i urge everyone to enjoy what we have while it lasts, its almost over.Avatar Image says: That is so cool. Avatar Image says: Oh, don't say that, Patrick! As long as there are people who like Harry Potter, and websites like the Leaky Cauldron that will post every bit of news they can find, than it won't end. As our good friend Dumbledore would say, the fandom will only truly be gone when none are loyal to it!Avatar Image says: *Patrick*, "fandom" as it has become and as we know it, will change of course. I don't think anything like the whole Harry Potter phenomenon has ever occurred in this way before, though. (Read Harry, a History, if you haven't... I can't find mine, darn it, and I'm not done!) This is a brand new animal we're looking at, and it may evolve or 'mature' in a manner we've never seen before either. I think the series is written far too well for interest in it to be over. Media hype will dwindle and activity at fan sites will slow, but I really believe that this work is classic and timeless enough that it will be taught and studied for generations. Literary pieces that have stood the test of time that I feel these will, never had the same cultural access, reach or intense global popularity during the author's lifetime (maybe even decade or century). Jo's a classic, and in this age of technology, her legacy and 'fandom' will remain in some form. With all due respect to other modern people or works that draw fans and inspire websites, I don't expect many of them to have high school or college courses devoted to them. ...or a theme-park area, for that matter! The world of Harry Potter is a new beast, let's see how it goes! ("Everything's going to be different now", wasn't that Hermione's line?) (Or as another great character said "We're not in Kansas anymore! ...which brings to mind another great work of literature, unless that was just in the movie... anyway, that Wizard still has many fans too, and that was filmed in the 1930s or so!)Avatar Image says: Wow, Patrick...that was so negative. Star Wars is finished and they still have fans. Buffy hasn't been on tv in YEARS and they still have fans. I could name more, shall I??? As long as there are those that are loyal to Harry, he'll still be around. ;)Avatar Image says: I´m a little confused here. How can they start shooting if the main actor (Dan) is in New York until sometime in februaryAvatar Image says: @Sonja - Not everyone is called for the full 54 weeks...and Dan will most likely head to the set immediately after Equus is finished.Avatar Image says: It said the principle photography (official shooting) doesn't start until next month and I believe Dan mentioned it's starting around Feb. 12th or something. Dan will be home by then, the play only runs until the first week of February.Avatar Image says: @Sonja also, its only a test shoot, they dont need everyone and because emma's available they ask her to come in so they can test out cameras costumes sets etc. with a main actor as the focal point. Avatar Image says: Can't believe Emma Watson got to visit Cuba before me. Go Latin America =p. But HUGE YAY for DH, hope she posts a lot over the whole production. Wait... did she have the blog during the filming of HBP too?Avatar Image says: Noting that she has has few costume fittings and a hair appointment to make her hair a bit more brown for her role as Hermione Granger ....THERE IS A GOD!!! :)Avatar Image says: That is super exciting!! Woo!Avatar Image says: Daniel heads back to England on 2/9 and he said he starts on 2/15. Equus's last show is 2/8. Not a lot of time off! Avatar Image says: Great! I just really really REALLY hope that Part 2 of DH is NOT released in May of 2011. There's NO WAY I would be able to see it!!! I would be in the middle of my finals of my finals in college! PLEASE WB, just make it easy and release it in the summer of 2011 so most people are out of school! I really want to see the LAST film at midnight, and it would really stink (I'm thinking of a different word) if I couldn't because of college work. June or July is perfect! Thanks! :)Avatar Image says: hi every1 u people r cool/ i m really happy 2 see u loyal... so i m not goin 2b alone?Avatar Image says: Luna - we don't want another delay!!! Whilst you may have college exams, there are other places in the world that do not have June or July off, such as the entire southern hemisphere! This is so surreal, they are going to start filming DH, it only felt like yesterday when we were wondering what the title of Book 7 would be.. Avatar Image says: @ Loz: I think Warners may change the release month of DH pt. 2 -- right now there are a ton of sequels in the pipeline that are slated to come out May 2011 (Spider-Man 4, POTC 4, and Captain America) and should those start production and casting, Warners would be wise to move it further along in the summer. Box Office Mojo has placed DH pt. 2 as a "undetermined summer 2011 release," so who knows when it'll slated to be released. Either a mid-June release or an early July 2011 date would be prime real estate for Warners -- I'd almost bet money that if Marvel hadn't already booked "The Avengers" for July 15, 2011, Warners would take that for DH pt. 2 if HBP makes more dough than GOF or OOTP this coming July.Avatar Image says: I agree %150 with Arielle the fandom will not end cause we fans won't allow it. plus we never know what J.K. has planned for the future Harry Potter wise we might get a new book and not another BTB great by the way,but an actual HP book or a prequel we so badly want. Hey anything is possible with J.K. and us fans. Harry Potter forever.Avatar Image says: I don't know, 2011 seems a long way into the future in my eyes. I don't see this craziness dying down anytime soon, either, so there's a lot to enjoy! All the fandom stuff prolly will die down eventually, but everything special is made more special because it can end, and just like the people who come out of the resurrection stone any attempt to force life once something is supposed to be dead will be just a shadow of what it used to be. Once the craziness of HP is over, the books still remain to be introduced to future generations, as well :D There will still be websites and forums and all that. I say the utter and enjoyable madness will be over, no packed conventions and Wrock shows and new merchandise every year, but there will still be a need for a site like Leaky and there will still be some more sedate sort of a fandom. Avatar Image says: To the person who said the May was a bad time to release DH1 cos of finals, well every film that has or will be released in November (PS, CoS, GoF, DH1) conflicted with 'finals' in the southern Hemisphere. Live with it - and wouldn't you rather only wait till May than June or July? :p Avatar Image says: yay! "More brown hair" = "more like Hermione hair" !!Avatar Image says: February is only a week and a half away.Avatar Image says: this is really cool, dh filming news makes me excited. Patrick's comment makes me so sad, just like dead potter websites make me sad. (by "dead" i mean that no one goes on them and they have postings talking about the future of the site.) but the happy part is, leaky still gets hundreds of commenters, and i'm sure there are loads of people who are on here all the time but never comment. and when you go to mugglenet, i've seen the count of the number of people on the site up to a thousand. harry potter is epic, just like lord of the rings, the chronicles of narnia or the wizard of oz. harry potter won't die, it will just fade a bit. but then the laura mallory-s of the world will get over them selves and our kids will be reading them is school and they will find harry potter sites. it's timeless, so kids for generations and generations will enjoy it. ok rant over. Avatar Image says: Yes, those of us on the other side of the globe arent free in July. So maybe savour the anticipation and wait till finals are over and then check out with someone special. Regarding the end of fandom, i dont think there is a clearcut end - it might diminish but i hope it never dies. HP is one of those eternal that needs to be spread to future generations - we are the lucky ones though - we experienced it first hand and evolved along with the books.Avatar Image says: I LOVE Emma !! She's such and inspiraton !! I really hope she does amazing in her SAT's cause if she gets into a college here in the U.S that means that i'll have a chance to met her if i go to the college to visit or just to spy for a little while ! LOL ! I'm not a stoker ... I can't wait for Deathly Hollows !! It's gonna be the best !! Avatar Image says: I love Emma too and her cut posts! Brown hair finally, kiss being filmed next month, new trailer and poster on the way, and filming starting finally 2009 is starting to look good for hp, 2008 was a disaster, and patrick, harry potter will live forever, it rocks and rules!Avatar Image says: Can't wait ! Yes fan sites and hype will fade , but go ? NEVER !Avatar Image says: NEVER would i EVER suggest that the Harry Potter fandom will go away all together, but y'all, we cannot be so neieve as to think that once all of the movies are released, that the fandom wont suffer a huge blow. i consider myself i diehard HP Fan. but i am also a realist. and it is "immature" to think that the fandom wont be different. once the movies are all out, Podcasts will lose topics to talk about. and fansites WILL slowly suffocate. yes i am a devoted fan, as i am sure all of you are, but youve gotta thing reasonably. i also pray that the fandom NEVER dies, and lives on forever, which it will. but i was was trying to say was that "enjoy what we have, while it lasts," because y'all, the fandom will always exist as long as i am alive, but it wont be as large, and wont have as much new things to talk about. SO PLEASE dont be offended by my comment, i was only stating my opinion.Avatar Image says: i know it is sad in a way but good in a way too. it seems like it wasnt that long ago that the trailers and pics that were out were from ootp and we were just beginning to hear about hbp! this is going by so fast!!!!Avatar Image says: A bit more brown? I don't want to see a blonde hair on her head for this movie! I hope her college search is going well- stressful stuff, that. And of course the fandom will still be around after the movies are over.Avatar Image says: Patrick, "y'all" misspelled naive. You can suffocate on your own, because the rest of us will still be here.Avatar Image says: patrick tell us more about emma at yale!Avatar Image says: @ Anyone who answers: Why do you think WB changed the Look of Narcissa Malfoy?You know what I mean they got it right the first time and then they changed it. Im not one to go all balistic and crazy over it, but I just cant think of a reason and it bugs me. Anyway I cant wait to hear which charactors are cast in the movie.Avatar Image says: Speaking of hair for DH.....Saw Equus yeaterday and Dan's hair is getting quite long- not Goblet of Fire long-yet but well over his eyebrows in front and longer layers in the back slightly wavy as well. My husband even noticed that he looked a bit 'scruffy' and asked me if it was for the film, I didn't think much of it at the time (was looking at other parts of his body!;-) but yes, his hair is definitely longer than he has worn it in quite a while. He could just be trying to keep warm, though! BTW his performance is magnificant! Avatar Image says: hola espero qe estes bien amiga ps yo soy del Peru, qiero decir qe ers hermosa eres un angel ps me henamore de ti espero qe me entiendas, ps eres una persona marabillosa sabes no tengo palabras qe decirte .ps me despido amiga te deceo lo mejor Avatar Image says: january 26th.. the same day as my physics exam..:L what a Coincidence lol. it's really sad!!! their filming the last flilm..(nearly!) it must be soo wiered for emma,rupert and dan I mean they've been filming harry potter since they were like 12!! i hope the last 2 films are the best yet! :)Avatar Image says: I hope she does well on her SATs. I know I didnt. The scale was changed from 1600 scale to a 2400 scale and my year was the first to test it out. Good Luck Emma!Avatar Image says: @ H, I think the people in the hair department are color blind. Emma needs more brown hair not blonde and Narcissa or Helen needs a Blonder wig or whatever. Cant get it straight. Oh well. Wont mess up anything just is a little annoying.Avatar Image says: Heh, I can hear the gears turning inside D/E shippers heads, as they think how they can explain away Emma's statement about not seeing Dan since the summer (despite both of them being in NY at the same time at one point!). Oh surely she must lie!Avatar Image says: yes H, make fun of the word "y'all," it shows your outstanding maturity. and hermione, my cousin met her in the library of all places.. haha, very hermione esqe (SP?) i sent the picure to Leaky and they didnt respond!Avatar Image says: hey on the topic of harry potter being over who here would actually like to see a harry potter tv show. I'm askin this because while the movies are pretty exciting they miss a lot of the stuff in the book. Some things i really wanted to see on the big screen where never there so i'd like to gather votes on whether u guys would like to see a new television show of sorts that goes through all of harry's years at hogwarts full on. Reply backAvatar Image says: I'd certainly be interested in Harry Potter tv-series. If done respectfully with all Brittish cast. I think BBC could definitely do it. The movies had to leave out way too much, a tv-series could devote enough time for each book. Maybe it'll get done someday, not soon, but in a decade or two.Avatar Image says: hey it's just as funny to see all these r/e shippers freaking out that Emma's seen Rupert in the fall. It must mean she loves him, right? Uh huhAvatar Image says: hold up.....they r splitting deathly hallows in 2?Avatar Image says: this is awesome! I'mso exited that DH is getting started! yay!!! *throws party*Avatar Image says: i personaly cant wait for the HBP movie. one more to add to my collection. i am surprised President Obamas daughters like the harry potter books.Avatar Image says: hi....................????Avatar Image says: o my god all this waiting for the new hp movie is driving me mad aaaaaaa am readin meliisa annelli's book Harry, A history BRILLIANT READ am sitting on the edge of my seat as I read it

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