New “Half-Blood Prince” Trailer from Japan Now Online


Jan 23, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

Check it out! The new trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince which is being aired in Japan, is now online here via YouTube. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Thanks to our hardworking crew, we now have the screencaps here in our image galleries!

Please note: This video contains Japanese subtitles and announcer, but you can also distinctly hear new dialogue in English from Dumbledore, Hermione and especially Snape as he sneers “How grand it must be to be the chosen one.”

Thanks so much to for the heads up!

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Avatar Image says: Awesome. Loved the "most people vomit" comment. Avatar Image says: That trailer is fantastic! I cant wait for the movie!! (yay, first comment!)Avatar Image says: Well, almost first comment, I loved the "most people vomit" line as well!Avatar Image says: Oh, man!!! that was awesome! I hadn't checked out the stills, because I didn't want to be disappointed since the trailer wasn't online. Now it is, and I'm so excited. The new scenes were very good. I liked the bit with Dumbledore: "Most people throw up the first time." That deadpan delivery was very funny. Maybe Kloves has given Dumbledore some more lighthearted moments that even Gambon can't screw up. :) Avatar Image says: I don't know if its the Japanese commentary, or what, but it looks like a pretty exciting movie to me.Avatar Image says: WOW- that was heaps of new footage. This just gets me more excited for the movie YAY!!!!Avatar Image says: So much more new stuff than I expected. I can't wait!Avatar Image says: So much more new stuff than I expected. I can't wait!Avatar Image says: So much more new stuff than I expected. I can't wait!Avatar Image says: So much more new stuff than I expected. I can't wait!Avatar Image says: How exciting! :D I think this is the point where I stop looking at spoilers. It's going to be tough, but I don't want to ruin this one like I did with the fourth film. A little off topic, but I like how they write the date backwards.. hehe.Avatar Image says: In Ron's words, "Bloody brilliant!" I can't wait. Hermione was amazing, Ron was amazing, Ginny was amazing, obviously, Harry was amazing, and Dumbledore was hilarious. One of the few lines I've liked that they just added in. Very excited. Tom Felton was very convincing in front of the mirror. Erked (sp?) by his little snippet. I didn't think Snape knew Harry was on the floor though. Creepy shushing image. All in all GREAT trailer! Can't wait for July 17!!Avatar Image says: That was simply amazing and way better that what I had expected, I thought it would just be the same as the others with about one new shot edited in. Only yesterday on Leaky I wondered when we'd get to see this. WOW have to say Snape's Line about the chosen- Brilliant! So much to talk about this, PotterCast get on this! All I can say is God Bless Sue for twittering this to my attention! I barely even use Twitter!Avatar Image says: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! finally...who can wait 5-6 more months!!!!!??? :(Avatar Image says: All I have to say about the trailer is Bloody awesome!!! Harry yelling at Snape to fight back and voldemort and Bellatrix could not be more evil.Avatar Image says: i cant wait any more..................waiting for the english versionAvatar Image says: OOOOOOOOMMMMMGGGGGG , I can believe it<3<3 It's sooooo good<3<<3<3<3<3 Hahaha ``most people vomit the first time´´ Bloody Brilliant<3<3Avatar Image says: Please WB, can we have an English version in hd? The Japanese voice-over is sooo annoying. Other than that it seems like a good trailer. I think I like the last trailer better. It was more epic.Avatar Image says: It was good, but I like the other one better, cause it has the awesome musicAvatar Image says: I love hearing all the dialog with this one. It gives me great hope that this is truly going to be an enjoyable movie. And wow, that was the closest we've seen the actual H/G kiss--I wonder why they didn't just show us the whole thing! Any way. Very cool--loved the new footage and dialog, both.Avatar Image says: FIRST COMMENT!!!!! haha, joking. because that's so irritating!Avatar Image says: Thank you for alerting us about this! This trailer is certainly spectacular and I cannot wait for Warner Brothers to (hopefully) give us an official one!Avatar Image says: Oh my! I loved this trailer, naturally, but it was somewhat irritating that we had to hear two languages at once. I was thinking about waiting until an english version came out, but I just couldn't wait. :) I loved it though, regardless. I'm just so worried that the movie is going to be screwed up. :( I just finished re-reading HBP and I started to realize how much of it most likely be able to fit into the film. It is so depressing. Avatar Image says: I love the Japanese :) And the Dumbeldore Joke is very funny and nicely delivered, though not in the book. But we have to accept all the missing Jo dialogue and enjoy the new Kloves ... Avatar Image says: lol, "most people vomit the first time" XDAvatar Image says: OMFG. AMAZING. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!Avatar Image says: I cannot access YouTube! :( Can someone please email the trailer to me at [email protected]?Avatar Image says: Did anyone notice how not-rushed Emma seems?! I LOVE IT!!Avatar Image says: I loved it, looks great but it's so painful we have to wait to long. Bye... watches 100000000000000 times!Avatar Image says: AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: wooo this is fantastic!Avatar Image says: I love Arthur's line about what dark times do to friendships, and even better, I think he's delivering it from his shed of "Muggle" things he's investigating. Wonderful!Avatar Image says: Loved it! Dan looked so cute in the beginning (well, throughout lol) . I love that this trailer seemed to concentrate on the actual storyline/plot of the book and not the romances. The director of Batman apparently made every scene/line of the movie relevent in 3 ways or something so there were no stupid or useless lines that meant nothing. It's probably why it did so well as a movie. Hopefully Yates did something similar, or will be doing that for the rest.Avatar Image says: I loved Dumbledore's subtleness. Yay, Draco. I loved the intensity... Ron was pumped!!!! And FINE!!! Bring on the movie.....Avatar Image says: Loved the vomit comment! Expelli-breakfast!Avatar Image says: Hope that they bring that trailer over to the states! Avatar Image says: Please, can anyone write Hermione´s line to me? I´m not a English native and didn't get it.Avatar Image says: I loved the dialogue too, and Arthurs "dark times does weird things to people" are somethign like that! Interesting and creepy. The Astronomu tower set looks epic and the cave looks epic and is that the train in that landscape with the castle next to it, what's that weird blob next to the train? Anyway, I loved Emma's acting in the trailer, dumbledores lines were really good and delivered well, the lighting seems really cool. Avatar Image says: I forgot Snape!!! How could I forget SNAPE!!!!Avatar Image says: Yeah, Sofia, I wanna know it too, I´m brazilian! It´s something about dark secrets but I dunno the whole thing! Anyone?Avatar Image says: So much new dialogue!! I loved it!! Although I thought it was weird that there were, like, two shots of Ron in the whole thing....Avatar Image says: Gambon delivered his line perfectly! "That was fun! Most people vomit the first time." LOL. And that was the closet Harry/Ginny kiss we've seen. :) And everything else looked amazing. I'm so excited!Avatar Image says: YAY atlast thankyou leaky =] Avatar Image says: *dies OOOH SNAPEY-KINS <3 It looks so effin' awesomeeeeeeeeee I cna't wait for Julyyyy *poutAvatar Image says: Where can I download this???Avatar Image says: Hermione says to harry something like this...did u honestly expect that you could just ask him to reveal his deepest and darkest secret? Em "honestamente, vc realmente pensou que voce poderia simplismente pedir a ele para revelar o segredo mais obscuro dele?"Avatar Image says: Well, there were some good new clips. It seems like Gambon act better in this one. His line was really fun! For the first time we see people on the collapsing bridge. Poor people! The quality on the trailer was not good, but I think it will be released other places soon. This film will be intense, exciting, funny and awesome - even if it´s "just" rated PG!Avatar Image says: It was really great... but... don't you think they said too many times the phrase: "you are the chosen one"???Avatar Image says: But, he IS the choosen one!!!! Hehehehe, just joshing, but yeah, right......Avatar Image says: does anyone know anywhere else I could watch it? youtube is blocked in this computer and i fear that by the time I get home is not going to be online anymore. thanksAvatar Image says: does anyone know what exactly is happening around 0:59 in the trailer?Avatar Image says: Great News! Another trailer with some new and interesting scenes. I wonder when and how will they release this trailer in better formats and sizes. There is no other one place over the Internet to get this video downloaded, isn't it? By the way: Does anyone have the translation of the japanese skeaking on it? Just curiosity...Avatar Image says: They have changed the dialogue in the library scene to fit the trailer if you listen carefully.Avatar Image says: It actually seems like Emma Watson has made an improvement - her voice seemed more natural than before, or was it just me? Tom Felton's little snippet looked amazing too.Avatar Image says: can someone from leaky tell me when the trailer is released without the japanese writing and commentary but trailer was fantasticAvatar Image says: Wow...that was EXTREMELY revealing...Avatar Image says: Why can't we here in the U.S. get such a good preview to watch? All I've seen here in the U.S. is the old "Twilight" version. I work in a Movie theatre and they have not sent us any new "Half Blood Prince" previews. Why would WB want to insult and anger the "Harry Potter" fans here in the United States? I loved the preview online but it would have been better to see it on the big screen. Please could you comment on this, thanks.Avatar Image says: @Joey: It's not only the United States, you know. We Europeans get everything later then tha United States and Japan. And also Australia and Africa and the biggest part of Asia. The Americans must be glad that they get everything first or second, so quit complaining XD.Avatar Image says: Does anyone know if the trailer has been released in front of inkheart today? I think it looked great. It was awesome to see a trailer that seem to be about the main plot of harry trying to get the memory from slughorn. The young voldemort playing with his ring was a totally awesome shot. I was afraid they weren't going to show the ring in this film and i was very glad to see it. I love all the new dialogue. I wish we could hear the bits that were the voice was talking. It still looks great. At 0.59 that is luna and harry at the gates of hogwarts. Luna finds harry in the train after draco has stomped on his nose and they walk up to the gate together. That is what is going on in that scene. I think they are met at the gate by snape and there is some sort of interaction between them. Avatar Image says: "It actually seems like Emma Watson has made an improvement – her voice seemed more natural than before, or was it just me? Tom Felton’s little snippet looked amazing too." Agreed on everything you posted. Tom scenes in the trailer looked in tense, especially he was infront of the mirror and Emma definitely improved. She wasn't horrible, but she could have been a lot better in the past. In the trailer she seemed more natural. Also the Harry and Ginny kiss. *squeals* The kiss looks so sweet and tender. *sighs* I can't wait to see this movie. I think it's going to be the best of the HP movies out so far. Avatar Image says: Weasley is our King! Finally! And Snape! Swoon!Avatar Image says: YAY! It was great to see EVEN MORE of the story exciting! I LOVED seeing Snape and the way he delivered that line! Also...sorry, but I actually liked seeing it with all the Japanese made it more amusing! SOOOO GOOD!Avatar Image says: thanks decarus! i was running through every scene from the book in my head and couldn't quite make any match up, I forgot how they had changed it from Tonks to Luna as Harry's rescuer!Avatar Image says: Tried to go to the Youtube link, but it said the video was no longer available. Crap!Avatar Image says: OMG that was brilliant!!!! Except I want the movie sooooooo bad right now!!!!! How will I be able to wait another 6 months????!!!!????Avatar Image says: @ Blondi1969: try to refresh the page XD.Avatar Image says: oh my gosh. oh my gosh. oh my gosh! that is all I can say. OH MY GOSH!Avatar Image says: I loved Draco there, he didn't even say any words and yet I felt that he was afraid. So I gave something I liked, now for the negative. Most of the trailer was too fast paced for my eyes and I could barely make out the picture before it flashed to something else. I love Jim Broadbent and the one time they showed him for more than a second the Japanese announcer was talking over him. I was trying to pay attention to Slughorn but it was difficult. In short I didn't enjoy the trailer, it was too fast and, it felt like a lot of work having to pay attention, and on top of that the guy was yelling. But I strongly feel I will adore this movie. I worked and paused and listened over (to the detriment of my frazzled nerves) to figure out what was going on and I picked out lots of cool stuff. I know the whole movie will have slow parts as well as the fast parts, and there won't be an announcer, so I think I could still like the movie. Avatar Image says: haha, most people vomit!!!! OMG can not waitttttt Avatar Image says: It appears that the Japanese "Trailer" is similiar to those "sneak peaks" that ABC Family does during Harry Potter weekends. I say that because the credits for POA were rolling as the "trailer" was showing, so it appears that there was some sort of Harry Potter event showing that prompted their sneak peak. Perhaps ABC Family will decide to have another Harry Potter weekend, and then we'll see a better look at this new "trailer." Aside from that, I don't think we'll see this one in the theaters.Avatar Image says: Loved all of it. I really loved the part were I saw Hermione crying. The funniest part is where Bellatrix is jumping up and down when she sets Hagrids hut on fire. But I thought Hagrids hut was suppose to be on fire in the last movie. The Deathly Hallows.Avatar Image says: "well, that was fun" lmao , ah-mazing trailer!!Avatar Image says: Tbh, I didn't really like the trailer. Maybe it's better without all the crazy text around it and the random Japanese announcer. I say this as someone who spent all day yesterday watching a Japanese drama, so I'm used to the crazy text and the Japanese language. It just ruined the mood completely. *shrug*Avatar Image says: WHOA i watched that many times and i felt like im having a dream but im not! I loved draco is afraid and he did not say a word and where is moaning myrtle? and draco is in it many times, ive notice.Avatar Image says: Did anybody else find Snape REALLY spooky in that two-second clip? The way his robes swayed, and just how commanding he looked in the scene made him look really majestic. But isn't that the point? This is the scene where Snape comes to help Dumbledore - and then betrays him. He is SUPPOSED to look like Dumbledore's last hope, and the "shhh" makes it so much more tragic when he kills him. Until Deathly Hallows Part Two comes along... ;DAvatar Image says: crap! its off line now!Avatar Image says: I don't understand why once the trailer has made it onto youtube they don't just release it for real. I want to see it in high res without the Japanese writing and voice. I think i liked this one more then the others because it was a lot more new shots and lines rather then a bunch of repetition. It was also about the memories which, i think, are the most intriguing thing about HBP. Avatar Image says: Loved it, loved it, loved it. Anything new is always a nice surprise! July is too far away. The days are dragging!!Avatar Image says: Things take time. A person can't just release the trailer because they feel like it. They have these things on a release schedule. Paperwork is required.Avatar Image says: I can't get to the youtube but i have seen the screencaps. I'm so surprised that i can understand some subtitles, like the word "memory, cheers, latest" and the two sentences in the corner, because they're very similar to Chinese. The yellow one means it could first be seen to the world.(My English is not good enough to translate them well.) I really want to see the video version because it must be much more fantastic!Avatar Image says: It looks like Bellatrix is at Hagrids Hut. I kept hearing it was at the burrow. Am I seeing it wrong? LOVED IT!!!Avatar Image says: It is hagrid's hut. I thought it was the burrow too at first but if you look at the picture where snape is turning around you can see bellatrix to the left of the hut. It is very faint but you can see her standing there. Avatar Image says: Is it jsut me or does this make the movie seem really really different from the books? It's wierd becuase it seemed at first to be the closet...but i dunno anymore some of the dumbledore dialogue was wierd..the vomit thing...Avatar Image says: I want this in high high high quality. :) That would be effing amazing. WB - SEND US LINKS ALREADY!!Avatar Image says: I think the lack of battle at the end is the biggest loss for me. I don't agree with the premise that it would somehow ruin the battle of hogwarts at the end of DH Part 2. I mean the battle in this film is just the five who went to the ministry with harry and then the main order members against a small group of death eaters. It is more of a skirmish especially compared to the battle of hogwarts. The battle of hogwarts in DH Part 2 is like every character good and bad and their family. There is so much going on with harry and people dying and going to voldemort. There is also an entire film in between HBP and DH Part 2 so it won't feel in anyway like the same ending. Regardless, i will still like HBP as i have liked all the films. I just sort of miss the idea of allowing neville, luna, ginny, ron, and hermione to have some dueling scenes. Avatar Image says: Bellatrix looked like she was doing some evil dance. :P It was so freaking amazing!!!!! I love Dumbledore's line about most people vomiting!!!!!!! This just makes me want July to come faster. Grrrrrr. . . . .Avatar Image says: Snape-"How grand it must be to be the Chosen One." Well, yeah!Avatar Image says: Oh love it! Snape's line - awesome, oh I just can't wait for JulyAvatar Image says: FREAKIN AWESOME!!!Avatar Image says: I REFUSE TO WATCH ANY MORE CLIPS!!!! I shall not be tempted. I shall not be tempted.Avatar Image says: "How grand it must be to be the chosen one..." Ha, Ha! I LOVE Snape! (And I HATE him, the foul git!!)Avatar Image says: OK, I've come up with "rough" translations of what the Japanese voice-over guy is saying. Hope this helps- ----------------------- 0:15-0:18 "At last, the climax begins!" 0:29-0:36 "As Voldemort gains more power, Hogwarts is joined by an individual with critical information." 0:48-0:49: "What is the aim of Dumbledore?" 1:27-1:30: "The key to everything lies in the past." 1:38-1:42: "Will Harry succeed in uncovering the truth? 1:45-1:47: "And what is the fate of the world?" 1:48-1:50: "The final battle begins!" 1:54-2:00 "The sixth installment of the biggest-ever fantasy series, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, will be released this summer." ----------- According to the person who posted this video on youtube, the trailer was shown at the end of a recent airing of the GOF (or is it POA, as someone guessed in his/her comment here?). Avatar Image says: "According to the person who posted this video on youtube, the trailer was shown at the end of a recent airing of the GOF (or is it POA, as someone guessed in his/her comment here?)." That would be GoF -- you can see the GoF credits (VERY distinctive) in the lower right corner of the screen. Maybe this is the "new trailer" we may be seeing shortly (this weekend even?) in theatres . . . Woohoo!Avatar Image says: Teddy bear wrote: ..."The funniest part is where Bellatrix is jumping up and down when she sets Hagrids hut on fire. But I thought Hagrids hut was suppose to be on fire in the last movie. The Deathly Hallows." No, like the book, the deatheaters set Hagrid´s hut on fire in this one. Hagrid is fighting against them, Buckbead arrives and save Harry - but that is probably cut. Harry running after Snape is however not cut!Avatar Image says: NOT ME MATEA...but then again i think it will be worth the wait......looks soooooo amazing no? Do u think this will come out in just english???? Woop woop for LEAKY... Avatar Image says: Yay for Draco!Avatar Image says: I wanna c the english trailer cum on july plz cum FASTER!!! Avatar Image says: amazing tralier!Avatar Image says: loved DD's humor, snapes's line and the almost kiss.Avatar Image says: If that really is how Harry and Ginny's kiss is going to be, I'll be very disapointed. =/ This is looking like that aqward Cho kiss: "Here Cho! Stand there and I'll stand here! Let's not touch anything but our lips while this plant grows over our heads!! Sounds good?" I wanted to see that "who cares who is watching? I'm going to jump to ginny and kiss her full in the mouth because I can't take this anymore" kiss.Avatar Image says: WB! please release a trailer which has no japanese commentary it should be english . but the scenes were awesome Avatar Image says: não sei por que adiaram a estréia ...era pra ter sido em novembro ... mas estou contando os dias para assistir o novo filme...hehe parabens os "editores" do site, ele ta muito legal... ei! faz uma versão brasileira desse site! aposto que o que nao ia faltar era visitantes!Avatar Image says: As someone had stated before, so much more new stuff than I expected. I thought most if not all would be footage that we had already seen. Very nice. Avatar Image says: Wonder how many times they'll say the words "the chosen one" in the movie... It'll be a good drinking game, to count them, I'm sure.Avatar Image says: Obrigada pela tradução, Luke Debien. ;) ---- "Wonder how many times they’ll say the words "the chosen one" in the movie…" Plus, Harry would never be happy about it... Sometimes WB sucks!Avatar Image says: brasileiro, Adiaram por questões financeira. Em Julho deste ano a Warner tem como ganhar mais dinheiro. Este site é muito legal mesmo! Adoro! Mas já existem site de HP brasileiros com seu público. Não existe, pelo menos pra mim, porque adaptar uma versão brazuca do leaky. Embora isso pudesse ser legal, não tem, pelo menos pra mim, como substituir o quarteto do pottercast. Agora em inglês pra quem não fala nosso idioma... brasileiro, Warner pushed the movie to July for financial reasons. They will be able to make more money this way. This site (leaky) really is cool! I love it! But there already are brazilians HP website and they have their public. There is no reason, I believe, for a brazilian version of leaky. As cool as that might be, there is no way, at least for me, anyone can replace the fantastic pottercast quartet. I feel bad writing something in another language that isn't english here. Feels... unpolite. =pAvatar Image says: Why wont they give it to us?? arghhh!!Avatar Image says: OH MY GOD. I had problems with internet so I just saw it, and i love it! there are new parts..awesome! the almost-kiss..OMG! sorry, too 'oh my god'.. Avatar Image says: Obrigada pela tradução, Luke Debien. ;) —— "Wonder how many times they’ll say the words "the chosen one" in the movie…" Plus, Harry would never be happy about it… Sometimes WB sucks! Harry is not happy about it. This is not evidenced in any of the trailers. Why would he be?!!? You're just looking for another reason to hate WB.Avatar Image says: and plus i saw draco's mouth said "help" i felt bad for him in the movie i'll see him and i've notice draco is in it the whole time!Avatar Image says: OMG I CAN'T WAIT!!!Avatar Image says: I hate those Movie Postponing People :(Avatar Image says: i agree with Christine-i, for some reason, loved the "you cant expect him to just tell you his deepest darkest secret" (whatever it was...) line. i thought emma pulled it off so well. i thought that could be one of the times hermione and harry are talking in the evening when ron's going out with lavender. yay!! awesome trailer!Avatar Image says: LOVE: "How grand it must be to be the chosen one". That is Snape at his best. It kind of reminds me of House and how he can make the crudest comment sound really funny. You could also feel the fear pouring from Draco when he's standing and rocking in front of the mirror. Absolutely wonderful to see. Avatar Image says: looks amazing!!!! so excited to see the film... what is it now.. 172 days..? :( but it'll be worth the wait!!Avatar Image says: Oh that was brilliant! I'm really excited now xDAvatar Image says: Where did my comments go??Avatar Image says: in every period of my class this is what all of me and my friends were talking about like and we couldn't get over it yea we would also laugh at the japanese talking(we didn't mean to be rude)but it was so amazing...we actually hada sleep over where we would just watch all the harry potter movies and go online and watch this over and over and over againAvatar Image says: what???Avatar Image says: I don't like to much the emphasis on "the chosen one". In the book Jo made clear that the prophecy is not that important, it's Voldemort who give it too much importance, not Dumbledore. The sentence : "You're the chosen one you must not fail" is a bit strong for Dumbledore.Avatar Image says: i saw some semblance of the Sectum Sempra sceneAvatar Image says: Ooooo!! That was so much better than the other one in my opinion!. I am so excited!!Avatar Image says: Ooooo!! That was so much better than the other one in my opinion!. I am so excited!!Avatar Image says: I love H.P. and will go see the movie in theaters!! am supper exited to go and wish they had not delayed the premiere trailer is awesome!!! My friend sent ne the link to see it and I screamed my head off I am totally excited about it but I will most likley be disapointed about every second they leave out. Avatar Imagevicky granger says: I love the trailer, but it's so spoiler-ific for people who don't watch the movies, don't you think ? Anyway, so excited about the movie, can't wait!Avatar ImageRiverwings says: It was pretty nice..but I do hope the english version gets out soon!Avatar ImageGarden State Geek says: That Japanese trailer looked pretty exciting. It's just whetting my appetite.

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