Accio Nerdfighters: Live Recording of PotterCast 183 Thursday with the VlogBrothers!


Jan 26, 2009

Posted by Melissa Anelli

(Episode 182 will be out soon! Meanwhile…)

Nearly three days of warning this time! You may have already heard on YouTube, but: this Thursday’s LIVE recording of PotterCast will be a very special one, featuring Hank and John Green, otherwise known as the Vlogbrothers! The show will be live at PotterCast’s channel.

Who are the Vlogbrothers, (some of) you ask? Hank Green, who runs, and his brother John, a Printz-award winning/NYT Bestselling young adult novelist, started “Brotherhood 2.0″ on YouTube in 2007. Originally, the brothers pledged to alternate posting videos every weekday, to get to know each other better while (almost completely) swearing off textual communication for the year.

A lot of Peeps, happy dances, puffy hair, songs about Helen Hunt and (fortunately) poorly fonted arcade games later came “Accio Deathly Hallows,” the little spoiler-free song Hank posted to the channel three days before the release of the seventh Harry Potter book. The video went super-viral, and, athough this doesn’t always happen when videos spiral through the Internet, a lot of fans started subscribing to the channel that produced the funny.

A year and a half after that video, the Vlogbrothers are at the head of their own phenomenon, with more than 58,000 YouTube subscribers in tow, an extraordinarily large portion of which (because of Hank’s song) are Harry Potter fans. They are known for many things: their silly antics, a lot of hilarity involving pants, and the annual Project 4 Awesome, during which they commandeer YouTube and steer thousands of viewers to hundreds of important organizations and charities. The thing for which they are most most recognized, however, is the concept of Nerdfighting. Based around the idea that it’s much better to be a traditionally defined “nerd” – that it’s better to be intelligent and active in the world than vapid and passive, this concept has inspired thousands of young people to be more fully themselves. If you are reading this, chances are you’re a nerdfighter, whether you knew it or not. The Nerdfighting community is strong, passionate and highly
organized (and always taking members); their main aim is, as the brothers put it, to decrease

We have a lot to talk about with these guys, and it promises to be a most funny and special show, so make sure to tune in!

NOTE, especially to those who have been at earlier live shows: We are not doing this via TalkShoe this time. This time and in the future we’ll be on UStream, here. The show starts on Thursday at 7:30, but we will be opening the room early for people to get situated and chat. Get in there early! You can only chat with an account, and to be alerted when we start broadcasting, make sure to “follow” the channel. We hope this is the last thing for which we make you sign up for live shows. We’ll be taking calls and questions from the chat.

You can learn more about the guys at any of their many web sites:
Hank at
John at
YouTube Channel
DFTBA records

See you then! And here, have a video – no spoilers! :)

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Avatar Image says: For. The. Win. I'm very excited about this--this might be the best Pottercast live on ustream on a Thursday with the vlogbrothers in 2009 yet! So well done on acquiring these awesome guest-hosts!Avatar Image says: I'm so excited that you have John and Hank Green on the show, but disappointed that because of time zones I'll be working during the recording. I'll make sure to listen though.Avatar Image says: I just finished watching all their videos a couple days ago. Talk about coincidences. :) I love the vlogbrothers. Best Wishes!!!Avatar Image says: I am so excited for this! Pottercast and the Green brothers! What more could anyone want? Well...Pottercast, Green brothers, and Jo would be nice, but I'll take what I can get. :DAvatar Image says: Yay! John and Hank are my heroes basically. This is going to be SO awesome! Avatar Image says: how do we "call in" with skype/cell phones? what is the number and if it is through skype do we have to be approved before the show? THANKS! I am soooo excited for this!Avatar Image says: Eep! I'm so excited for this! I usually watch them and PotterCast videos simultaneously. It's going to be the best podcast ever.Avatar Image says: Where's ep 182?Avatar Image says: Where's ep 182?Avatar Image says: YAY! John and Hank are the most awesome guys ever!!! Read John's books kids. They are really amazing...better written than Twilight.(and don't start yelling at me....I'm a fan but, John has great skills! read and judge for yourself) I can't wait till Thursday!Avatar Image says: That is the best summary of the whole Nerdfighter/Vlogbrothers history I've ever seen Melissa! This is probably gonna be one of the greatest Pottercasts ever; with all that awsome in one (although virtual) room!!!Avatar Image says: John Green is a great author for YA. He writes with a purpose, yet he doesn't fail to make you laugh with his smart & witty writing style. You always get wonderful things out of his books, yet it comes so natural, you won't even notice. Give his books a try if you haven't already.Avatar Image says: Who the eff is Hank? ;)Avatar Image says: yaay the vlogbrothers! But this time make sure to edit it and put it online QUICKLY! Other than that, every Thursday with a live show will be a blast!!! :)Avatar Image says: yaay the vlogbrothers! But this time make sure to edit it and put it online QUICKLY! Other than that, every Thursday with a live show will be a blast!!! :)Avatar Image says: yaay the vlogbrothers! But this time make sure to edit it and put it online QUICKLY! Other than that, every Thursday with a live show will be a blast!!! :)Avatar Image says: Can't wait for this!! I can never get enough of Hank and John =) Although half twelve is a bit late, I shall try to listen to at least some of it live. I hope UStream doesn't crash, but I do prefer it to TalkShoe. See you there!Avatar Image says: This is going to be so made of awesome!!!!! Avatar Image says: OK so I'm sorry but I'm still alitte you can't be in the chat or call in unless you have an account? Is there a number we can call to listen to it or can you only listen though the internet? :|Avatar Image says: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is TOTALLY BEYOND JOKES!!!Avatar Image says: Always the Thursdays when I can't be there! I was delighted last week because you actually had a live recording when I was around, but oh well.Avatar Image says: Yay! I saw Melissa's video yesterday about the struggle to get in touch with them, and I'm so glad this is finally happening! John and Hank are awesome, and combining them with you guys... This is going to be one amazing PotterCast! =) See you on Thursday! Also, Accio Deathly Hallows might be spoiler free, but it's amazing how many things Hank actually got right, haha...Avatar Image says: Hank and John Green FTW! Can't wait...should be a lot of fun! Thanks for your persistance in making this happen! :)Avatar Image says: I WISH!!! It'll be like 12:30am friday over here :( My mom will still be downstairs so i won't be able to sneek on :( and i'd have school like 8 hours after it's started and i'd have to get ready,, sooo this time it's not gonna happen or the time after :( I have the day off school but my mom only lets me have the day off if im ill and im a really bad liar :( 'OxAvatar Image says: WOOOOOOOOOO!! Nerdfighters!! :)Avatar Image says: YEAH! We actually get warning this time. I'm so excited for Thursday. It's going to be so much fun. I love John and Hank! They're so funny. Now we get Pottercast every Thursday. It's going to be like an improv television show about the best book in the world except very different!Avatar Image says: ahh im ssooo excited about this! this is definitely one of the best descriptions of nerdfighters that i have ever read. It'll be epic. John and Hank are made of awesome, as are the pottercasters. =DAvatar Image says: Squee! Nerdfighters are frakkin' awesome, PotterCast is frakkin' awesom, and when combined make for a very squeeful moment, indeed. !Avatar Image says: Hm..Avatar Image says: Hm..Avatar Image says: I can't listen to it. I'll be at lecture :(Avatar Image says: i wish i could be there but that's 10am friday for me so i'll be at school down here in australia it would have been fun though...Avatar Image says: Is that 7:30pm EST? Because if it is, thats tooo late for us down in Britain with school the next day :|Avatar Image says: I am just so happy to finally know what the heck 'nerdfighting' is. Once again, I'm late to the party.Avatar Image says: I don't (admittedly) listen to PotterCast very often, but OMG JOHN AND HANK HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP...Avatar Image says: YES! I so hope I can be there. PotterCast + John & Hank = WIN.Avatar Image says: I think I just screamed loud enough to wake the dead. I am SO absolutely freaking ecstatic right now. YESSSS AHHH ADFASKDFJKSLDF SO EXCITED :D :D :D :D :D :D :DAvatar Image says: O_O I never even heard of these guys! That video! New watcher here!Avatar Imagemugglemom4 says: The show was a blast even with the technical problems. Boy was the chat fast paced. Avatar Imagemugglemom4 says: The show was a blast even with the technical problems. Boy was the chat fast paced.

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