Photo of Professor McGonagall from “Half-Blood Prince”


Jan 26, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

Update: Originally posted in small form back in November, there is a larger unmarked photo online tonight of actress Dame Maggie Smith in her role as Professor McGonagall from the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. You can see this photo, here.

Thanks to ScarPotter!

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Avatar Image says: Was that the opal necklace next to that picture?Avatar Image says: I LOVE Maggie Smith. She is the embodiment of Minerva McGonagall. I hope her cancer is better.Avatar Image says: I can't wait to see this in the movie! She's such a great actress!Avatar Image says: i absolutely adore maggie smith!!!! cant wait to see her on the big screenAvatar Image says: love her too. prof looks so sad on that pic,and dissapointed. i wonder...Avatar Image says: So much sadness in her eyes, I guess this is after you know who death. Great actress, I hope she has more screen time in hbp, a good character and actress to show us the sadness after the "main event" of hbp.Avatar Image says: I think you're right this the desk with the necklaceAvatar Image says: Maggie Smith is perfect for this role. I struggle to think of a better suited actress. I'm excited to see her scenes in Half-Blood Prince. Avatar Image says: Haven't we seen this picture before? I know i have seen the desk before and seen mcgonagall before in this poise. This is after katie bell touches the necklace. You can see the box that they put the necklace in laying on the desk. Avatar Image says: yeah, that's an old picture... i'm guessing its the opal necklace, but im not sure...Avatar Image says: yes everyone it is an old picture, but this is like a "official" one maybe?Avatar Image says: Lovely to see Maggie back! My money is on this being after the events atop the Astronomy Tower . . . Avatar Image says: looking forward to seeing Maggie Smith again in a role she's perfect for.Avatar Image says: I love Maggie Smith, and I cant wait to see her in HBP. However, there's just something about this picture thats...I'm not sure, I just dont love it. It feels sad. But she still looks amazing, only a few more months to wait :)Avatar Image says: love old Maggie! She really is great, and perfect as McGonagall. How great is that we have a Dame like Maggie and Knight like Sir Michael Gambon at the helm of Hogwarts? Terriific.Avatar Image says: I'm glad they've got some new clothes for the teachers to wear! I'm sick of seeing them in the same costume film after film! Don't they ever change, or wash their clothes?? :)Avatar Image says: Great picture of Dame Maggie Smith. She really is perfect in the role of Professor McGonagall. I really hope that she's given more airtime in the Deathly Hallows movies. Her scenes in that book were some of my favourites: confronting Snape, challenging Slughorn, defending the school and students, fighting Voldemort, when Harry stands up for her against the Carrows, and the emotional moment when she belives Harry died. The moment she screams "NOOOOO" just has to be in the movie. I pictured the gravitas with which Dame Smith would handle those scenes. I too hope she is recovering from cancer. Has anyone else heard anything?Avatar Image says: Is there any word how she is doing? She is one of my favorite actresses, not just in HP. And I love that picture, btw. I'm curious to see where it falls in the film.Avatar Image says: Good old maggie! I love minerva, she's really perfect, thsi picture is interesting, i'm sure it is the opal necklace she is looking at as it corresponds witht he picture of snape and minerva and the trio. Can't wait for the movie!....Avatar Image says: Her interpretation of Minerva is just how I first imagined McGonagall when I read the first book ( and, believe me, the wonder of a seven-year old is pure and sincere). She does perfectly well the brisk manners typical of Minerva. Anyway, I didn't know she has cancer. I really really hope she'll be better and sound soon. I'm sorry if there are errors, I'm italian.Avatar Image says: I almost think you can see the necklace when you look at the desk close up.Avatar Image says: At first I would have thought this was post-Dumbledore's death, but it's snowing outside.... which would make it the wrong time of year. At least, it LOOKS like it's snowing, it's kind of hard to tell but I'm just guessing....Avatar Image says: shes oldAvatar ImageHarriettPotter says: She's great as McGonagall, i've always thought she was just right for the partAvatar ImageSylvieTheHufflepuff says: Maggie Smith is looking, well, sicker? It's nice to see her back though, she's an amazing actress and perfect for the McGonagal role.Avatar ImageZivlok says: And we still don't know why there's a piano there...Avatar ImageEmilyDeibert says: I love Maggie Smith, I think she's perfect for McGonagall. Can't wait for HBP!Avatar ImageKaylie Marie says: Professor McGonagall looks so sad, I love Maggie! She's such a great actress!Avatar Imagevicky granger says: I love Maggie Smith, she's so perfect for Professor McGonagall! I'm so excited about the pictures, can't wait to see her in the movie!Avatar ImageAtb says: Maggie Smith is fantastic. Great actress.Avatar Imagemugglemom4 says: Maggie is Professor McGonagall!Avatar Imagemugglemom4 says: Maggie is Professor McGonagall!Avatar ImageGarden State Geek says: Maggie Smith is a great actress with a great career. I hope they let her have her due in DH.

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