Weasley Twins Not Included in “Half-Blood Prince” Video Game


Feb 11, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

The characters of Fred and George Weasley are apparently not included in the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince video game. In a new interview, actors James and Oliver Phelps say they were not asked to record their voices as the characters they portray in the Harry Potter films are not included in the new game from EA. Quotage:

James: Our characters aren’t in the game really as much because
they’re not at school and that’s primarily where all the game is based.
So unfortunately we weren’t asked this one. But as we said earlier, it
was cool that EA still said come and see how it’s coming along and what
you think. And they showed us how even the characters have got
individual hair, the detail is amazing in it.
Oliver: And in
the house it showed like different levels in the water, and how,
progressing throughout the day and night, how the light changes on the
water. Details like this – one or two guys, that’s their job to make
sure that that’s perfect. You take that for granted when you’re playing
the game, but when you go around seeing all the individual jobs you
really appreciate it.

You can read the entire interview with the Phelps here courtesy of Snitchseeker.

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Avatar ImageLP Dantas says: Oh that's too bad... understandable, but bad nonetheless. It's funny how they use the twins for marketing the game, but don't use them IN the game...Avatar Imagemhaeyemhaeye says: Awww... But I guess it is necessary. :(Avatar ImageBewareoftheNargles says: Aww no. I love the twins! Oh well, I guess I understand. Wow, they still got to see it though. I just want to play it. After I've seen HBP of course. Why do we have to wait soooo long?Avatar Imagewizardinventor says: Awww...they won't even be in the Weasley's store in Diagon Alley?! :(Avatar Imagewizardinventor says: Awww...they won't even be in the Weasley's store in Diagon Alley?! :(Avatar Imagemugglemom4 says: Okay, I think they could have been creative enough to find a way for the twins to still be in the game. I am going to miss them. Avatar Imagepotterfan2121 says: that sux. hopefully the game is good tho :)Avatar ImageZivlok says: Well, it makes sense. I mean, hopefully, this game is a lot like the last one, but better. By that, I mean, still keeping Hogwarts as the main area. I'm totally fine with them not visiting Diagon Alley. I'd rather them spend time making Hogwarts even more open worldier. Besides, we did get to (briefly) play as Fred and George in the previous game, which was very awesome. Also, the twin's descriptions of what they saw them working on is getting me very excited!Avatar ImageLeif Longbottom says: Is the game going to be that much like the movie? If it was going to be as vaguely similar as the last one, the twins could've been fit in there. Besides, who's going to leave the hidden packages around Hogwarts, Neville?... Dobby? They should've been in the beginning to tip Harry off about packages they hid around school in their last year. Then again, it would only be cool if it gave you extra gear like in GTA rather than behind the scenes clips like with OotP. I hope this one's good, we haven't had a decent HP game since Azkaban. The last one was okay but just a bit hollow and too short; and as I typed before, the in-game rewards were useless... in the game at least.Avatar Imagebookmonster79 says: It just won't be as fun without Gred and Forge! Avatar ImageAmanda979 says: I was hoping that a part of the game would take place att the store.. Avatar ImageDolemite says: I'm getting a Wii just for this.Avatar Imagesunlitdays says: awwwwww no WWW????? why ever not? ah well if it is at school....hahah this game will be so sick to play.Avatar Imagekatem4 says: That's too bad. They played such a big part in the OotP game. I get it though... It would probably only be one scene. But I noticed James said "as much", does that mean they're in it, but not enough to have the actors erecord the voices. The game wouldn't be the same without at least an apperance! Avatar Imagesunlitdays says: ive always wondered if ur allowed to escape the hogwarts grounds. like, instead of going from the common rool to DADA, could you just keep walking and go all the way to hogsmead or something? of coures u would get loads of points taken off, but just curiousAvatar Imagewandmastercalum says: aww too bad coz I know they 2 love the games. AT least they could test in front of public and still look around. That was nice of EA.Avatar ImageLauraKeaton says: Too bad they couldn't include a part where you visit WWW. Fred and George are such great parts of the books, movie, and games.Avatar Imagehalcyon says: I don't care if they're in the game. They're in the movie, that's what counts.Avatar ImageElVampiro9878 says: Frown... that makes me sad Avatar ImageMuggleQueen says: :( That's pretty lame they're not gonna be in it. Especially as they still got Colin Creevey in the 5th game though he hadn't been seen in the movies since CoS. But ah well I still can't wait until I can play it!!Avatar Imagecheekysnake09 says: Oh but I love the twins! I wish they would do WWW. :(Avatar ImageAntoast says: what the freeaking heck that's uncalled 4!!!!!!!Avatar Imagebadger666 says: I don't play video games, but that's too bad. It is understandable, though. Too bad they won't include WWW, though. Avatar ImageMcGiggles92 says: awAvatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: It is a pity that the Weasley twins were not incorporated into the game; who doesn't love them?Avatar Imagejennibelle says: Too bad about no twins. I am still really excited to play the game. I can't wait. Avatar Imagegeneliz says: that's too bad Avatar Imagejenbabe705 says: Booo! I love the twins.Avatar ImageGhielsyhr says: Aww, no Gred and Forge ): It makes sense but i still wish they were in, even for a quick vist to WWW :DAvatar ImageMagicDucks says: Aw, no Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes? Oh, well. I just hope that it's better than the OotP game. I was disappointed with that one. I still love the CoS game boy color game. That was such a well developed game, especially for its time. There was so much to do in it. I still play it.Avatar Imagehermyone08 says: That's kind of sad :(Avatar ImageCool Grandma2 says: I was interested in getting this one. Still working on it? HBP was suppose to be released last November. Don't the games usually come out a little later? I will miss Fred and George. They could have let them have a camio appearance. LolAvatar ImageTyman28962 says: It's a shame they're not going to be in it...I suppose it will be less awkward for the fans to only see one of the twins in the Deathly Hallows game...if they're in that...Avatar ImageCatherine says: OOOOHHHHH! I love the Weasly Twins they are so much fun! thats a shame!Avatar ImageChrissyPuff says: its too bad that arent in it, but I am sure the game is going to be amazing. I loved the one they did for OotP:)Avatar ImageBeAchL0veEr05 says: I'm NOT happy!!! :( They could have the Weasley's shop, but no, of course not... why would they have that? (note sarcasm)Avatar Imagefinniguffle651 says: aww lame. :(Avatar Imagehoffmar24 says: i really hope that this will be a good game...the ones in the past have been...not so good!Avatar Imagespiritbound says: No way they are awesome in the games. Game should be great though. Avatar ImageAccioCloak says: That's a shame - always enjoy the twins!Avatar ImageAccioCloak says: That's a shame - always enjoy the twins!Avatar ImageSidish_black6 says: ehh thats pretty bad !!! :(Avatar ImageHopelaa93 says: I loved the last Harry Potter game. The parts with the twins in was good. However I can understand the decision, I can't wait for the release of the HBP movie and film, it's my favourite book out of the Harry Potter's.Avatar ImageBradyboy says: I don't really play the games anyway, so it doesn't really make a difference to me. Avatar ImageNoella_Mansrot says: I don't play the games, so it's no big deal to me. But still, no Weasley twins seems like a crime!Avatar ImageGarden State Geek says: What a shame. I love the twins!Avatar Imagefloridianhp says: WHAT ??? NOOOOOO!!!Avatar Imagefloridianhp says: WHAT ??? NOOOOOO!!!

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