“Defiance” DoP Eduardo Serra to Shoot “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”


Feb 14, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

Cinematographer Eduardo Serra will serve as Director of Photography on the upcoming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, as announced by film lighting company Panalux. Update: You can see the Panalux announcement here in our image galleries. Mr. Serra recently shot the acclaimed films “Defiance” with Daniel Craig and Jamie Bell, “Blood Diamond” with Leonardo DiCaprio, and was nominated for an Oscar Award for his cinematography on the film “Girl with a Pearl Earring.” Please note: While this does seem official, we are trying to obtain confirmation from Warner Brothers, and will update with that when we can.

Principal photography is set to begin next week on the two part production of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in London, England.

Thanks much Matt!

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Avatar ImageSally_Zaar says: Ooo if they do go with him, then it does look like the DH films will be action-orientated...not to mention beautifully and atmospherically shot Avatar ImageNeil in Scotland says: I don't know him or his work, but he sounds like a very good choice!Avatar ImageLargeBlondDeathEater says: I was hoping they would get Bruno Delbonnel back. That guy knows ART!Avatar Imageromildamusic says: I'm going to have to check out his movies so! Suss him out :PAvatar ImageLargeBlondDeathEater says: Yeah, I might rent some of his movies too! Cinematography in the Harry Potter movies is one of the little details I'm really interested at.Avatar Imagesofiag says: If that is true, then great!! he's an excellent director and he's portuguese like me!! :P But like it was said before here, it will probably be more action-orientated...Avatar ImageErinM says: I just can't wait to see this movie!!!Avatar ImageLargeBlondDeathEater says: Bring back Bruno Delbonnel! :-PAvatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: Needless to say, I just hope that he continues the tradition of excellent cinematography that has characterized this series. :)Avatar ImageAgrippa1 says: They're going to start shooting next week!!! Squeeeeeeeee! And he really is an awesome cinematographer, so the movie should be beautifully shot, with an eye to atmosphere and action, combined.Avatar ImageSophie Treklemmer says: Cool! But I hope they manage to combine the emotional parts and the action parts into the movie, and not just focus on the action. :)Avatar ImageBoyWithALightningScar says: This is definitely going to be something else visually than the last films. I feel we're going to get a much more gritty looking film (well, two actually) if Serras previous work is any indication. I'm not complaining though, it would fit the tone of the story.Avatar Imagecdewson says: if thats true. thats awesome. Avatar ImageX-Lillie-Lovegood-X says: Cooooooliiieooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Imageomgitslouise says: He sounds like a good choice, I've never seen any of his previous work, but it sounds like he's very good, and suits the job.Avatar ImagePureblood-Slytherin says: i haven't seen blood diamond but i have seen Defiance and it was a great movie.. i hope he's professional we don't want an HP character goin' Bale on him.. lol.. i can just imagine it.. lmao!!!Avatar ImageArthur22 says: Never seen his movies but they seem good, hope he does a good job. Avatar Imagegreatpetie83 says: Girl with a pearl earring was also beautifully shot and incorporated the lighting Vermeer used in his paintings. I'm very interested in how the movie will look.Avatar Imagelnh92 says: It should be good.Avatar Imagerinanorreh says: Ooooh, he did Blood Diamond and Girl With A Pearl Earring?! I'm excited!Avatar Imagerunaroundkid says: Cool! I haven't seen the other two movies, but Blood Diamond was beautifully shot. And the fact that he got nominated for an Oscar is a great sign!Avatar ImageAttolia says: Sounds like he'll be awesome, but I'm sure whoever they picked would do a great job.Avatar ImageLeo_Lovegood says: YES! Should be awesome! Blood Diamond had great cinematography!Avatar Imagecalliet2b4g says: yay movies!!!Avatar ImageLP Dantas says: It's nice to give a new feel to the last movies. Let's hope it's the right feel...Avatar Imagehermyone08 says: I love any news about Deathly Hallows! :)Avatar ImageGraymayne says: I was so impressed with "Girl with the Pearl Earring" that I saw it at the cinema three times. The photography was really excellent.Avatar ImageMcGiggles92 says: cool beansAvatar Imagesgarime1 says: This is awesome news! Blood Diamond was a good film.Avatar ImageChrissyPuff says: Whoever gets picked, please just do an awesome job! Cant wait for DH!Avatar Imagecallicott3 says: Excuse me for being "out of the loop", but WHO??? I, like many others here, have never seen any of this work...but he sounds like he's a good choice! We'll see...Avatar ImageGobbledygook says: I have to check out his work.Avatar Imagenoe_lover_42 says: wow that sounds greatAvatar Imageravenclawguy1972 says: I have seen some of his work and he is good , i think this is a positive sign for DHAvatar Imageangelac123 says: ...Interesting! :)Avatar ImageSarabi says: This sounds promising :DAvatar Imagea1000wtp says: I dont know what that means... but yay!! hahaAvatar ImageCrown Victoria says: I still want Peter Jackson to direct, the guy who made Lord of the rings. if he did, the battle of hogwarts would be WIcKEDAvatar Imagertpuppydog says: I enjoyed Blood Diamonds a lot, but thought Defiance was just okay. Well I hope he does a good job.Avatar Imagemollywobble says: Well this seems like a great choice. I hope we get to hear more casting announcements soon as well. Oh, am I the only one who wants John Williams back? For a long time, I couldn't figure out why I didn't enjoy the 5th film as much as I should have, and I decided that the score was what really bothered me. Hopefully it's better in HBP, but I really want John Williams back.Avatar Imagejenlynn619 says: This is good news. Appropriate cinematography could make or break the films. Blood Diamond was incredibly shot, that was the only one of the lot I've seen. Avatar Imageemmalily says: if it's true is will be awesome, The Girl with the Pearl Earing was a beautiful movie! :-)Avatar ImageAccioCloak says: Sounds like a good CV & DH deserves the best!Avatar Imageplacebowiz says: he's an artistAvatar Imagekiwimci says: His work on Girl with a Pearl Earing is simply beautiful. Just beautiful and breath taking. Although that was to recreate some of the original artwork. But if anything that film has gorgeous cinematography and seriously I'm over the moon that this guy is DoPing DHAvatar Imagemugglemom4 says: I am looking forward to seeing what he does for DH.Avatar Imageravenclaw1028 says: Oh, I'm so very excited for this!Avatar ImageNoella_Mansrot says: Now I really need to see those films. Drat my lack of funds! I'm sure he's a good choice.Avatar ImageHedwig17 says: He's portuguese YEAH!!!Avatar ImageBradyboy says: i've never heard of him. I hope he does the books justice. Avatar Imagetinagin says: Well I saw Girl with a Pearl Earring and though the cinematography was stunning. I'm sure he'll do DH justice!Avatar Imagenumb3r5ev3n says: Wow, unexpected choice. I'm a fan of Cuaron's work with PoA, but it'll be interesting to see how he does it.Avatar ImageShane says: I'm really excited to see how this DOP does! Bet it will be great!Avatar Imagemarisa_mendes says: cant wait for the film... n i think he sounds like a really good choiceAvatar Imagesweetquietgirl89 says: The guy isn't directing the moive he's director of photography but still part of it Avatar ImageFairfortune11 says: never heard of him, but sounds like he's the right guy for the job...Avatar ImageGarden State Geek says: I think these films keep getting better and more sophisticated.

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