Accio Books HPA Broadcast, with Evanna Lynch, Sue Upton, Paul DeGeorge and Brian Ross!


Mar 01, 2009

Posted by: Melissa Anelli | Comments


We’re done, and that was awesome! Thanks guys! Visit the HP Alliance’s Ning to get more involved in the donation effort!

Reminder! Our live HPA Broadcast featuring Evanna Lynch, Sue Upton, Paul DeGeorge and Brian Ross, talking about the kickoff of the HP Alliance’s Accio Books campaign, starts at 3pm Eastern at this UStream channel, where HPA broadcasts like this one take place. Find out all about the campaign and how you can take part, as well as hear from members of a youth village in Rwanda, and more. It promises to be a fun and informative chat as always with the HPA!

You should be a logged-in member at, as we will be taking feedback from the chat and might limit the chatting to only those logged in, depending on volume. Also, to ask a question directly, you will need a account, and to make a Twitter post starting with @thehpalliance, followed by your query.

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