Emma Watson Photo Spread in Crash Magazine


Mar 10, 2009

Posted by EdwardTLC

Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) is set to grace the cover of the newest issue of French fashion magazine Crash, which will also feature a photo spread of the young actress. A number of images from the photo spread are now online care of our Image Galleries, and show the young actress modeling a variety of different looks.

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Avatar Imageheartless_wench says: she looks a littte "ziggy stardust" on the front pic. LOL!!!Avatar Imagespiritbound says: Love the pictures, awesome :DAvatar Imagehermyone08 says: She can model anything.Avatar ImageMatea says: yes,I've seen these!!! its so different than others..it actually scares me a bitc:SAvatar ImageBonnie Radcliffe says: I don't like it. AT ALL.Avatar Imageslytherpuffgirl says: the pics are interesting, but a little bizarre. mostly because they erased her eyebrows.Avatar ImageShackShrieker says: Darn! 1 minute ago, I would've been the first to post... :(Avatar Imagebecmajec says: very weirdAvatar ImageCourtney Quirke says: no, plz. do not want.Avatar ImageOldMrToad says: I guess I'm not a fan of 'haute couture'. I like Emma as a wholesome young woman. I can't appreciate her in these costumes. Call me old fashioned. OMTAvatar ImageGinnywobbles says: She's a beautiful girl, but I really do not see the attraction in haute couture. I think she's much so prettier just being herself. A lot of that high fashion just seems way too pretentious.Avatar ImageFonty says: I love how she manages to look different from shoot to shoot and how many lightyears a certain Miss Granger is away from those photos. ;) Despite been thru Photoshop, these pictures are fantastic. There is great make-up, good lighting and she becomes one with the clothes she is presenting. After the terrible Daily Mail/Sean Cook photos, these are fantastic again. Emma Watson is right, "a love affair has begun". :) And it is great that she doesn´t look like herself all the time. She is an actress and she loves to dress up. Compare the Lagerfeld shoot to the Ellen von Unwerth shoot. This is her current range! These pictures are not for those who keep confusing Emma Watson with some 12-year-old cute Hermione. Even Miss Granger has grown up.Avatar ImageHROAR Mudblood Proud says: I like the one with the cape, but I'm not sure about frosting her eyebrows or the habit.Avatar ImageBriannaWazHere says: Er- *cough* Not to be rude or anything, of course, cause ya'll know I love Em, But she looks flippin' dead in these to be honest. Not her, just the makeup and outfits. Idk, is that what's in in France? I dunno, I don't keep up with trends. (still love ya Emma, tho, no matter the odd outfits or vampire makeup) Avatar ImageHPNAIV says: She's had better photoshoots...Avatar Imagetaekwondochik44 says: the eyebrows are weird. that's my only "problem" with the shootAvatar Imagepunkedup88 says: These photos are absolutely beautiful! As an aspiring photographer and artist, I love them. I also love Emma in these photos. To those who don't understand: High fashion isn't about what you wear, it's an art. How can one make a stamp on design by clothing? Design is an art. I'm gaining a new appreciation each day for fashion and photography despite being "weird". Art is weird. =DAvatar ImageSiriusGirl19 says: The make-up makes her look like a boy. I honestly don't see the appeal or the point of this. She looks beautiful just being herself. I agree with others that all this high fashion stuff she's doing is making her seem very pretentious. I miss the innocent, sweet Emma.Avatar ImageJaymie Brooks says: I don't like the makeup. She's still gorgeous, though, of course! :PAvatar Imageharrypotterbookpurist says: I don't like this pictures at all. They look so far from Hermione and Emma. They are really bizzare.Avatar Imageharrypotterbookpurist says: Yes it makes her look not like herself at all. The style doesn't fit her at all.Avatar Imagespicefan1978 says: She takes amazing photos even though they are a bit out there for me. I guess she's showing us she can be someone other than Hermione. That she has more to show us.Avatar Imagelau399 says: In this pictures, Emma looks weird!!!! so pale!!! but I still sort of like them.Avatar ImageLibby says: What I've come to understand about clothes and photos.. it's become what looks completely unique and completely unthought of. It's about the art of it, not whether or not something looks pretty or whether or not everyone in the world will want to wear it. These pictures are delicate and haunting, and by frosting her eyebrows they give her a completely different look- her eyebrows are her signature characteristic too. I find high fashion like this a little silly, but the pictures for once show a blunt darkness instead of just her regular pretty glow. Avatar ImageChrysanthemum says: It seems like a Vampire theme. Lovely pictures, especially as art, not as snap-shots of Watson at a birthday party. I really like them. Avatar Imagestevenk12468 says: Very different..:pAvatar ImageLivelaughlovepotter says: I agree. She's had better. I mean, this one she might look a little scary... but hey! This girl can model!Avatar Imagefresh-pickled toad says: Its different but still really great!!!Avatar ImageLavendergirl says: She looks pretty amazing on that cover! But I think I prefer her in a more natural state, this one looks a little too... fake and... "cool", I guess.Avatar Imagesnapealicious says: That was......odd.Avatar Imagejenvomitvos says: i love them! i think the pictures are very interesting and she's a great model :DAvatar Imagerebel says: that magazine is so coolAvatar ImageButterbeer says: I thought I would be in the minority and labeled an old fuddy-duddy! I'm glad to see so many agree that Emma would do better to stick to a more traditional style that lets her youthful beauty shine through. This looks like a publicity shoot for "Twilight!" Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: She looks glamorous as always. It is impossible sometimes to believe how beautiful she is.Avatar ImageeiVega says: I'm not sure how I feel about these photos yet. However, I disagree with people missing the old Emma. She hasn't lost her innocence by going "high fashion." That just means she's classy. I may not understand the art, but I can still appreciate it's gesture. She has my respect. I'd rather see her doing this than something trashy.Avatar ImageFonty says: I don´t know. Maybe my mind is going. I can feel it. But am I the only one who sees her range in this? This woman has range. She refuses to fit a single drawer. She wants to zoom around the entire dressing room. Not every picture of her is showing *her*. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don´t. She is an actress who also does still photography. These pictures aren´t about Emma, but the clothes she is presenting. This photoshoot is a job like playing Hermione or Pauline. And here, she even worked with someone she considers a genius, as she says in the interview. Yes, you all can have an opinion about the style and design of the shoot. But this is the artists vision, in this case this Karl Lagerfeld guy who seems to have some background in fashion, and not necessarily a set of photos showing that Emma Watson is a beautiful young woman. What types of shoots she does and how far she goes along with the artists vision is up to her. Personally, I like the Ellen von Unwerth photoshoot better, but these are amazing also. (slight hint of sarcasm in this post)Avatar ImagePineappleCrush says: She looks stunning, no matter how silly the dresses/outfits are. Having said that, I could have done without the white eyebrows and extra-white face... she looks amazing without any of that make-up. Definitely not my favorite shoot, granted I'm not into the haute couture thing, but she still looks good. I'm glad that she's expressing herself and doing what she likes :)Avatar ImageGraymayne says: Mmm, very reminiscent of Twiggy in the 1960's. Emma's face is very classical and therefore adaptable in the hands of a good makeup artist, which is very useful for an actress.Avatar ImageLillylove says: I definitely don't think this is her best look! She is so beautiful and elegant and that gets lost in this shoot. And please...the girl needs her eyebrows! But hey, it's always fun to do something a little different/out of character from time to time. Just hope this one doesn't stick!!! YIKES!Avatar ImageBeAchL0veEr05 says: A little weird. . . No offense to Emma, just weird costumes.Avatar ImageMahayana says: Not my favorite, but I always like seeing new and interesting looks. Avatar Image3 Weasly Twin says: I'm not really sure I like the pictures. She looks a little evil in the outfits, to be honest. But she looks great, either way!Avatar ImageGarden State Geek says: Wow. That makeup job is spooky. Avatar ImageMiss Smarticle says: Wow, very different from the quaint and humble Miss Granger look we're used to seeing her as. I like that she's doing something different and isn't just staying in a "Hermione" bubble. :)Avatar Imagemolasses says: I think the photo styling is great: more "model-esque" and less "pretty-pretty."Avatar ImageBrad Ausrotas says: I'd like to note that she looks effing creepy in the pic they choose to attach to the news thread. Jesus H. Christ, she's like a god damn corpse!Avatar Imagelunaspec_gimmy says: They're different at least, no sure if I like them though.Avatar Imagelunaspec_gimmy says: *notAvatar ImageGobbledygook says: Emma looks a little weird, I have to admit. Its the clothes. She has had much better shoots.Avatar Imageravenclanna says: the pictures are too small for me to really tell what I think. Wish we had bigger ones. she is a beautiful girl, although very very far from what I always imagined Hermione to look like. also, on the picture where she's wearing a corset it makes her waist look too small, so I'm not a fan of that one.Avatar Imagepennynickles says: White eyebrows? Sometimes fashion doesn't make sense to me. She looked a little silly in some of the photos.Avatar ImageLittle Snitch says: Um... that's NOT Emma. PLEASE say that's a freakin' zombie. *shivers*Avatar Imagekbicprez says: When I first saw the headline, I thought OH NO, not another one of those Hollywood photoshoots?? Will we see Emma Watson or will we see someone so photoshopped that she looks more like a Pamela Anderson wannabe?? But hey, this shoot was not at all what I expected. It is so different from most of Emma’s previous shoots. Some might call it “edgy” and I agree it is. Some of the pictures are darn right weird! But that’s what is so fascinating to me. Congratulations to Karl Lagerfeld and Emma for something TOTALLY DIFFERENT. And to Ms. Emma, YOU GO GIRL!!!!! Avatar Imagegrimnakjarman says: What in the world? Looks like some mix between a Death Eater and Vampire! Too weird looking in those photos.Avatar Imageqwillpen says: I agree with the first commenter. She looks like David Bowie from his Ziggy Stardust era. He was very pretty.Avatar ImageProfKnight says: I dont know Ms. Watson, in my mind, you will forever be Hermione Granger. A wonderfully outspoken witch that was always ahead of your time. ... Can I be your Weasly baby :DAvatar ImageErinM says: Sorry, they're not my taste. I love to see her in natural colors, hair, clothes, etc. Not that I want her to be Hermione; that's not it. She ( in my opinion) is naturally beautiful and doesn't need all of that mess to prove it. Avatar ImageBookworm_Weasley says: Not her best shoot at all, in my opinion. She looks REALLY pale, not in the good "English Rose" way that she usually does, and it makes her look ill. I confess I don't follow fashion and don't know anything about it but this is not a good set of photos to look at.Avatar ImageJeannine says: I think Emma is at her prettiest when she has little to no make-up on. But .she looked a little like death warmed over in these. Maybe she IS portraying the current fad of the Vampire look. Or just making a fashion statement as per clothing she is wearing, and had no control over what they did to her face. It is very interesting I'll give them that. Avatar ImageRose-Mclane says: They are quite bizarre but I like that she is not only seen as an actress but a High Fashion Model. I don't think making her look like she has no eyebrows does her any justice to how beautiful her face is. I wish I could see this in HQ so I could get a real good look at the pictures. I do quite like the black furry thing and the black and white dress. All of these pictures would have been stunning...if she had eyebrows.Avatar Imagehpluver88 says: Wow, interesting shoot! Definitely seems to bring up mixed feelings from people. lol Personally, I think some of the shots look pretty cool. Others - not so much.Avatar ImageBradyboy says: I don't like that picture at all. She is so pale.... Avatar Image.bother says: FEIRCE!Avatar Imagelevi-OH-sa not levio-SA says: wow a lot of you ppl are really closed minded about cool stuff. i like that it is interesting and it throws you off a bit. i think it was awesome...really coolAvatar Imagecliff62442 says: The picture is very different, but it shows how how she can adapt to different looks, and still shows how pretty she is.Avatar Imagelittlefurlo3 says: i don't like these pictures... i really don't... there um... i don't even knowAvatar ImageFlourishandBlotts says: She's beautiful but they didn't do a very good job of flaunting that fact. When I first saw the picture I thought, "Oh no, she's playing a vampire." And did you see that bodice? Woah.Avatar Imagelaughing laurel says: She looks really skinny. She isn't normally. I like the one of her in the lacy dress. and in the coat next to it she looks more like a human.Avatar ImageFragesteller says: High-res versions here: http://galeriehpacteurs.free.fr/displayimage.php?album=664&pos=0Avatar Imagelumosshimmy says: She is one of the few actors who can also model, and I think that says a lot about her understanding of fashion vs film. Most actors just sort of smile in whatever clothes they're given, but you can tell she understands the effect they're going for - I also love that she does those risky poses, like all pointy knees and elbows. Also what Tyra Banks calls the "ugly pretty" look, where she can be edgy and almost aggressive but in a model-y way, vs too beautiful. I don't know - I just think she has incredible potential in either field! Avatar Imageavrenim says: she's gorgeous, and this must have been a fun photo shoot to do, but um.. is she in a bear costume?Avatar ImageSidish_black6 says: Wow. . . Great. . :) the cover looks like a vampire though. . . . :) Avatar ImageSidish_black6 says: One thing that i would never understand is French fashion scene. . . . ;O but their look is strong. . . . I like it. . . Not the outfit. . . :)Avatar ImageSally_Zaar says: ha ha they erased her eyebrows: they've non-intentionally fed into a fandom in-joke!Avatar ImagePrenz13 says: I'm not a huge fan of the whole no-eyebrows thing, but I guess these photoshoots show her entire range as many have said. I don't get fashion, so I honestly can't see that side of this, and personally believe she's had better photoshoots. But she's gorgeous, and she can adapt herself well to any kind of situation, and it shows how talented she is! Avatar Imagecleber says: it seems like emma has decided to pursue an on and off modelling career by nowAvatar ImageFUNsized.PANDA says: Not my thing, she looks a tad corpse like. Dead and rolled in feathers in one. Though she is undeniably beautiful. Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: Emma had better photoshoots before. just looks like she's sick.Avatar Imagemhaeyemhaeye says: I think she had better photoshoots. :(Avatar Imageowl-mail says: she has definately had better shoots before i agree she looks ill but i think it's the make-upAvatar Imageodadancekt says: niceAvatar Imageele0206 says: I think that's the first photoshoot where I really don't like her. She looks way better wearing coloured dresses, as in the photoshoots she did before. I'm sorry but she looks way too pale. Avatar ImageEdmundstaustell says: Emma is great. A superstar in the making. She can do it all--she makes a wonderful Hermione, a totally believable Pauline, and a first class model. This is Karl Lagerfeld, folks. Most models would crawl to Paris on their hands and knees to have a personal relationship with the man who calls the shots at Chanel. I would not be surprised at all to see Emma as the next face of Chanel when she gets just a little older, and fits better into that market niche. What a winner!Avatar ImageSTARZOE says: whats with the eyebrows! lolAvatar ImageKanedaX says: Well, if you have a thing for girls that look like David Bowie or Padme Amidala then I suppose these are for you. I'll take our normal Miss Watson, thanks...Avatar ImageDolemite says: Where is our little Hermione?Avatar ImageMiroca says: Gee.. ok... the pics are pretty weird... but, with those pictures I realized that Emma could be staring on Star Wars instead of Harry Potter. Way to go, Emma!Avatar Imagebudgie says: I think that they would have shaved her eyebrows if there wasn't another HP movie to film. At least it's a high fashion shoot (with clothes).Avatar Imagemaera-kyrie says: She's lovely, as always, but those ruddy makeup people...lol.Avatar Imagesuh says: oddAvatar Imageginnyrose says: She’s a beautiful girl but these do nothing for her why she let them do this i dont know Avatar Imagewormster26 says: I feel that she has done an amazing job modeling in the magazines I have seen her in! Great job Emma!Avatar ImageSarabi says: Those are some freaky eyebrows going on there o.OAvatar Imageomgitslouise says: She looks really pretty, even if I don't really understand what they were looking for. I like how it's not the same as everything else you see, but she looks awfully pale and skinny...Avatar Imagecocoeple says: kind of weird, but cool^^Avatar ImageLttlmrmd says: yike. i don't like what they did to her eyebrows. other than that, she looks beautiful as always.Avatar ImageFonty says: Here are all the pictures, but bigger: http://gallery.ewva.net/thumbnails.php?album=356 And it is funny: her eyebrows bother people when they are there and they bother people when they are frosted off. :) It would be easier on some, if they realized that Emma Watson is an actress, who also likes to model in photoshoots, and stop confusing her with Hermione. Even Hermione eventually grows up and gets married and doesn´t stay "our little Hermione" forever.Avatar Imagepinkies02 says: lol @ the nun outfit they stuck her in.Avatar Imageweasleyalltheway says: yeah, i don't really think this is that great. emma is always fabulous, i just don't think the direction they went was very flattering.Avatar ImageCrown Victoria says: The girls a natural. I always knew she was going to be a model. Some people need to chill. Its not odd at all. Its high fashion. It might not be your taste but no need to critisizeAvatar ImageFereverto says: These photos are fun and interesting. It's good to do different things. IMHO, of course. :)Avatar ImageNayNay3782 says: awesome. shes so freaking pretty:D JEALOUS.Avatar Imagefloridianhp says: shes's preety....but lookss wierd on the magizine.Avatar Imagejonfrog says: nice pics. Avatar Imageluna333hermione says: extremely wierd outfits... don't know why emma decided to do this photoshootAvatar ImageOldMrToad says: Hmmm.. After reading all the comments I guess this art form is an acquired taste. It is not to MY taste. Others may wallow in it. Obviously Emma enjoys this and seems to have a talent for it. More power to her. I prefer her as herself... as seen in a photo a couple of years ago playing field hockey. Or with that 'interesting' crooked little smile she has when photographed at a public function. I think she's adorable. OMTAvatar Imagechoirgeek says: This isn't my favorite photoshoot that she's done, but she still looks beautiful in all of those shots.Avatar Imagelinnie95 says: Wow Wicked!! Don't like that look for her. Loved her other shoots!! This not so much.Avatar Imagemiriamk says: She looks very boyish in those pics. And the shoot does nothing to sell the clothes (which by the way, are really quite ugly). It's good that she's trying to do more edgier shoots (though tbh I still think she's not model material and isn't stunning enough or stand out enough for it) but I'm not convinced by this. She doesn't seem to be able to project anything into the images. The conceptual artist seems to have overestimated Emma's presence - she's lacking in most of those. The idea is good, but it would have perhaps looks far more convincing if someone else was the centre. Avatar Imagemiriamk says: Also, I just want to add that people are giving Emma too much credit for this shoot. She may appear in the pictures, but she hasn't created the concept, the look, the clothes or the photography. The photoshoot is entirely other people's work. She's just posing - it's not the hardest thing in the world to do. You shouldn't take away the credit from the actual artists behind it. Avatar Imagemugglemom4 says: I don't really care for the pictures either. They just look a bit to unnatural for my taste. Avatar ImageChromate says: I love emma, but she just looks creepy in that picture!Avatar ImageIWannaBeAWeasley says: She looks a bit creepy in a few of those pics. One of them makes her look quite sickly. Avatar Imagethe diva says: I really don't like these. The pictures are too wierd and too goofy.Avatar ImageBoyWithALightningScar says: Interesting shots. I like the one on page 3 where she looks like a black sheep.Avatar ImageAccioCloak says: A very different look from Hermione!!! I agree it's a bit of a Ziggy Stardust type image!! Prefer how she normally looks to be honest!!Avatar Imagex_Potter_Lover_Forever_x says: She can carry off anything, but I must admit she does look a little bit scary lol. But she is still amazingly beautiful and super talented!! xxAvatar Imagemewthree says: i wish her good luck with her modeling career.Avatar ImageAvangelis says: emma watson crash shoot reminds me of a car crashAvatar ImageDanielleD says: I wish I could get my hands on a copy of that article! Avatar ImageDanielleD says: even if it is in French....

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