Return of Lego Harry Potter Game Rumors


Mar 13, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

The mystery of a possible LEGO Harry Potter game continues, as new reports state that such a game is in development. Previously, we had heard the highly anticipated Harry Potter video game was not on the slate for this year, however, today reports state that the online resume of animator for Traveller’s Tales, makers of the LEGO Star Wars and Batman series, read the following: “Am currently working as a Cutscene Animator on LEGO Harry Potter &
LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull which are both
in the early stages of production.”

However, when word of this spread via various game websites, the listing has since been removed. According to vg247, they spoke to the animator who confirmed the existence of the games: “That’s right’ she told us on the phone when asked if she was part of the games’ teams. But they’re not confirmed. I can’t really talk about them.”

Note: Since this is still very much unconfirmed, keep this in the rumor/uncertain category for now. Thanks Jonathan and Peggy!

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Avatar Imagestevenk12468 says: I've never played a LEGO Harry Potter game. Hopefully, this is come out so I can try it. :pAvatar Imagesnapealicious says: I've never played one of the LEGO games. Sounds fun, though.Avatar ImageNyssaM says: oh i want!!!!! lego HP would be AWESOME!!Avatar ImageBeowulf says: There is Lego Star Wars, Indian Jones, and Batman. This would likely be the first one that I play!!!Avatar Imagerebel says: I've never played LEGO games either, but they look really cool. Avatar Imageobockstal says: I never played a Lego game... but I heard they're quite good, so I would definitively buy a LEGO HPAvatar ImageZivlok says: TOTALLY CALLED IT! I totally called that they would be more likely to make a Lego HP before an HP MMORPG in the comments thread of the last post about video games! BOO-YAH! Also, while it isn't official confirmation, it pretty much is, at least, more so than we've had yet. WOOT!Avatar Imagespicefan1978 says: I've never played a LEGO game either. But I might try it!Avatar ImageIlzairspar says: Here's hoping we get a lego game. Though I'd wonder if they would base it off the books or the movies.Avatar ImageKimmyBlair says: A great belated b-day present Sue! I can't wait for this game.Avatar ImageMr. Brightside says: I've played "Lego Star Wars" and it was very good but i'm not sure about Harry. Lego games are more like parodies with lot of jokes (including some spicy ones). Also, this "slip" happens quite often in the gaming industry so it might be true. Oh well, we'll have to wait and see.Avatar ImageRedImp says: To be honest if TT didn't make a Harry Potter game, it'd be a great shame and a loss for them. However, rumours in the gaming industry tend to turn out like this and I wouldn't be surprised to see this game next summer!Avatar ImageDragongamer187 says: This would be sooo awesome Avatar Imagefuchsiarascal says: Ooh I hope they make it! I love the Lego games!Avatar Imagehp29 says: that would be really cool :)Avatar Imagebadger666 says: That would be cool.Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: Another Lego game theme around HP would prove rather entertaining and diverting as far as I am concerned.Avatar Imagemugglemom4 says: I miss the HP Legos!Avatar ImageAccioCloak says: That would be great - the Lego games are really fun!Avatar ImageSareptheRavenclaw says: This would be amazing!Avatar Imagehermyone08 says: Sounds fun!Avatar ImageLis Lovegood says: I really hope they do this! I looooove legos & love the Star Wars lego game. I'm really disappointed that their not making any legos for the 6th movie (I knew I should have bought that Hogwarts castle set 2 years ago!)...Avatar Imageluciusgl says: I would be so excited. I am playing Lego Indiana Jones right now. It's fun. Avatar ImageSidish_black6 says: ohhh, why i'm 21 ;( Avatar Imagesquibcloakmaker says: I really hope they do make it, I have emailed the makers and told them such!! I have enquired, and they didn't deny it, they said they couldn't discus it, which doesn't mean no. I love the Lego games! They are completely hilarious and fun! Can't wait for Lego HP!! Hmmm...maybe next they could do Lord of the Rings, cause that would be awesome and fun too!Avatar ImageHeavenly_Horcrux says: It sounds fun!Avatar Imagemarielle says: WOW that would be cool, my kids have all the other ones, star wars, batman and Indiana Jones and they love them all. »They aren't HP fans (unfortunately) but maybe this could get them hook. Avatar Imagex_Potter_Lover_Forever_x says: Never played like most other people but yer would be cool lol! xAvatar Imagestarfishes16 says: I HAVE SO MANY IDEAS FOR IT!!!!!! I NEED TO CONTACT THESE GUYS RIGHT AWAY!!!!!!Avatar Imagemissskye says: The LEGO games are my FAVORITE! I have been thinking for a while that HP would be the next logical choice for the LEGO series! I really, really hope this comes to pass.Avatar ImageGobbledygook says: I love legos!!!Avatar Imagecaldicaught says: Maybe this could work! Avatar Imagemewthree says: never played lego games, why when the grapghics are so good for real gaming?Avatar ImageJTEL99 says: I've played the Lego Star Wars and the Lego Indiana Jones games and they were both loads of fun. An HP Lego game would be really cool! Avatar Imagechuckaw says: I absolutely love the Lego games...I would just Squee for a Lego Harry Potter game!!!Avatar Imagesammy_red says: I've played all 5 of the LEGO games, let's hope TT really does just as well with this one!!Avatar Imagesammy_red says: I've played all 5 of the LEGO games, let's hope TT really does just as well with this one!!Avatar Imagesammy_red says: I've played all 5 of the LEGO games, let's hope TT really does just as well with this one!!Avatar Imagesammy_red says: I've played all 5 of the LEGO games, let's hope TT really does just as well with this one!!

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