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Mar 17, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

Can you hear it? Why yes, tis the Tweeting sounds of Matt Lewis! Actor Matt Lewis, known to readers for his role as Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter films, has now officially announced that he has joined Twitter, the popular online short messaging service. Matt made this announcement via this Youtube video, which is part of a fun challenge is he doing with a friend. You can now follow Matt on Twitter at this link

Free and easy to use, Twitter has millions of users, such as fellow Harry Potter actor Tom Felton, UK audio book narrator (and Twitter user extraordinaire) Stephen Fry. TLC has their official Leaky Twitter here, as does PotterCast and LeakyCon. Enjoy!

Thanks to the reader who emailed and to Lewis Lovers as well!

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Avatar Imagerebel says: cool! go Matt!Avatar Imagegaminette says: Tom Felton sucked me in with bath bombs and cricket and pictures of his dog (I don't even know what the heck cricket is except for the bug) and now Matt Lewis and his dolphin-punching friend. Argh! Oh, internets. Never change. Avatar ImageNiphai says: Yeah.. He's way ahead of Cuzzy xDAvatar ImageAttolia says: How fun! * goes to follow Matt on Twitter *Avatar ImageLeo_Lovegood says: He's got this. Avatar ImageSidish_black6 says: good i'm followin him. . . . Avatar Imagelevi-OH-sa not levio-SA says: yaaaay! i'm a huge fan!! that video was hilarious! MATT LEWIS FTW!Avatar Imagesalame says: I don't get the point of twitter but i must say i've visited Tom's quite a few times (it's cute how excited he is about his dogs). Don't think i can resist reading this one as well.Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: yay matt, go Matt, go MattAvatar Imagemiss molly says: I am with you Salame I don't get twitter but it is fun reading Tom's and now Matt's page. It gets additive reading what is going on with them and who knew Tom loves to take baths so much. Matt and his friends contest to get the most followers is great and Matt’s video is very Slytherin. Matt has the upper had against his friend who is not famous and does not have fan sites helping him along. Avatar ImageCool Grandma2 says: I'm always interested in any news about Matt/Neville.Avatar Imageravensmith says: I need to step up my communication game becuase this is the first time I'm hearing about Twitter. Where have I been?Avatar Imagemugglemom4 says: I totally understand RavenSmith, I finally got a Skype account. I am way behind. It is nice that we have more ways to keep up with the actors. Avatar Imagefaerenach says: Hahah!!! That video is great! Matt has a great dry sense of humour. Scumbag... he he he.Avatar ImageDances with Dobby says: It'd geeting pretty hard for me to resist getting a twitter account... and now that dear Matt's in on it too... I'll probably have one before the end of the week...if not the day! Matt looks so grown-up on the vid! Love the accent XDAvatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: I am following him right now! Twitter is mostly useless, but it is an excellent way to pass the time. ;)Avatar ImageLttlmrmd says: wow. he looks SO different in his youtube video and in his pic on his twitter. i can't believe i'm saying this, but he looks really hot. i understand what jo meant now when she didn't recognize him on set. Avatar ImageErinM says: Man, does he look different when he's not Nevilled-out!Avatar ImageJadeDanielle says: I love his twitter! Interesting posts, and he actually knows how to type. Very nice. "I once saw him punch a dolphin, which was...shocking." Best part of the video, really. <3Avatar Imagemelzy89 says: Punching dolphins... shameful! Matt looks great in this video. Very flattering video of the good looking guy! I can't wait to see him chop up some snake in movie 7 part 2!Avatar Imagegeneliz says: squeeeee! i love matt lewis :)Avatar Imagekbicprez says: I'm MAD about Matt too. I've avoided Twitter like it is the plague, but Matt may make me change my mind!Avatar Imagespicefan1978 says: I need to join Twitter as well!!!!!Avatar Imagejenvomitvos says: haha i resurrected my twitter account. apparently now it's a big deal.Avatar ImageHPNAIV says: The video is funny :) I love him! 8DAvatar Imagestevenk12468 says: I don't have time for a Twitter. LoL. :pAvatar ImageMiss Smarticle says: What is this Twitter?! It seems like, all of a sudden, everyone has one! By the way, love the YouTube vid. ;)Avatar Imagepuckstopper9 says: lol He was surprised at 1000 followers....just you wait Matt, after this article, you'll be lucky to have under 5000 followers.Avatar Imagehallaholla says: yay! i just got a twitter myself. lovin it!Avatar ImageGryfindorprincess09 says: cool Avatar Imageathena024 says: Off to Twitter, then!Avatar Imagecallicott3 says: Don't know what the hex a *twitter* is, but have been hearing about it everywhere! Guess I better check it out! GO MATT!Avatar Imagephantomdave79 says: The end of his video is so funny! I love that he is sporting a Ghostbusters shirt!!! He is looking so grown up too!Avatar Imagerebel says: I just found out theres a video too! Is that a Ghostbusters shirt Matt? sweetAvatar Imagefloridianhp says: yayAvatar Imagefloridianhp says: yayAvatar ImageCrown Victoria says: do you need a phone to use Twtter? Avatar Imagepenguin1124 says: awesome!Avatar ImageScottMan says: Haha! Matt Lewis is hilarious. I'll definitely be signing up for Twitter now, I'm such a fanboy.Avatar ImageLunabelle7 says: Was anyone else reminded of Melissa's Neville tribute on Youtube when they read this headline? Now Nevielle really does follow you on Twitter... :)Avatar Imagelilhpchick20 says: Matt Lewis on Twitter!!!!!!!!Avatar Imagemelzy89 says: He is winning by a ridiculous amount over Cuzzy now... HILARIOUS!Avatar Imagemelzy89 says: He is winning by a ridiculous amount over Cuzzy now... HILARIOUS!Avatar Imagesnapealicious says: This is twitterific.Avatar Imagehermyone08 says: Cool! Everyone's got twitter fever! :)Avatar Imagesnapealicious says: I just got a chance to see the video. Sooooo funny. "He sells drugs to children." heeheeAvatar ImageGarden State Geek says: Yay Matt Lewis. We love Neville. Avatar ImageTassana Burrfoot says: Ok. We cannot let Matt Lewis lose this competition! (Even if he is a bloody Gryffindor...)Avatar ImageFUNsized.PANDA says: :D love it. go twitter!Avatar ImageNoella_Mansrot says: This is great! I'm not on Twitter yet, but the pressure is mounting...Avatar ImageChelsZ says: I love it that him and Tom Felton have Twitter! I am following them both.Avatar Imagecedriclove94 says: i'm following him now! thanks for the heads up Sue! (:Avatar ImageSally_Zaar says: Awesome I love Matt! lolAvatar Imagelnh92 says: i found him pretty fast and he is really cool with his tweetsAvatar ImageKennedyJames says: I followed! My lord he's...gotten older!!! I loved the vid. He's so awesomeeeeeeeAvatar ImageHagrid 713 says: May be my first twitter!Avatar Imagegoodenough says: Well that was that! Now I'm joining Twitter too. :D Avatar Imagefantasylover12001 says: I swear, everyone and their mother is on Twitter right now. I STILL don't get it. I might be looking at this though...Avatar Imagepottershrink says: BA Neville! Wow - when did he grow up and get so... hot?!Avatar ImageGarden State Geek says: I'm going to have to get on board with Twitter. Avatar ImageHermioneRon4ever says: I keep hearing about Twitter! At first I thought it looked kinda stupid but I've been looking at some of them and it looks pretty kool! I'll probably get one soon, if I do I'll follow Matt and Tom for sureAvatar ImageBradyboy says: I'm following him, maybe Twitter him sometime. Avatar ImageJTEL99 says: Their "challenge" looks like it's going to be hysterical!Avatar ImageGobbledygook says: I have a twitter but i have NO clue how to work it. :PAvatar ImageKimberlyZ says: i have no idea either =PAvatar Imagex_Potter_Lover_Forever_x says: You know I've never really been interested or known much about Twitter, but it's becoming more popular so I think I may have to go and check it out lol! :D xAvatar Imagebecmajec says: that video is so incredibly funny towards the endAvatar Imagebecmajec says: twittttttterrrrrr

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