Half-Blood Prince Video Game Achievements, New Harry Burrow Attack, Ginny Artwork


Mar 25, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

Worthplaying.com has posted a new article that contains new artwork of Harry during the attack on the Burrow, as well as one of Harry and Ginny from the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince video game. Update: You can now see these here in our galleries, as well as one of Ginny in full Quidditch gear. Note too the Worthplaying.com article does contain the game achievements (mild spoilers) including various Quidditch tasks, Potions, Dueling and several “Secrets.”

The Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince video game is due to be released this summer, at last word in Mid July, with pre-orders available here in our Cauldron Shop.

Thanks to UHP for owling about the Ginny photo.

30 Responses to Half-Blood Prince Video Game Achievements, New Harry Burrow Attack, Ginny Artwork

Avatar ImageWeasleyRavenclaw says: I'm usually not a big gamer but this game looks EPIC!! I will finally invest in the Wii version too. Can't wait! !!YAY first comment!!Avatar Imagesalame says: Ginny is looking fierce in her Quidditch outfit!Avatar Imageathena024 says: I'm definitely getting the Xbox360 version when it's out!Avatar Imagemhaeyemhaeye says: Cool images! I can't wait! Been playing ootp for quite sometime now and it would be nice to play a new one. LOL! :DAvatar ImageDrome says: Ginny looks amazing.Avatar ImageJustSuperMione says: Am I correct in thinking that Dan doesn't do any voice work for this game - then how can harry be in it... Or is it going to be a 'silent' game Seeing Ginny wearing Quidditch robes just makes me want to see the more more - yay!!!Avatar ImageDLupin91 says: I have a 360 and wii but I will probably just rent this one for 360 but it does look really goodAvatar ImageWhisperwing says: Hah, best achievement in the game = Great Mate: Help Ron avoid Lavender - (20)Avatar ImageZivlok says: Love the Ginny model and the Quidditch skin they've made! Also: Great Mate: Help Ron avoid Lavender - (20) EP. IC.Avatar ImageElVampiro9878 says: I can't wait for this game :) Avatar Imagestevenk12468 says: The graphics look amazing!Avatar ImageDobbyandWinky says: Ginny!! She reall look greatAvatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: With all the media that has come out lately, my expectations for the game are only growing. Let us hope that the game is able to meet them.Avatar ImageBookworm_Weasley says: I'm really desperate to get a Wii for this game, the duelling would be awesome!Avatar Imageravensmith says: Awesome!Avatar ImageNayNay3782 says: AWESOME!!!!!Avatar ImageNayNay3782 says: and dude Ginny looks so realistic. Its unbelievable! they got her face so close to what Bonnie's looks like.Avatar ImageHeavenly_Horcrux says: Those are nice!Avatar Imagephantomdave79 says: Man, video games are getting so amazing looking. Love the Ginny in Quidditch attire. looks just like Bonnie Wright.Avatar Imagehermyone08 says: Cool! The pictures look quite interesting! :)Avatar Imagemaera-kyrie says: The artwork for Ginny looks great!Avatar ImageKimberlyZ says: whoa! ginny looks so realistic!Avatar ImageGarden State Geek says: I wish I were better at playing these games. All I can handle is "Tiger Woods Golf." Avatar ImageLuce_depp says: Wow ginny looks great!! at least the games can get it right most of the time!!Avatar Imagelumosshimmy says: The pictures are exciting - especially Ginny's... I just wish they would make a game similar to "Fable," where you get to chose your character's fate... wouldn't that be neat? Avatar Imagerebel says: Ginny looks so good!Avatar ImageJTEL99 says: I can't wait for this game to come out!!!Avatar Imagesunshine123 says: this game does look and sound awesome, the challenges sound quite fun ( help Ron avoid Lavender-hahaha) that picture of Ginny from the game looks sooo much like Bonnie it's scaryAvatar Imagemugglemom4 says: This game is really going to be a lot of fun to play. Avatar Imagesnapealicious says: Ginny looks cool.

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