Leaky First Look at New Half-Blood Prince Trailer: Casting the Dark Mark and The Locket


Apr 16, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

Thanks to WB, TLC has two stills from the upcoming new trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Here in our galleries we can see a jubilant Bellatrix casting the Dark Mark high over the grounds of Hogwarts, joined by the Carrow sister and a laughing Fenrir Greyback. Also, we can see Harry Potter holding the Locket.

As we told you previously, the new full trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is due to hit tonight at 9:00pm ET. Stay tuned!

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Avatar ImageDavid. says: The Bellatrix picture is nothing new. We've seen that scene in some of the previous trailers. I'm still excited for the new trailer tonight! Avatar ImageHarryRichardsPotter says: quite interesting, but i'm not really loving the cyrstally things on the island in the cave. It gives a really cheap feel. It's described as smooth rock in the book. I'm probably just thinking too much into it, but nice taster :)Avatar ImageAvangelis says: you guys had me. i thought the trailer was coming early. damn damnAvatar ImageBrad Ausrotas says: Huh. Who's the blond chick in the Bella picture? Anyone know? The locket looks much different than I expected, mainly because I was basing my appearance of it on the adult cover for DH.Avatar Imagekatana says: The post said it was the Carrows with Bellatrix and Greyback. I like the pic with the locket! I hope that means we get to see Harry find out about the note from R.A.B!Avatar ImageHarryRichardsPotter says: The Blonde people are the Carrows. Avatar ImageMuggleQueen says: Wow it's the Carrows! And is that the real locket or the fake one? I'm hoping it's the fake one because IMO it doesn't look like how I imagined the real one.... at all.Avatar ImageAvangelis says: the blond woman next to bellatrix is one of the carrow twins, you know the ones from DH Alecto and Amycus CarrowAvatar ImageMatea says: oh my sweet and dark lord!!! thats one part of He-who-must-not-be-named soul!!!! scaryyyy..can't wait to see Silver doe..Rupert will rock : )Avatar ImageHarryRichardsPotter says: i think it's the fake one, I'm hoping - keeping in mind the movies - that the real locket is around Dolores Umbridges' neck. Ready for the taking.Avatar ImageAvangelis says: this is sad you can just tell what the Death Eaters are looking down at from the top of the towerAvatar Imagemoglet says: I think that the blond bloke next to Greyback is probably Thorfinn Rowle (he was the one described in the book as the blond deatheater who was firing spells off all over the place) and the character was definitely cast for HBP, look on IMDB, and is also cast for DH as he is one of the deatheaters in the all night cafe, if it is him the actor is called Rod Hunt.Avatar Imagekatana says: Avangelis: I thought the same thing when I looked at them and see them looking down and smiling.Avatar ImageHarryRichardsPotter says: Oh yeah, the stupid bloke that killed another Death Eater coz of his curses flying everywhere! Maybe, but i still think it's one of the Carrows.Avatar ImageHarryRichardsPotter says: Moglet: I apologise, i just read the description again. And it says "the carrow sister" so i think it might be Thorfinn RowleAvatar Imagesavingharry says: Ok, the whole harry holding the locket thing is odd. Is it the fake locket? if so, why does it look so exactly like the real locket? shouldn't it look different (unless, as one person pointed out, maybe it does). If it's the real locket, why does harry have it? Are we SURE this is harry holding the locket? Who said it was harry? that's what it said in the post, but I wonder where they got the information. It would make more sense if it was tom holding the locket or something. I'm confused.Avatar ImageHarryRichardsPotter says: savingharry: It's deffo Harry, you can see his red sleeve. It's the fake locket that he retreives from the cave. I could be wrong though.Avatar ImageAvangelis says: its harry because the person is wearing the same exact red sweater with a black stripe that harry is wearing in other pictures during the inferi scene. that sweater belongs to himAvatar Imagebudgie says: I don't remember if the lockets looked that different, but the fake locket would be the most likely one in book six (movie 6).Avatar ImageHarryRichardsPotter says: yeah, and when Harry opens the REAL locket in Deathly Hallows it opens like a photo framed locket, to reveal the torturing images of Ron's worst fears. I believe that this is the fake locket and it wouldn't surprise me if R.A.B isn't even mentioned until Deathly Hallows.Avatar Imageharrypotterbookpurist says: I just figured out the Bellatrix scene is probably after Dumbledore is hit by the Avada Kedrava curse, because that is the only time in the book when the Death Eaters are in Hogwarts. I can't wait to see the new trailer.Avatar ImageJaymie Brooks says: @savingharry, we don't know what the real locket looks like yet. The locket advertized a few months ago was a replica of the FAKE locket. I can imagine that the real locket will be identical to the one on the Adult British Edition of the Deathly Hallows.Avatar Imageneopolitandreams17 says: I've kinda got used to the locked thats on the cover of the adult virson of HBP.. Anyways, im in sweden could anybody tell me how many hours there are left right NOW? Im staying up all night.. its already 9 pm here now^^Avatar ImageMuggleQueen says: I'm pretty sure the book says the fake locket looks different to the real one. But this locket looks like the one we've seen in photos before for HBP which makes me worry because idk if they'd show us so many pictures of the fake. What I'm wondering is... as they haven't shown the real locket before (it was in OotP book) what if they abandon the fake locket thing and just have Harry find the real one? I know this is majorly different from the books but they do have a habit of changing really important things. They could easily have Harry try to get another Horcrux from the pond. Hmm I hope I'm wrong though and I hope it is the fake in the pic.Avatar ImageHorcruxalej says: I like the locket. iv had to tell so many people that this is not the Horcrux locket ha.Avatar Imageharrypotterbookpurist says: Yes it is the fake locket, because we don't see the real locket again until "Deathly Hallows". That is a cool scene in the DH book when Ron has to destroy the locket horcrux with the Riddle-Harry and Hermione. I hope they do that scene well in the DH movies. It most likely will be the first part of the movie and then it will leave off there to begin the second part of DH.Avatar Imageharrypotterbookpurist says: Yes it is the fake locket, because we don't see the real locket again until "Deathly Hallows". That is a cool scene in the DH book when Ron has to destroy the locket horcrux with the Riddle-Harry and Hermione. I hope they do that scene well in the DH movies. It most likely will be the first part of the movie and then it will leave off there to begin the second part of DH.Avatar ImageMuggleQueen says: @Vampirella It's six hours from now :/ I'm gonna go to sleep and then put me alarm on in time for the live PC (it's 8pm here).Avatar ImageR-for-H says: wwo!! Looks ace even from the two pictures... the locket looks different than I thought it would, less bulky!!Avatar ImageHarryRichardsPotter says: on noblecollection.com its shows that same locket in the picture with the caption, "the locket from the cave". So the locket in the picture is the FAKE locket, we won't see the REAL locket until the trio take it from Umbridge.Avatar ImageLivelaughlovepotter says: Interesting.... but I still imagined the locket as heart shaped and I have no idea why. GR. WB you are taunting us!Avatar ImageEnricoDc says: Wow, Now i see closer and identified who's Bella with at the Astronomy Tower, No doubt that the undescribed D.E. was Thorfinn Rowle.Avatar ImagePollytomat says: I can't wait for the new trailer! +++ yes, the locket looks too simple for a real relic, so that must be the fake one! :]Avatar Imagedavid1228 says: Ahhh!! This is torture!! I want to see it now!! Do we really have to wait until 9?Avatar Image00AMR00 says: I hope that it will have alot new scenes, and a nice music ofcourse.Avatar ImageEnricoDc says: Description must be this: [i]we can see a jubilant Bellatrix casting the Dark Mark high over the grounds of Hogwarts, joined by the Werewolf Fenrir Greyback, Death Eaters Thorfinn Rowle and Alecto Carrow. [/i]Avatar ImageMatea says: what do you mean by saying that this is a fake locket,and hoping its not the real one..? I don't understand :O beacuse,this IS the fake one,from the cave,but its a copy of a real one,so the real one looks like this one,so the locket around Umbridges neck looks exactly the same as this locket. people!Avatar Imageselene21 says: Let's wait and see the new trailerAvatar Imagemaimiaa says: so excitingg! :D hahaAvatar ImageEnricoDc says: @ Matea, The Real Locket has different feature, it had "S" which is stand for Slytherin, One version of the cover of the "Deathly Hallows" book already shows that.Avatar Imagejenvomitvos says: squeee!! i'm excited! Avatar Imagespicefan1978 says: Cool!Avatar Imagestevenk12468 says: We get the new trailer tonight! Woot. I can't wait!!!Avatar Imagemiss molly says: I wonder if the trailer will be released early like one of the earlier trailers was last year. Remeber when they had a time but AOL or was it MSN released it like 3 hours earlier. I hope they do thay again :)Avatar ImagePaintTheSky says: It's definitely the fake locket. Leaky posted a photo a while back from the Noble Collection showing the locket that includes the note from R.A.B. in the background. Give it a look: http://www.snitchseeker.com/gallery/displayimage.php?pid=16718&fullsize=1Avatar ImagePaintTheSky says: Sorry, meant SnitchSeeker, but I think Leaky posted it too.Avatar ImageMathiasa says: Another trailer? Hm...Avatar Imagemiss molly says: e online has the trailer. the first time it said it was removed but I looked around again and found it.Avatar Imagemiss molly says: try this link http://www.eonline.com/videos/v19914010001__harry_potter_and_the_half_blood_prince__trailer.htmlAvatar ImageVideoKID says: so excited!!Avatar Imagemiss molly says: Hermione hits Ron with a book-Ginny & Harry-Draco on the tower so great :)Avatar Imagefloridianhp says: rightyAvatar ImageEnricoDc says: Wow! Miss Molly telling us no joke... The EOnline got first this most awaiting new trailer, it also contains funny scenes...Avatar ImageEnricoDc says: Hermione hit Ron multiple times using book at the Great Hall, Ginny says to Harry "Take my hand", and many more... Awesome!Avatar ImageCatherine says: thats really not what i had imagined the locket to look like.....Avatar ImagePaintTheSky says: omg the trailer is the best!!Avatar ImageMuggleQueen says: Ohmygoodness I *love* this trailer! Thanks miss molly!!! I found it here http://uk.eonline.com/uberblog/b119121_Rate_a_Trailer__The_New__lt_i_gt_Harry_Potter_and_the_Half_Blood_Prince_lt__i_gt_.html But..... it says July 17 at the end which is a bit weird as I thought they would use this trailer to tell everyone about the new date :/Avatar ImageEnricoDc says: Awesome! Great! Totally Great! ...Stunning!Avatar ImageSarabi says: Meh, the locket design really doesn't impress me for some reason >.> still can't wait for tonight :)Avatar ImageLooneyLad says: The Locket and the Horcrux ring replicas have both been on sale for a while at the WB store.Avatar Imagecghambright says: The locket looks so Unique. I LOVE it...I'm so glad they didn't make it look like a stereotypical locket...of course that one is the fake so the REAL one will probably be alot more extravagant! Avatar Imagecghambright says: The death eaters are perfect...just how i pictured them...Im guessing the one on the far right is one of the CArrows and then the big blonde one is Thorffin and then of course Greyback. They're all perfectly malicious. Avatar ImageNargleCatcher says: Is that one of the Carrows???? Or the huge blonde guy?Avatar Imagelilhpchick20 says: Bellatrix picture is old news, but it was pretty cool to see the locket. Not exactly how I pictured it but it will work.Avatar Imagehermyone08 says: It's so exciting! :0)Avatar ImageSilverstardust says: locket question which locket is it? RAB one or the cursed one??Avatar Imagelilyjames says: The locket looks wicked :)Avatar Imagelilyjames says: i think its the RAB locket personally this part in the book is always sad :( because i think its the part when harry is looking at it after dumbledore has fallin... Avatar ImageSilverstardust says: just seen he is holding it in his bare hands so must be the RAB one doh! didnt look as closely the first timeAvatar ImageJersey says: I think the people are Bellatrix, both Carrows, and Greyback.Avatar ImageJustSuperMione says: Evven though we've TOTALLY seen these I'm excited about these cos it's more hard proof that the movie is coming!!!Avatar ImageHGROSS44 says: great shots of the deatheaters and our lovely BellatrixAvatar Imagetreebeliever says: That scene in the trailer gave me chills!Avatar Imagemoglet says: To look at photos of Rod Hunt who plays Rowle follow this link http://www.snitchseeker.com/harry-potter-news/exclusive-blonde-death-eater-rowle-cast-half-blood-prince-57472/ and see if you think this is the guy next to Greyback in the pictureAvatar Imagemaera-kyrie says: The Locket looks nice! :DAvatar Imageweasleyalltheway says: great! nothing new really but this trailer was just SO great!!!Avatar Imageluna.quibbler says: not sure about the locket... not really how i imagined it! where is the serpentine 's'??? how is umbridge gonna say it stands for selwyn if there is no 's' on it?! xxxxxAvatar Imageangelac123 says: Cool! Nice to see in high resolution! :DAvatar Imageiconshero says: Awesome!

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